Reality Creator Glossary of Terms

ACCELERATOR: A nonphysical device that is part of the Creation Mechanism. The accelerator takes mental-waves and transforms them into energy-pulses. Energy-pulses then go on to create that mental pattern within physical reality. An accelerator is used in learning planes, to help evolving consciousness to materialize its thought patterns. 

AETHYR: A very Hermetic and nonphysical system of learning and development that is very ancient and still in use today. It trains and evolves consciousness by placing it in experiences that are designed to bring about the lessons naturally. An altered state of consciousness is necessary to access this system (out of body travel, lucid dreaming, transcendental meditation).

AH-DOH-NAI MEL-ECH: Hebrew name and phonic for the God-Force that operates within the plane of Malkuth. Reciting the name aloud or silently opens up an energy channel that connects your thoughts to that force. The process is not unlike picking up the telephone and calling a friend. 

AIR ENERGY: One of the four elemental energies. Air energy is colloquially referred to as being hot and wet in nature. Air energy resides on the etheric plane but is one of the more difficult types of energy to actually feel. (see also earth, fire, and water energy) 

ALCHEMY: Alchemy of the soul is the magical process of taking the human spirit and turning it into its divine counterpart. It was thought to be the changing of lead to gold, but that phrase was just a symbolic representation of changing the heavy dense human body into a light brilliant divine body. Also of course gold has a higher value and vibration than lead does as so does your divine body have a higher value and vibration over the human body.

ALL-THAT-IS: The term given to the ONE (God), who begins, ends, and continues and is responsible for the creation and life force of all that exists physically, nonphysically, and that which is neither. 

A nonphysical being, which has its primary existence outside of physical reality, but is intimately engaged in the development of the physical plane, its inhabitants, and their evolution. Angels come in several different forms and each one has its function within the the greater scheme of things. Note: The terms spirit-guides and angels are often used interchangeably. However there are subtle differences between them. Of course these differences vary, depending on who you are speaking to and the kind of background they possess. (see also archangel, healer, and spirit-guide) Related Links --

ARCHANGEL: A master Guardian and overseer of a Guardian Angel. Archangels are actively involved in the evolution of the human species and the planet. Many times Archangels serve as guards to the higher spheres and dimensions within the Universe. Archangels can also serve as master teachers to those individuals that are nearing the end of their incarnation cycle. When this nearing occurs both the Archangel and the Guardian Angel will work together and closely with the evolving individual, to make sure that the final lessons firmly cement themselves.

ASCENSION: The process when the body, mind, and spirit merge with the Monad (the individual's inner divinity). The physical body's molecular structure changes and becomes infused with light. Matter no longer holds consciousness in the body. Conscious instead is held on to physical reality by pure spiritual energy coming from the god-self,  into the individual, combined with the individual's will. Such individuals are said to possess great powers and abilities (healing, teleportation, immortality, bilocating etc.). See also Monad.  Note: These mentioned abilities are marks of a person that has ascended; however having those abilities does NOT imply that that person has ascended. People can demonstrate some of these abilities and NOT be ascended. Ascension is the change in the molecular structure of the individual due to the merger of the triad with the self. Related Links --

ASCENDED MASTER: An Ascended Master is the term given to a soul that has transcended the limitations of Time and Space and has been assumed into the Eternal Cities of Light. They are often saints and great masters, but they are also ordinary people who have purified their body, mind, and spirit. The more well known Ascended Masters have pledged their unending devotion to help humanity and the individual to raise themselves up. The most common element of all the Ascended Masters that I have come to know is their eternal devoution to serve the LIGHT. 

ASTRAL BODY (the Mach2): A nonphysical body that you possess when you are on the astral and mental planes. This body's molecular density is considerably less than your physical body and has many more abilities, like passing through walls, traveling at light speed, floatation, ect. (see also etheric body, mental body, and spiritual body) 

ASTRAL PLANE: The plane just above the etheric plane. The astral plane is one of four nonphysical planes that are accessible to the evolving human consciousness. The astral plane is emotional in nature. The astral plane is the first of the planes that consciousness must master, to progress onward.

When consciousness leaves the physical vehicle, in an out of body event, but gravitates itself on to the astral plane. The astral plane is one of several nonphysical environments that exist independent of each other and of the earth environment.  Note: The terms astral projection, out of body travel, and even on some occasions lucid dreaming are often used interchangeably to indicated an out of body event. However, in the most strict sense, these terms and experiences are separate but valid events of consciousness as it interacts in different nonphysical capacities. See also out of body travel. Related Links --

The study of the behavioral patterns of individuals, in relation to the position of certain constellations, planets, and asteroids. Astrology is a mirror science. The position of the various celestial bodies will mirror back to the individual his or her present state of development. Related Links --
AURA: A colorful haze given off by the life force of the individual. The aura is usually invisible to the naked eye; however, some people are able to perceive this glow. The seeing of a  hazy outline around the body  is often the beginnings of aura seeing. More advanced aura-seers will see colors and even waves flowing around the person.  The condition of the Aura is directly related to the physical, etheric, and spiritual well being of the individual.. Auras come in various colors and combinations of colors. The colors of your aura tell you much about yourself and what is going on in your life and in your body. Related Links --

BASE CHAKRA: The energy center located at the base of the spine. This center stores the dormant kundalini energy. This energy wraps when it moves upward and energizes all the upper centers as it rises. (see also kundalini energy) 

BELIEF: A root assumption or a series of assumptions upon which a view of reality is based. Example: The belief that all people are created equal. Your belief about your life or reality will greatly effect how you perceive that reality as well as influence the events that you experience. (see also belief system) 

BELIEF SYSTEM: A set of beliefs that group together to form an interrelated belief structure. Many minor beliefs, built-up over time, are needed for such a system to take hold. Once the system takes hold, the individual is subject to the guidelines in that system. Examples: The belief system that you are unable to control events in your life. And the belief system that you control the events in your life. Belief Systems are required for consciousness at the physical level. However, there are realities where beliefs, as you are aware of the concept, do not exist. These systems are highly developed reality-constructive planes that go on to form the kind of realities that you are familiar with. 

BELIEF (CONFLICTING): Two or or more beliefs that conflict with each other and thus cause some inner or exterior friction. Conflicting beliefs can stifle creativity and reality creating to the point where the individual is powerless to act. Example: "The belief that all people are good" and "The belief that human nature is flawed" are two beliefs that conflict with each other. Several layers of conflicting beliefs can cripple a person's reality to the point that the individual is unable to effect any changes. 

BILATERAL BONDING: The bonding that occurs between the individual energy-units on the physical plane. This two-directional bonding gives physical reality its solid-like quality and enables the faster-than-light particles to slow down, below the speed of light. (see also unilateral bonding) 

BINAH: One of the upper three spheres within the Tree of Life. In this sphere an individual can grasp the fundamental principles of beginnings and endings, birth and death as well as understanding the aspects place within the universe. (see also Malkuth, Yesod, Netzach, Hod, Tiphareth, Geburah, Chesed, Chokmah, and Kether)

BROW CHAKRA: The energy-center located in the center of your forehead (a.k.a. third eye) This center is responsible for your mental faculties and brain functions. Psychic powers and abilities are associated with this center too. 

CADUCEUS ENERGY: A nonphysical energy that wraps instead of traveling in a straight line. This wrapping enables this energy to penetrate a reality more deeply than mere mental energy can. Caduceus Energy is not a learned skill or technique. Rather, you acquire this kind of energy when you learn and apply, properly, all the required reality-creating lessons. When your energy begins to wrap, you are a Star-Child. 

CELESTIAL ENERGY: A form of energy that resides on the physical plane but emanates from large celestial bodies. Celestial energy resides mainly on the etheric plane and is only remotely connected with physical energies, like gravity, nuclear fusion, and plasma. (see also elemental energy, and geometric energy) 

Part of the nonphysical substructure to the physical body and to consciousness. Chakras are energy centers where physical and nonphysical energy is processed in a specific way. Each of these chakras (and you have many of them, 7 are often referred to in texts) help you with your day to day functioning. For example the throat chakra is used for communication and understanding, the heart chakra to process feelings and to heal, the brow chakra for intellectual functions as well as intuition. Without chakras you would not exist. Suffice it to say that the chakras (your spirit body) along with your aura (your energy field) and your consciousness (your individuality) make up what you would call your eternal spirit or soul. It is the parts of you that survive death and you take with you to any reality, physical and nonphysical. Related Links --

CHECK-IN THOUGHT: A casual thought, which enters into a person's awareness, to alert the individual of the impending creation, of some event. Check-in thoughts are part of the creation process and the Creation Mechanism. 

CHESED: A centrally located sphere within the Tree of Life. In this sphere an individual learns the lessons involving poverty or wealth and the importance of establishing the right friendships. (see also Malkuth, Yesod, Netzach, Hod, Tiphareth, Geburah, Binah, Chokmah, and Kether) 

CHOKMAH: One of the upper three spheres within the Tree of Life. In this sphere an individual can get energy or even become transformed so that he or she can exist on a higher plane within the universe. (see also Malkuth, Yesod, Netzach, Hod, Tiphareth, Geburah, Chesed, Binah, and Kether) 

CONSCIOUSNESS: The part of the personality that is self-aware and in direct control of its perceived environment. Consciousness, as you perceive it be, is composed of many awareized energy-units globing together to build various forms of complex intelligence. (see also unconsciousness, semiconsciousness, and group consciousness) 

CREATION MECHANISM: The inner mechanism that takes projected thoughts and transforms them so they can manifest into physical reality. The Creation Mechanism was put in place, to help evolving consciousness, to learn the ropes of thought-control and reality creating. (see also, vortex, accelerator, energy-pulses, and mental-waves) 

CREATION TECHNIQUE: A technique that directly access the Creation Mechanism and allows the individual to purposefully program his or her reality. 

CREATIVE SYSTEM: This is the part of your energy essence that is responsible for your reality- creating, your intuition, and your creativity. This system draws the most power from your energy essence. (see also physical system and mental system) 

CREATIVE VISUALIZATION: A technique that allows the individual to, on-the-fly, influence the course of events of some happening, bringing it to some desired conclusion. Related Link -- the creation technique

CROWN CHAKRA: The energy center just above the top of your head. The crown center is responsible for your connection to your higher-self and to your entity. It is through this center that inspiration, guidance, and energy come into your being. 

CRYSTAL CIRCLE: A group of quartz crystals laid out in a specific pattern that generates an energy field. This field is loosely referred to as a circle but the actual energy pattern will mirror the shape of the crystal pattern (square, triangular, ect). 

CRYSTAL MEDITATION: A form of meditation that uses quartz crystals to enhance the meditative process. Crystal meditation is a great way to increase your evolutionary progress and give you the added strength that you need to get through the toughest of reality blocks. (see also meditation)

DAYDREAMING: When the mind turns inward, away from physical reality. This turning inward is natural and part of the way consciousness rests from the intense focus that physical reality demands. An person, on an average, will daydream nine times in a one hour period. These daydreams can last anywhere from less than one minute to several. 

DIMENSION: A part of a plane or a reality. However, more precisely, a dimension is the connecting pathway between two planes or between two realities. The word dimension, at times, is used interchangeably for plane and reality. (see also reality and plane) 

DIVINE (FORCES/POWERS): Energy personalities who are move evolved than human consciousness and are responsible for helping humanity to grow. Divine forces understand the all-important lesson that to help others, especially less evolved souls, is the same as helping yourself. 

DREAM: The term used to describe a remembered nonphysical event during sleep. A dream however can be an out of body event, in fact most dreams are; we just perceive them as happening inside the physical body. Dreams often foretell of the future or give us wisdom and clarity on a situation. Dreams also help us to deal with trauma, or with the things in life we find uncomfortable or unacceptable. A remembered dream is a very precious gift, because any dream gives us insight into ourselves and how to make ourselves better. Related Links --

DREAM FRAGMENT: In the dream state, an object, person, or thing that is, in fact, part of a larger personality. A dream fragment is fueled by the host consciousness and thus is subject to the will of that host. Sometimes, people or things that you meet in a dream are actually fragments from you generated by you in some way. They have no real existence outside of you and get their, seeming, energy-essence comes from you. 

DREAM LOCATION (PLACE): Dream Locations are actual dreams within the Dream Universe. You can enter and exit dreams just as you do physical rooms; and Dream Locations reflect this tangible in-out quality. Many Dream Locations go back thousands of years and have their roots in humanity's past. These more common Dream Locations are part of humanity's group consciousness and are shared by everyone. 

DREAM UNIVERSE: A reality that is closely associated with physical reality and the four higher nonphysical planes. The Dream Universe contains the total sum of human knowledge -- past, present, and future -- and acts as a counter balance and testing ground to physical reality's, sometimes, extreme nature.

DREAMING LUCID: The act of becoming conscious within a dream. In lucid dreaming the dreamer wakes up from the dream and realizes that they are dreaming. At this point the dreamer can control the dream and take a more active part in the dream environment. Lucid dreaming can also be used as a jumping point for astral projection or out of body event. See also dreams.  Note: The terms astral projection, out of body travel, and even on some occasions lucid dreaming are often used interchangeably to indicated an out of body event. However, in the most strict sense, these terms and experiences are separate but valid events of consciousness as it interacts in different nonphysical capacities. Related Links --

EARTH ENERGY: One of the four elemental energies. Earth energy is colloquially referred to as being cold and dry in nature. Earth energy resides on the etheric plane but is the most physical- like of the four and is the easiest to feel. (see also air, fire, and water energy) 

EGO: The physically aware part of you that is in direct control of physical reality. The ego is a lens that consciousness uses so that it can focus and interpret information from physical reality. The ego is not needed in a nonphysical environment or after physical death, as it only serves a purpose within a physical learning system. 

ELEMENTAL ENERGY: The general form that energy takes on the physical plane. Elemental energy comes in four flavors: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Elemental energy is restricted to the speed of light and is subject to physical laws. Elemental energy is etheric in nature and is only remotely connected with physical energies, like electricity, magnetism, ocean and air currents, heat and cold. (see also celestial energy) 

ELEMENTAL NEGATIVITY: A negativity caused by the disharmony of living physical creatures. Excess buildup of negative energy draws into the environment a higher concentration of elementals. Usually the higher presence of elementals, within the environment, is unbalancing and only adds to the discomfort and friction, on the physical level. [ Note: Elemental negativity is not the same as negative elemental energy. The first refers to the elemental community of spirits. The latter refers to an energy, of the elemental energy type, that is no longer positive in nature. ] 

ELEMENTALS: The name given to the four kinds of rudimentary, nonphysical spirits that are responsible for the maintenance of the physical earth. Elementals come in four flavors Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Each type of elemental handles a different type of physical energy and keeps those energies in balance. Elementals exist on the etheric plane just out of physical awareness. 

ENERGY: The main component of the universe -- all universes. The substance of which ALL- THAT-IS is composed. Consciousness in its most basic form. (see also universe and ALL-THAT- IS; for additional energy types see air, caduceus, celestial, earth, elemental, fire, kundalini, and water) 

ENERGY BALLOON: An energy balloon is a concentrated ball of mental energy that is coded to some desired-physical event. Energy balloons are part of the Creation Technique and are created by the individual to control the Creation Mechanism. 


ENERGY ESSENCE: The central core of your being, which is composed of energy. The storage place where the energy to make changes in your environment is stored. 

ENERGY-PULSES: A type of nonphysical energy, not unlike magnetism, that pulls physical events together, causing those events to manifest. Energy-pulses come directly out of the Creation Mechanism's accelerator. (see also Creation Mechanism) 

ENERGY-UNITS: Consciousness in its most basic form: energy that is aware. These energy- units exist beyond time and space and move faster than light. They are rudimentary parts of ALL- THAT-IS. 

ENTITY: An energy essence personality that is a direct aspect of ALL-THAT-IS. Everyone possesses an Entity, but not everyone's Entity is the same. Your Entity is responsible for your life-force and the direction of your evolution within the body of ALL-THAT-IS. Understanding the Entity is the next step in spirituality for the planet and the human species. 

ETHERIC BODY (your Mach1): A nonphysical body that you possess when you inhabit the etheric and part of the astral planes. Your etheric body is most near to your physical body and hence does not possess many nonphysical abilities. However, the etheric body is invisible to the physical eye and it can float on a limited basis. (see also astral body, mental body, and spiritual body) 

ETHERIC PLANE: The plane that rests just above the physical plane. The etheric plane is composed of physical matter, which is extremely unbounded, and thus many physical-like properties begin to lose their cohesiveness. The etheric plane is necessary so that faster-than- light particles can slow down enough to exist within a time and space environment. 

EVER PRESENT MOMENT: Your unique crossing point with the universe. This is the point where the various reality creating elements meet, along with your consciousness, to form your present moment. It is also from here that you can jump to and from these various elements, so that you can learn how each element plays a part in the creation of your reality. 

FAIRY: A more evolved form of elemental spirit. The Fairy is like the overseer to the elemental community and possesses a limited human-like intelligence. (see also elementals) 

FASTER-THAN-LIGHT PARTICLES: Energy-units that exist outside time and space and outside of physical reality but are part of the behind-the-scenes web of physical reality. These particles travel at speeds exceeding the speed of light and can, instantaneously, be in two or more places at once. 

FIRE ENERGY: One of the four elemental energies. Fire energy is colloquially referred to as being hot and dry in nature. Fire energy resides on the etheric plane but is one of the most difficult to internally raise; however, once raised, its presence is felt quite clearly. (see also air, earth, and water energy) 

FLOATING GLOOMY: An energy blob that wharfs around the individual. This energy blob is usually negative in nature and will eventually gain enough strength to be absorbed by an energy vortex. Once in a vortex, the Creation Mechanism transforms the blob into an energy-pulse. This energy-pulse will eventually become a negative physical event that the individual will have to deal with. 

FOOT CHAKRA: This energy center resides between the balls of your feet. This energy center is responsible for your connection to the earth plane and helps keep your spirit focused within physical reality. 

FUTURE SELVES: Typically, people -- who are you -- that you meet in a nonphysical environment but are future extensions of yourself. These people are you, in your physical future, and you may become them, someday, if you choose to follow the same path that they did. (see also past selves) 

GARBAGE CAN TECHNIQUE: A technique that accesses the Creation Mechanism's creative process to keep away bothersome people, things, or events. This technique is a simple mental- trick that can make your life much less complicated. Shoving an event, person, or thing away is as easy as opening up a garbage can and throwing away a piece of paper. 

GEBURAH: A centrally located sphere within the Tree of Life. In this sphere an individual learns courage and gains the strength needed to assert himself or herself within physical reality. (see also Malkuth, Yesod, Netzach, Hod, Tiphareth, Chesed, Binah, Chokmah, and Kether) 

GENERATOR CRYSTAL: The main crystal in a crystal meditation pattern. The generator crystal pulls energy, circulating around in the pattern, and directs it into the meditator. The meditator then absorbs this energy into his or her energy essence, to use as needed. 

GEOMETRIC NEGATIVITY: A negativity that is produced when an environment contains an imbalance of elemental energy. Geometric negativity resides on the etheric plane and adds to the disharmony of the environment, by increasing negative and gloomy outlooks. Geometric Negativity leans toward being emotional in nature and tends to invoke the negative lower emotions and urges. (see also elemental negativity) 

GOD-FORCE: The ancient Hebrews often referred to the overseeing power of a particular reality plane as a God-Force. The God-Force of a plane is not unlike the governor of a state. However, do not let this analogy go too far! A God-Force is much more powerful, all-knowing, and caring than any physical representation or analogy. 

GROUP CONSCIOUSNESS: The cumulative consciousness of a group of individuals who share a commonality. The group consciousness is similar to an individual consciousness in that it reacts and directs itself as a unified whole self. However, that whole self is made up of many separate souls with each having an active part and voice. Examples: The entire human race makes up its own group consciousness. The cumulation of all the energy-units within your energy essence makes up the consciousness you think of as yourself. 

GUARDIAN ANGEL: Your Guardian Angel is your higher self, or divine self. It is the self that has transcended time and space and has learned all the human lessons. It is also your angelic self watching over you and all your spirit guides. Your Guardian Angel is both separate and a part of you. The idea is to merge or become one with this aspect of yourself, so that you are indistinguishable from that self. 

GUARDIAN INVOCATION: A technique where you put yourself into a light state of consciousness and invoke divine power to assist you in meeting your personal Guardian. (see also meditation (guardian)) 

GUARDIANS: The overseers and protectors of humanity. The Guardians are nonphysical beings who are responsible for humanity's growth and evolution. This assistance and growth filters down to the individual level too and, perhaps, is the most endearing quality of the Guardians. 

HEALERS (ANGELIC): Nonphysical beings whose primary purpose is to heal and balance the energy essence of others's spiritual, etheric, and physical bodies. A healer can be anyone -- not just a nonphysical person -- however; in Hermes' Reality Cooker we are referring to the nonphysical flavor.

HEALING: The process where energy is applied to the body to bring about healing of some illness, disease, or bodily discomfort. There are many forms of healing. Some forms involve the use of advanced nonphysical helpers and other forms use sound or vibration and some combination of each of these to work. There are as many methods to this form of holistic medicine as there are individuals. The idea is to find the method of healing that works best for you, and to develop that method. Related Links --

HEART CHAKRA: The energy-center located near your physical heart. This center enables you to feel and react to your feelings and the feelings of others. Also, it is through the heart center that true-healing can occur. This center can transform universal energy into a powerful healing force that can be used to heal the deepest of wounds. 

The act and process of applying herbs in the use of medicinal uses. Herbs have been used for centuries to cure humanity of disease and ailments. It is only now that its use is again gaining popularity, as an alternative and an addition to modern medicine. Always consult the proper guides and reference material before taking or suggesting the specific use of a herb. Herbs while natural are very powerful substances and need to be respected as such. Related Links --

HIEROGLYPHICS: An ancient form of art and language used by the Egyptians. Many of this language's base components were symbolic (picture) representations of the actual concept. 

HIGHER POWERS: (see divine forces) 

HIGHER-SELF: The aspect of you that knows all the human lessons. This is the part of you that you should aspire to become. It is the best you can be in terms of your evolutionary growth within the physical learning system. 

HOD: One of three spheres that connect from Malkuth and lead upward in the Tree of Life. This sphere can help the individual to communicate with others and facilitate the acquiring of knowledge. (see also Malkuth, Yesod, Netzach, Tiphareth, Geburah, Chesed, Binah, Chokmah, and Kether) 

INCARNATION: When your spirit takes on a physical body and enters into the physical learning system. Your physical life, now, is one such incarnation. An individual may live many physical lives before evolving to the point where he or she can move beyond the physical system of learning. However, each individual is required to incarnate at least twice, which satisfies the incarnation requirement of living as a male, female, and as a child. (see also reincarnation) 

INNER-POWER (STRENGTH): The part of the individual that draws power from universal sources (sources not physical in nature). Inner-power is very closely related to the inner-self. 

INNER-SELF: The part of the individual that is uncumbered by physical pressures and, thus, is often in a better position to direct and control one's reality. The inner-self is often referred to as being the higher-self; however, that reference is a misconception. The inner-self is closely connected to the present self, within the time and space framework. The higher-self, on the other hand, exists outside time and space and in the far future, in physical terms. 

INVISIBILITY SHIELD: A mental technique that will render the individual transparent to the present environment. The invisibility shield will not make a person disappear. It will, however, make that person go unnoticed. 

KETHER: The uppermost sphere within the Tree of Life and the doorway to existences beyond being human. In this sphere an individual can meet with ALL-THAT-IS and become truly immortal. This is the sphere of union. Here the individual learns how to become whole and operate in harmony with the universe. (see also Malkuth, Yesod, Netzach, Hod, Tiphareth, Geburah, Chesed, Binah, and Chokmah)

KEY WORDS: Words in everyday speech that can have a symbolic equivalent. Example: {Key words = car, boat, TV, house] [Non key words = and, the, a, is, be] 

KUNDALINI ENERGY: An energy stored at the base of the spine, in the energy center that sits there. This energy sits dormant until the individual reaches a certain point in evolution. Then this energy gets released, wrapping upward and enhancing all the higher-functioning energy centers. The Kundalini Energy rising marks the beginning of a _blank stage in the individual's evolvement. The individual is no longer unaware of the external divine forces and is ready to learn how to become part of that community. 

LEARNING (PLANE/SYSTEM): A plane or a reality where the evolvement of consciousness is the primary purpose. Physical reality is one such plane. Learning planes, however, do not have to be physical in nature and there are many nonphysical planes that qualify as learning planes too. 

LIFE-LESSON: The primary lesson(s) that an individual must learn in order to complete his or her present incarnation. Once the individual completes his or her life-lesson, usually, there is little need for that person to remain in that incarnation. 

LITTLE ANGEL: A technique that programs a fragment of mental energy to go out and perform some purpose, like fact-finding, giving away of power, or assistance. The Little Angel differs from other mental techniques in that this piece of mental energy actually possesses a free- thinking consciousness. This consciousness of its own, allows the Little Angel to make on-the- spot decisions without having to return for _blank instructions. 

LONG-PLAY DREAM RECALL: The method of dream recall that is most familiar. Remembered dream events occur in a moment to moment fashion and not unlike how physical events unfold. (see also snapshot dream recall)

LUCID DREAMING: see dreaming lucid

MALKUTH: The lowermost Sephira within the Tree of Life. Malkuth is the sphere that serves as an indoctrination place and a bridge for nonphysical travelers, before going on to the other more complex Sephira. (see also Yesod, Netzach, Hod, Tiphareth, Geburah, Chesed, Binah, Chokmah, and Kether) 

MANIFESTATION: The act and process of altering energy and mental waves or something mental in nature and making that mental pattern appear on a reality or plane. For example manifesting a _blank job or romance. Manifesting an object or event is not limited to physical reality; however, the main thrust of reality creating lies in  manifesting on the physical plane, as it is here you are presently focused. Related Links --

MASS-REALITY CREATING: The time, usually during sleep, when all of the inhabitants of a given reality engage in cooperative reality construction. Each individual has a say and a part to play in the development of the reality. During this time, faster-than-light communications commence and everyone links mentally in ways not physically possible or conceivable. 

MATTER: The name given to the physical components within physical reality. Many energy-units go into the building of one physical atom. Their combining gives matter its pseudo-solid quality. (see also energy-units) 

MEDITATION: A mental technique that brings about inner peace, increased physical stamina, and increased spiritual awareness. Meditation is also a good way to learn how to tune into other energy patterns, like the past, future, and other dimensions. However, most importantly, meditation breaks the grip that physical reality can have on you and frees your spirit so that the inner-self can be heard.

ENERGY: A meditation where you acquire energy and receive a general clearing of built up negativity. Energy Meditations feel great and leave you refreshed and ready to proceed with your physical day. 
FILING: A meditation where the events of the last several days are put into perspective within your conscious and unconscious mind. Filing Meditations are very therapeutic in the way of clearing your mind so that you can handle _blank challenges without the old ones getting in the way. 
GUARDIAN: A meditation where you seek to meet and talk to your personal Guardian. The Guardian Meditation can be very similar to the Travel Meditation; except, in the Guardian Meditation, when and if you travel, it will be for the purpose of meeting your personal Guardian. 
HEALING: A meditation where physical and or spiritual healing takes place. A Healing Meditation can be exhausting but it may be the only way to heal a part of you that needs attention. 
LEARNING: A meditation where your consciousness is open and receptive to learning. Learning Meditations are great when you need to acquire a _blank skill or want to understand some _blank concept. 
PROGRAMMING: A meditation where you ask that some aspect of your personality gets explored, worked-out, or removed. The Programming Meditation can completely transform your personality, and it is one of the most powerful. 
TRAVEL: A meditation where you specifically program yourself to travel mentally to other places, dimensions, times, or planes. The Travel Meditation is usually the most enjoyable and vivid because you actually embark on mini-adventures.
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MENTAL LOOK-UP TABLE: A set of mental pathways where everyday words are broken down into their symbolic meaning. The symbolic meaning is then passed on to consciousness for understanding and interpretation. (see also mental pathways) 

MENTAL BODY: A nonphysical or thinking body that you possess. This nonphysical body permeates your physical body. It is you out a more subtle form of the physical body. It is part of your four body system. (see also etheric body, astral body, spiritual body)

MENTAL PATHWAYS: A set of electrical-like connections that resemble a highway. These mental highways lead to many destinations. However, the destinations in this case are mental not physical. For example, recalling the color red may make you, mentally, jump to a memory fragment of a red shirt, before you see "red" in your mind. In this example, a mental pathway has been set up that takes you through the juncture of a red shirt and then on to the actual perception of the color red. 

MENTAL PLANE (upper & lower): Two of four nonphysical planes that are accessible to human consciousness. These two planes are idea orientated, with the upper mental plane addressing the more spiritual concerns. (see also astral, etheric, and spiritual planes) 

MENTAL SYSTEM: The part of your energy essence that is responsible for your cognitive processes: the thinking and reasoning part of you. (see also physical system and creative system) 

MENTAL TRAVELING: A mild form of out-of-body travel where your mind leaves the body and travels to other places, times, and dimensions. Mental Travel differs primarily from out-of-body travel in the amount of energy essence that is brought with you. With mental travel only a small portion of your energy essence leaves with your traveling consciousness. The bulk of your energy remains within your physical body. This makes mental travel a nice alternative nonphysical travel method for those people who feel squeamish about the idea of vacating the physical body. 

MENTAL-WAVES: The nonphysically emitted energy from consciousness that gets absorbed by the Creation Mechanism's energy vortex. Mental-waves eventually become energy-pulses which eventually become a physical event or object. (see also Creation Mechanism) 

MER-KA-BAH: An ancient but powerful energetic form that can be used for protection or to enclose you in an energetic body for astral or dream travel. It is the most difficult energy to disrupt once it is erected, which means that it stays in place for several hours after its energetic construction. Because the Mer-Ka-Bah is a spinning structure any energy trying to penetrate the form from the outside is reflected away at multiple  angles making the attacking energy harmless.
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animation --> animation (483k) taken from Dan Winter's website who focused on sacred geometry. The website went off line and now this animation has poped up all over the net in various places.

METAPHYSICAL SELF: Your physical personality when unfocused within physical reality, as it is in dreams, out-of-body states, or mental traveling. Generally the metaphysical self refers to the individual while they are still part of the physical incarnation system. Spirit-guides or full-time nonphysical personalities do not have a metaphysical self. 

MOMENTUM (creative): The power or force behind a particular event's emergence. The stronger the force behind the manifested event, the longer that event will last. Eventually, events can gain enough momentum behind them to be almost self-sustaining in nature, freeing the personality to create another event or object.

The divine part of the individual. The inner spark that is God and which seeks to direct the human soul so it can evolve and grow. The Monad however can not guide the individual until the individual seeks it. This seeking is a stepping process that begins with the individual first believing in itself and then touching the Soul (the mother aspect of God). Then after the Soul has been completely infused into the individual, the Monad (the father aspect of God) begins to descend and direct and guide the individual's life. See also Ascension. Related Links --

MUNDANE: A word we use in Hermes' Reality Cooker that refers to physical reality in an everyday sort of way. Taking a shower, going to work or school, eating and drinking, and talking on the telephone are all tasks that could be considered mundane.   

NEGATIVITY: An outlook, mental state, or a buildup of energy that is anti-productive and or destructive to the individual. Negativity should be dispersed as quickly as possible, from the individual or a given area, to avoid haphazard reality creating. 

NETZACH: One of three spheres that connect from Malkuth and lead upward in the Tree of Life. This sphere can help the individual to find pleasure and foster friendships. (see also Malkuth, Yesod, Hod, Tiphareth, Geburah, Chesed, Binah, Chokmah, and Kether) 

NONPHYSICAL: Anything that is not physical and is not subject to the laws of physical reality. 

NONPHYSICAL REALITY: Any plane or reality that does not possess physical-like qualities and is not governed by physical laws. (see also physical reality) 

NONPHYSICAL SELF: Your self when it is not physically focused. (see also metaphysical self) 

NOW POINT: The point at which your consciousness intersects with the universe: your present focus. Your Now Point is the only point from which you can effectively make changes in your reality. (see also point-of-power) 

NOW POINT TECHNIQUE: A technique that teaches the individual to focus and unfocus his or her consciousness from the present reality. Knowing when you are in focus and when you are not in focus, within physical reality (or any reality for that matter), can help you to better channel your creative energies into the Creation Mechanism and the creation process.

The use of numbers to determine the quality of some name or combination of letters. It is believed  that by reducing a name to a number you can determine something about its tone, hue, manner. For example,  the word computer (whenbroken down, see below) would have the qualities of a "6" and "9". The number 6 equates to  imagination and the number 9 equates to consciousness. This would imply that the word  "computer" possesses the root qualities of imagination and consciousness, which may indeed be  why they are such compelling devices. Imagination and consciousness are the keys to the manifestation of what you want in your life. It is also good to note that the numbers "6" and "9" can be reversed, which implies that computers can be used for either good or evil. Like any tool it  is the individual that determines which one.

c     o    m    p   u    t      e    r
300 + 30 + 90 + 9 + 70 + 9(3) + 10 + 100 = 321(315)
3 + 2 + 1 = 6
3 + 1 + 5 = 9

  There are several systems of numerology and each system will give you different numeric results as well as give you different meanings for each of the base numbers. Which system you use is entirely up to you. The formula above used the "Enochian" system of numerology. (this page does it all for you, just enter in the information)

OSMOSIS TECHNIQUE: A technique where you slowly, and over time, merge the best of your physical and nonphysical self into one unified whole. This merging is a psychological blending -- not a physical blending. Quite often, your physical self and nonphysical self possess dissimilar qualities. The idea is to learn from both selves and take the best of each. Bringing the best of the physical self into the nonphysical reality and bringing the best of the nonphysical self into the physical reality. 

When consciousness leaves the physical vehicle, and travels to any one of several nonphysical environments. The physical body remains in a sleeping state but consciousness and your awareness of what his happening go with you on the adventure. When you return to the body you have full knowledge of what you were doing when your consciousness was out of the body. Many dreams are also out of body events, but your self awareness is not there so you perceive the event as less real.  Out-of-body travel requires a great deal of your energy  but the experiences are very vivid and can transform  you personally. (see also mental travel) Note: The terms astral projection, out of body travel, and even on some occasions lucid dreaming are often used interchangeably to indicated an out of body event. However, in the most strict sense, these terms and experiences are separate but valid events of consciousness as it interacts in different nonphysical capacities. see also Astral Projection

OUT-OF-BODY SPIRIT GUIDE: A special spirit guide that is knowledgable in out-of-body traveling. This spirit guide watches over your physical body and your free out-of-body consciousness so that no harm can come to either. It takes a great deal more training for a spirit guide to become an out-of-body spirit guide. Hence, these angels are rare and are only assigned to dedicated individuals that are interested in this kind of metaphysical enlightenment. 

PAST SELVES: Typically, people -- who are you -- that you meet in a nonphysical environment that are living the road you have already traveled. These people were you at one time and may become you someday, in "their" future -- if they choose to follow the path that you have taken. (see also future selves) 

PHYSICAL REALITY: A reality or plane that possesses physical-like qualities. A reality or plane that is constricted by the laws of time and space. A reality or plane that is governed by the life and death cycle. (see also nonphysical reality) 

PHYSICAL SYSTEM: The part of your being that is responsible for your continued existence within physical reality. This system draws the least power from your energy essence. In Hermes' Reality Cooker, when we refer to your physical system, we're not referring to your physical body. Rather, we are referring to your energy essence and how that essence regulates its existence within a physical environment. (see also mental system and creative system) 

PLANE: Similar to a reality and many times is indistinguishable from a reality. A plane, however, can sometimes refer to a part or a level of a reality if that reality is composed of several layers. The Dream Universe is an example of a reality that consists of several planes. Also, many times, these words (plane and reality) are used interchangeability. (see also reality) 

POINT-OF-POWER: The point at which consciousness deliberately applies inner-power to the moment to bring about some sort of change in its environment. "Concentrating on a painting" is an example of taking your Now Point (the moment) and applying your point-of-power. The painting is in your now and your concentration is your consciousness applying power to that moment. (see also Now Point) 

POSITIVE SPEAKING: The act using phrases and wordings that take on a positive connotation, as opposed to a negative connotation. This positive way of speaking can enhance a person's reality and remove much negativity. Many times it is the negative phrases and words, which are spoken, that go on to create much of the negativity within a person's life. (see also positive thinking) 

POSITIVE THINKING: The act of transforming all your thoughts into the most positive form as possible. Thinking positively manifests the most harmonious reality that you can have. Thinking positive is not a delusion. It is the application of proper thoughts and word phrases that accurately depict your present reality but do so in a way that brings about its more positive outcome. For example, saying "I am sick." or saying "I am not feeling well." may mean the same thing in English, however consciousness interprets both very differently. "I am sick" implies a continuing condition of ill health, where as the phrase "I am not well" implies that at present you are ill but normally you are in a state of health. See also Reality Creating. Related Links --

POWER: Energy grouped, or bundled, together and applied to some purpose. The terms power and energy are sometimes used interchangeably. However, more correctly, power is the energy being applied to some purpose. (see also energy) 

POWER DEMAND: The level at which energy flows through you at any given time. Various tasks have various power demands. Some tasks will consume very little energy while others will consume a great deal more. 

POWER FLOW: Power moving in a specific direction, as from a high potential to a low potential or from one place to another. 

POWER LEAKING: When your personal energy supply is unintentionally lost due to extraneous elements or factors. Power leaking, specifically, in Hermes' Reality Cooker, refers to the unintentional lose of energy from your energy-essence without your conscious awareness or permission. 

POWER SHUTDOWN: When you no longer possess the energy to sustain your reality or to make any more changes. A person in power shutdown will feel lifeless, tired, and irritable. 

POWER VAMPIRE: A person who lacks sufficient energy to sustain one's self and steals power from others as an energy supplement. Power Vampires are quite capable of generating their own needed power but are usually too lazy or wasteful to bother. 

PROBABLE SELVES: Typically, people -- who are you -- that you meet in a nonphysical environment who have lived and experienced physical events other than the ones that you have chosen to live. These probable selves live similar but different lives than you, in other physical dimensions, which lie outside of your own. To a probable self your life is probable and is not part of his or her experienced reality. (see also Probability Universe) 

PROBABILITY HOPPING: A technique that allows you to cross over to various probable moments to see what those other moments contain. This probability hopping gives you more power and conscious insight as to what you can and should materialize, physically. 

PROBABILITY UNIVERSE: A reality or plane where all events, which are not yet experienced, sit and await for materialization or remain probable and never occur. It is from the Probability Universe that the present is formed. Events pulled out of this dimension become physically manifested and part of the individual's life-record. 

PROBABILITY POOL: A section of consciousness, within the individual, that stores events that are about to be materialized. Not all of these events can and will materialize, only those events that the individual decides to pull out of the pool and manifest. Sometimes, several different versions of the same event can sit in the pool and wait until the last possible moment. Once you choose one of these probable events, the chosen event becomes part of your experienced reality and the other events return to the Probability Universe. 

PROGRAM SENTENCE: A sentence that is directed at the unconscious part of the individual. A program sentence can help to get your nonphysical self to do some task or to find out something for your physical self. In order for information to pass from the physical self to the nonphysical self, the information must first pass through the unconscious part of you. A program sentence instructs your unconscious as to specifically what must be done when this information is handed from one self to the other. 

PSYCHIC POWER: Mental energy that carries information along a specific wavelength or frequency. Usually psychic power is directed at or between individuals as means of inter- dimensional communication, information, or energy exchanges. Contrary to popular belief, psychic power is a physical sense and is only loosely nonphysical in nature. Psychic power is merely a physical shadow of abilities that consciousness possess once it is free from a physical environment. 

QUARTZ CRYSTAL: A semi-clear to clear mineral with six sides. Quartz possesses a piezoelectric effect that makes quartz a great transmitter of electricity and energy in general. Quartz, also, vibrates and is locked into the fundamental frequency of the universe. Carrying a quartz crystal can help the individual to tune into this universal voice, which, in turn, can help the individual to operate in harmony with ALL-THAT-IS. The energy from a quartz crystal is easily absorbed by physical creatures and is instantly transferred to the person's energy essence, affecting that essence to a considerable degree. 

QUICK-CHARGE: A method by which you can reclaim energy that was expended during the course of your day. A quick-charge can give you back the power you need to complete your day, without having to nap or go to sleep, to maintain your present reality creating. 

REALITY: The perceived environment that a person finds himself or herself in. Also pertains to other environments not presently perceived by the individual. (see also plane)

REALITY CREATING: The act of consciously using your will power to change your perceived environment. Using your innate energy abilities in correct and proper ways so that harmony is created in your life at all times. The application of certain rules and principals to effect changes in your environment as you desire those changes to be. See also Manifestation. Related Links --

REINCARNATAL SELVES: Typically, people -- who are you -- that you meet in a nonphysical environment that are from a previous physical existence of yours. These people were you in a previous life-time and may become you, someday, if they decide to follow the same incarnation path as you did. The word "Reincarnatal" implies selves from the past, which is the accepted connotation; however, Reincarnatal Selves can come from future incarnations as well. (see also incarnation and reincarnation) 

REINCARNATION: When your spirit incarnates for the second, or more, time into physical reality. Reincarnation is part of the requirement when embarking on and into the physical learning system. (see also incarnation) 

SACRAL CHAKRA: This energy center is located by your physical groin. This metaphysical center is responsible for moving built-up negativity from the upper energy centers toward the foot center, where the negativity is, then, dispersed. (see also energy center) 

SANDALPHON: The name of the archangel that presides over the sphere of Malkuth and over out-of-body travelers. Sandalphon is the most personable and human-like of all the archangels because he deals most directly with physical reality and the earth plane. 

SEA-SALT: Salt derived from dried sea water. Sea-salt is very good for removing built-up negativity within quartz crystals. Sea-salt can be taken internally and is often the choice of table salt of health-conscious individuals. 

SEMICONSCIOUSNESS: The point just preceding full conscious awareness. In a semiconscious state things unconscious seem almost knowable. A semiconscious state is very important when bringing information from an unconscious state to a conscious state. Many times, information coming from the unconscious must sit in this in-between state, to allow for translating. Otherwise the unconscious information may be unusable or lack in conscious understanding. (see also unconsciousness and consciousness) 

SEPHIRA: A plane or dimension within the Tree of Life. There are ten of these planes within this learning system. Each Sephira addresses a different need of humanity and evolving consciousness. Some of these needs are very mundane while others tend to be more spiritual. (see, also, Tree of Life) 

SIMULTANEOUS TIME: The idea that all events happen concurrently. In a nonphysical reality this is predominately how events are stored. In a physical reality events are ordered in a time, cause and effect sequence, so that you can better study the effects of your decisions and the consequences of those decisions. Understanding that the order of events is an illusion can help to free you from the pitfalls of linear thinking. The concept of simultaneous time and its proper application in your reality creating can help you to bring about the most harmonious reality that you can manifest.  (see also the Ever Present Moment) Related Links --

SLEEP-TIME: The placing of your body to rest, with the intent of remaining conscious and bringing back knowledge of your nonphysical activities. 

SMUDGING: The burning of dried plants and roots to remove elemental negativity from the environment. Smudging goes back to ancient times and is an integral part of the American Indian culture. 

SNAPSHOT DREAM RECALL: A method of dream recall where images get impressed on the physical brain in a series of snapshot-like photos. Snapshots are not unlike a photograph or a series of still-frame pictures. Snapshot dream recall may be the only way to recall complex dream events or events that do not have any physical equivalents. 

SOLAR PLEXUS: An energy center located just below the rib cage and above the bellybutton. The solar plexus is the most sensitive part of your body from which you can eject or absorb nonphysical energy, as you do in out-of-body travel. 

SOUL (capital "S"): The Soul is the nonphysical caring and nurturing force behind an individual. The Soul is responsible for making sure that the individual learns his or her present life-lesson and makes sure that the person's reality is properly supported in the way of spirit-guides, healers, nonphysical teachers, and any other necessary support people. 

SOUL (lowercase "s"): The soul, in human culture, refers to the nonphysical part of the individual that survives death. In Hermes' Reality Cooker, when we refer to the soul, we are referring to your spirit, which is really the same thing. The terms are used interchangeably. (see also spirit) 

SPIRIT: The part of you that can survive physical death and transcend the physical body. Your spirit is capable of moving through time and space as well as traveling to other dimensions. Your spirit possesses a wider range of senses than your physical body and is able to adapt itself much more easily. 

SPIRIT-GUIDE: A nonphysically focused individual that watches over and offers protection, on an individualized basis, to physically focused individuals. Spirit-guides fill in when a person's Guardian (Angel) is not present. Typically, spirit-guides are learning to become Guardians and are assigned to work under the guidance of a Master Guardian until that spirit-guide is proficient enough to go work on their own. These beings, unlike angels, possess free-will and can interact more with you physically, if you give your permission. A spirit-guide is often assigned to an out of body traveler to protect and guide the traveler in the nonphysical environment. Note: The terms spirit-guides and angels are often used interchangeably. However there are subtle differences between them. Of course these differences vary, depending on who you are speaking to and the kind of background they possess. See also angels. Related Links --

SPIRITUAL BODY (your Mach3): This body is a true mental form and is the least dense of all of your other nonphysical bodies. It is a body that you can use on any plane, from the etheric plane upward. This body-form is the most alien to your physical body but possesses all the abilities that consciousness is capable of possessing. (see also etheric body, astral body, and mental body) 

SPIRITUAL PLANE: The last and highest of the four nonphysical planes that are accessible to human consciousness. On this plane, the individual is completely integrated, with all aspects working in harmony with the universal consciousness (ALL-THAT-IS). 

STAR-CHILD: A person who creates his or her reality, consciously, every day. A person who uses more than one mode of existence (out-of-body travel, dream travel, mental travel) in addition to habitation on the physical plane, to create that reality. A person who understands the connection between thoughts and materialization and assumes responsibility for those thoughts and actions. A person that cares about others and does not let his or her creations harm others. A person that emits more raw energy than he or she takes in, shedding light and love on his or her reality. And, finally, a person who acts in harmony with the universe and ALL-THAT-IS and seeks to better his or herself and others, every moment of every moment. 

TAROT CARDS: An ancient system of divination used to predict future events, sort out spiritual problems, and bring understanding to situations in life. Tarot cards are often used by organizations such as the Golden Dawn as part of the spiritual training of adepts.

TEACHING REALMS: A term that refers to a nonphysical plane where the transmission of knowledge is the primary goal. The Teaching Realms reside within the sphere of Tiphareth, which, in-turn, is part of the Tree of Life. 

THINKING GLOBAL: The act of using your everyday thoughts, to positively enhance the quality of life, for events and people that have a global impact on society. 

THINKING SMARTLY: The act of using your everyday thoughts, to positively enhance the quality of life, for people and events in your own life. 

THINKING SYMBOLICALLY: The act of using mental imagery to define some act that you usually define by using inner words. Example: The image of you walking into your home, instead of thinking the words "I've got to get home." 

THIRD-EYE: (see brow chakra

THOUGHT-CREATION: The transformation of thoughts, into a manifestation of some object or event, within a given reality plane. 

THOUGHT-CREATOR: A person who deliberately manifests his or her thoughts into a reality plane in some way, shape, or form. 

THOUGHT-TIME: When consciousness pulls itself away, from its present focus, to reflect or rest. This movement is an inward shift toward the inner-self and removes consciousness from its present focus. Thought-time is part of the Now Point. 

THOUGHT-WAVE: (see mental-wave) 

THROAT CHAKRA: The energy-center located in and about your neck. This center gives you the ability to communicate with others; and, here, we're not just talking about the physical act of speaking. This energy-center actually translates your internal reality into a form that can be transmitted and perceived externally. (see, also, energy center) 

TIPHARETH: The centermost sphere within the Tree of Life. In this plane is contained the sum total of human knowledge as well as containing the teaching and learning centers of the nonphysical realm. (see also Malkuth, Yesod, Netzach, Hod, Geburah, Chesed, Binah, Chokmah, and Kether) 

TREE OF LIFE (a.k.a. Kabalah, Sephira):
A nonphysical system of learning and development that is open to all those willing to take advantage of it. The Tree of Life is composed of ten individual spheres or planes called Sephira. Each Sephira possesses different qualities to help the individual with his or her specific needs. Many of the ancient prophets trained, nonphysically, in this learning system, before they began their actual physical work. The origin of the Tree of Life predates human culture and evolution. It's initial purpose was to serve as an energy conduit so that faster- than-light particles could slow down and take on a physical form. Now, the Tree of Life serves both as an integral part of maintaining physical reality and as learning place for the human consciousness. Related Links --

TRI-PHASE CLEANSING: The riding of the environment of built-up negativity using three forms of clearing techniques: elemental, geometric, and angelic. Each method has a unique and advantageous way to clear an environment. Combining all three methods leaves an environment exceptionally clear and free. 

TUNNELS (ENERGY): The connecting cords from one dimension to the next. These corridors are often color coded and perceived as being large and tunnel-like. The colors help the nonphysical traveler to identify where he or she is. This identification becomes important when traveling the Tree of Life or in out-of-body states, so that one knows where one has been or is going. 

UNCONSCIOUSNESS: The part of the personality that is not self-aware, from a conscious perspective, and is not in direct control of the perceived environment. However, the unconscious part of the individual can and is responsible for events on a beneath-the-scenes level. (see also consciousness) 

UNILATERAL BONDING: The bonding that occurs between the individual energy-units on a nonphysical reality. This singular-directional bonding gives a nonphysical reality its fluid, changing quality and enables faster-than-light particles to vibrate at their maximum frequencies. (see also bilateral bonding) 

UNIVERSE: In the context of Hermes' Reality Cooker, when we refer to the universe, we are referring to all realities, universes, and planes, of which are part of and creations from ALL- THAT-IS. (see also ALL-THAT-IS) 

VAST SEA: An area in sleep where the various aspects of existence (past, future, probable, dream, ect) meet. This area, or state, of consciousness is a jump-point from which the individual can consciously or unconsciously choose a nonphysical direction to travel toward or focus in. 

VORTEX: Vortexes come in two flavors, receivers and transmitters. They are part of the Creation Mechanism and are responsible for picking-up and sending-out mental energy so that physical events can materialize. 

VETO: A process by which the materialization of a physical event can be halted. There are several different times that a veto can occur in the creation process. (see also, Creation Mechanism) 

WASTE-NOT-WANT-NOT-FACTOR: An internal law, within the Creation Mechanism, that governs the manifestation of events. The WNWNF prohibits the manifestation of any event that does possess a proper need for its emergence. 

WATER ENERGY: One of the four elemental energies. Water energy is colloquially referred to as being cool and wet in nature. Water energy resides on the etheric plane but is one of the more refreshing energy types. (see also earth, fire, and air energy) 

YESOD: One of three spheres that connect from Malkuth and lead upward in the Tree of Life. This sphere can help the individual to adjust to nonphysical travel and things pertaining to the psychic and dreams. (see also Malkuth, Netzach, Hod, Tiphareth, Geburah, Chesed, Binah, Chokmah, and Kether) 

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