You Create Your World

I think - therefore I am

You create your world! No other concept possesses the power that this idea does. Think about it? The power to change your world rests within yourself -- within your mind!

Thought-creation is a fact of reality, all realities. This physical reality however, would often have you believe otherwise. When you believe that your fate is in the hands of people and things that are beyond your control, you lose that fundamental power given to you: the power to create. You make it that much easier for others to manipulate and change your world into what they want, instead of changing your world into what you want. Remember! You have a right to create your own world.

That right to create your own world was a gift to you from divine powers -- divine powers, we might add -- who cherish that right themselves. They would not think of relinquishing their power of self-creation and neither should you. Except, every time you feel that a particular situation is out of your hands, then that is what you are doing: relinquishing your power of creation and your ability to change the situation.

To reclaim back your creative power involves taking two steps, changing your belief, and learning how to control the consciousness you possess. Doing both will take time. However, the sooner you begin, the sooner you will reap the benefits of deliberate reality-creation.

To begin, you must shift from the belief that you live in a world you can't control, to a belief that you live in a world you can control. Along with this new belief, you must come to understand that the high-tech reality controlling device that you seek is your own consciousness. Your consciousness is the tool given to you by the divine that will enable you to change and shape your reality.

Learning how to control that consciousness is the next step in the process. Good reality-control comes from within, not without. An uncontrolled consciousness can be like a wild, untamed animal. This untamed animal gets driven by many sources to do the things it does, like emotions, needs, and desires. All these factors play a part in controlling and directing your consciousness toward deliberate reality creation. Except, in an uncontrolled state, your consciousness roams freely, like a wild beast. When a particular factor overwhelms the beast, that factor becomes the new director of the beast's world. This haphazard direction of consciousness is what you want to avoid. Your consciousness's driving forces must all be tamed and shown how they can work together to obtain what each needs and wants.

Now, to help make the point, let's take a few moments and show you a few common patterns that indicate a wild and untamed consciousness.

  • Does you mind wander regularly -- jumping from topic to topic? In other words, if you counted the amount of things your mind dwelled on, during a given hour, would the number be above five items? Anything above five items, in a one hour period, points to mind-wandering. Mind wandering is one of the more subtle ways you undermine your reality control and a sure sign you have the makings of an untamed beast.
  • Do you continually look on the negative side of things? A negative outlook on your life is a sign that your emotions are controlling your consciousness -- not you! Emotions, when used properly, can be a good motivator of reality creating. However, when you allow your emotions free reign, the beastly side of them takes over. Emotional runaway is the most destructive form of reality control and another strong indicator of a wild beast within.
  • Do you often feel mentally drained? Continual mental fatigue is an indication of poor inner-power regulation. With inadequate inner-power and poor inner-power control you can expect anything and everything to control your life. If you lack the inner-power and strength necessary to make the needed changes in your world, all the mental control in the world is not going to help you. Poor inner-power management is another way of self-defeating reality control and yet another example of something savage going on within you.
  • Do you consciously understand the mechanics behind thought-creation? Not knowing how a device operates -- especially an inner device -- can greatly hinder your ability to use it. A computer is no good if you haven't a clue how to operate it! Thought-creation is the same. Your consciousness needs to understand how to operate the inner and outer devices that enable you to control your world. Otherwise, you'll be like a wild animal searching for food, operating on instinct alone. While the animal may eat, it may not eat well or at all on some days. So, if you don't understand these inner and outer creation devices, your consciousness is operating on instinct alone and is operating on a very primitive level.

I,m sure many of you answered "yes" to some of these questions. Answering "yes" does not make you a misfit; it just makes you unlearned. Being unlearned in the way consciousness does its job is inefficient and a waste of your personal resources. Because you live in a fast-changing world, deliberate reality control becomes a necessity. You must learn how to tame that beast, so that you can make your world the best it can be, for yourself and for others.

With a controlled and tamed consciousness you can expect some changes in the way things happen in your life. For one thing, nothing unpleasant will surprise you. You will create the world you want and need. There will be no lurking ugliness that will spring up at the last minute. If you do get ugliness, you will be aware of it well in advance because you will be aware of yourself creating it. Your mind will no longer be an unchartered territory. You will be fully aware of the contents of your mind at any given time. Plus, you will understand why you react in certain ways and in certain situations. When an awkward, unwanted, or an unusual situation arises, you will have the power to act and the power to move that situation in a direction that is desirable to you. You will be the master of your fate and the helmsman of your destiny.

You create your world! No other statement is more true. Now it is your job to learn how. Take the first step toward controlling your reality, and we can help you with the second. Recognize, at least a little, that you can and do have the power to create your world. You've been doing it for years, since you were born and before. Then, let's take that second step together and learn how to properly use those inner tools -- inner tools that will enable you to control the greatest gift in your possession, your own consciousness.

Worksheet Notes:
On the next page is your first worksheet. It is a questionnaire designed to show you your present level of reality creating ability. Please take the time to fill in the questionnaire because the real power in this questionnaire will reveal itself when you come back to it, after you've finished the "Hermes" Reality Creator I" course and retake the test. Your new score will show you how much you have progressed and how much farther you need to work the Reality Creating Game. Each question is designed to alert you to a different area of reality creating skill.

  • Question one shows you how positively you think about your reality.
  • Question two shows you how well you can control your lower self, your more base instincts, the animal part of you, if you will.
  • Question three shows you how well you can keep your mind focused in the present moment.
  • Question four shows you how well you can regulate your inner power (energy).
  • Question five shows you how easily you can be coerced by others.
*** After you take the test, then move on to the next chapter, but keep in mind the areas that you need to work on. As we get to that part of the book, you may want to pay extra attention to that section.

Chapter 1 / You Create Your World Worksheet Page

Instructions: Answer the questions below by selecting only the answer that best describes your actions. Then record the point value for the letter you selected at the right. After answering the questions, tally up your answers by adding the point value for each answer and recording that number on the space provided. Then use the legend to determine how well you can control your consciousness in creating your reality. Remember to take this test again, after you"ve completed the "Hermes" Reality Creator I" course. Then compare the new score with the old one and see how well you have improved.

POINT VALUE:  (a = 25 points) (b = 50 points) (c = 75 points) (d = 100 points)
LEGEND: 500 points " you are a Master Reality Creator
 400 to 475 points -- you are a Reality Guru
 200 to 375 points -- you are a Struggling Reality Adept
 125 to 175 points -- you are a Master of Disaster

1. When a crisis arises, do you: 1.____
 a: imagine the worst outcome
 b: first imagine a negative outcome then think about better ones
 c: first imagine positive outcome but then think about negative ones
 d: imagine only the best outcome

2. When you are hungry and can't eat for sometime, do you: 2.____
 a: think about food constantly, even imagining it
 b: think about food but don't imagine it
 c: fight to keep your mind on what you are doing and off the food
 d: realize that you need food then put it out of your mind for later

3. When listening to someone talk to you, does your mind: 3.____
 a: think about other things while listening and not even know what has been said
 b: think about other things while listening but know what has been said
 c: occasionally drift off the conversation
 d: focus intently on the conversation

4. How would you rate your overall energy level? 4.____
 a: I usually feel tired, lifeless, and without any drive most of the day
 b: I usually feel tired and lifeless after some moderate interaction with others
 c: I usually feel alive and alert, but after certain people or activities, I feel drained
 d: I usually feel alive and alert and powerful most of the day

5. When I'm in a group situation or interacting with others I feel that: 5.____
 a: I have little willpower and usually do whatever anyone in the group asks or wants to do
 b: I have little willpower and usually do only what the majority wants to do
 c: I'm in control of myself and my actions except when I'm around certain people
 d: I'm in complete control of myself and my actions at all times, no mater who I am with

TOTAL POINTS. _________ 

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