Out of Body Travel: (Part 1) Preflight

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit distant places, do strange things, or even travel beyond the known universe? Your answer might be, "Sure! Who hasn't! Let's be realistic, though. I'm not rich, and I can't afford to get in a jet and fly across the world on a whim. And ... well ... travel through the universe ... I left my Mach1-B22 intergalactic space ship on another planet!"

As crazy as this response might sound, it could be no further from the truth. You don't need any money, and the vehicle for this kind of travel is not at Luke Skywalker's place either. That ultimate travel vehicle happens to be with you every day of your life, waiting for you to use it: your consciousness!

Several chapters back, we taught you how to explore, using your consciousness, an inner dimension: the Dream Universe. In the next few chapters you are going to learn how to explore an outer dimension: the astral plane. These dimensions -- the dream plane, the physical plane, and the astral plane -- exist as separate energy patterns. As we have already stated, awareness on any of these planes requires that you tune your consciousness into that particular energy pattern.

Now, tuning into the Dream Universe required one kind of focus, other than normal physical focus. Tuning into the Astral Universe will require another kind of focus. Your experience with the Dream Universe will serve as a foundation upon which you will learn how to tune into the astral plane; because, when you step-up that tuning one notch, from the Dream Universe, you will find yourself tuned into the Astral Universe.

Let's start the adventure with acquainting you with the basic skills necessary to begin the journey, like learning to fly that Mach1-B22 space craft. However, before the fun and adventure can begin, you need to study the preflight procedures. There are four preflight procedures that you should follow, and were going to take them one at a time.


  • Belief
  • Set Aside Place
  • Set Aside time(s) and day(s)
  • Request out of body Spirit Guide

The first preflight requirement is that you half-believe that out-of-body travel is possible. Because you have reached this far in Hermes' Reality Cooker, you have probably mastered that first step. Beliefs are very important. They can make or break any endeavor you may undertake in life. Part of the purpose of this book is to loosen and widen your present beliefs. As you are slowly learning, the more you free yourself from your mental restrictions, the more you will find that you can obtain. If you have been practicing the exercises in this book so far, your belief system has been widening dramatically. The changes that those widened beliefs have made, in your present life, should be evident by now and your ego should be ready to accept a new kind-of travel, a kind-of travel that requires nothing but your energy essence and your consciousness.

Your next preflight procedure is to set aside a special place for your out-of-body work. Your special place can be anywhere, from the floor in the living room, to your bed, or even a grassy field near a mountain. Any place that you feel safe and secure will do. However, it's important not to change the location of your special place in the beginning. Later on, after you are comfortable with out-of-body travel, you can experiment with other locations and positions.

Next, you need to set aside a special time for your work. Almost any time of the day or night will do, but what is important is consistency and privacy. Let me just add a note for those of you who sleep with a partner. You can share a bed and have the privacy you need to work on your out-of-body travel. Now, at times, a turn from your bed partner can break your concentration; but in time, you will adjust to the distraction, like getting used to sleeping with a noisy air conditioner.

Now there are reasons for the setting aside of a special time. The nonphysical -- the world that you are learning to travel into -- does not operate on a day of the week schedule. Physical divisions like day and night and the various days of the week are not the same from a nonphysical perspective. Spirit-guides must adjust to this physical time-structure as best they can. A little help on your part, like keeping to an arranged time and place, will make their job easier.

The mentioning of spirit-guides brings up an important point. You are not alone in your out-of-body traveling. To embark on your astral journeys, you need a special guide. Your special guide is a nonphysical being who holds the key to releasing that Mach1-B22 astral-travel vehicle of yours. Obtaining this special spirit-guide is your next priority. At first, when you begin your out-of-body attempts, you may not possess such a guide. Therefore, the first thing to do, especially for beginners, is to put in a request for this special person. There is a special archangel that is responsible for the assignment of out-of-body guides. You should target your request toward this individual. This archangel's name is Sandalphon. Your request to Sandalphon could be as simple as mentally asking for the assignment of an out-of-body spirit-guide or as involved as a full blown ceremony.

Whatever you choose, let your imagination be your guide in how to structure this request. The important part about this request is it should feel special and be sincere. Sandalphon will know what your true intentions are and how much you desire this special spirit-guide.

Now, for those of you that would rather have a sure fire way to contact Sandalphon, the contract shown below is an excellent way to place a request to Sandalphon, for an out-of-body spirit-guide. This example contract states the purpose and intentions for your out-of-body journeys. Not only that, the glyphs placed on this contract will make Sandalphon aware of your request, using an ancient form of nonphysical communication. Feel free to modify or add anything you like to the contract, but try to keep the glyphs intact. Burning a candle while signing this contract would be a nice touch too. Keep the contract with you, or you can hang it above your selected out-of-body travel spot. (You may photocopy the contract, if you wish, and sign and alter that one instead.)

Out of Body Travel Contract

a request for an Out Of Body Spirit Guide

Dear Archangel Sandalphon:

Please accept my humble request for an "Out of Body Spirit Guide." I pledge only to use this new skill for the betterment of others and myself. Furthermore, I pledge NEVER to consciously or premeditatedly use the gift of out of body travel for malice or to do harm to another individual, entity, animal, object, or thing -- to do so, would result in the possibility that my out of body privileges being revoked until said time, designated by Sandalphon.

I ask and give my permission for my out of body spirit guide to setup some kind of signal to let me know when he or she is near. This signal is to be pleasant and to come in a way that will not upset me.

I give my conscious permission for the leaving and the acquirement of the ability to out of body travel. I give my permission to expand my awareness of the Universe and to become more than I was before.

I do solemnly swear to abide by the stated rules in this contract from this day forward:


Date ________________

This request (or contract signing) only needs to be done once. Also, you should state in your request (if this is a verbal request) that the out-of-body guide let you know when he or she is around. However, do not specifically expect any set way for the out-of-body guide to connect with you. In time, you will find that your out-of-body guide will set up some sign specifically for you, letting you know when he or she is around. As an example, some guides will touch you. This touch feels like a tingling from some part of your body.

Try not to become discourage if several weeks pass and an out-of-body spirit-guide fails to appear. This assignment can occur in a week or take several months to arrange. Any new endeavor takes perseverance and dedication. You may have to prove to Sandalphon your desire for this ability, before the assignment of a travel guide takes place. By setting up a schedule and habitually going through the out-of-body motions, you will be establishing your desire for out-of-body travel. Out-of-body guides are busy people. They will be there to help those who wish to help themselves. Rest assured, that if your intentions are good, and you are persistent, the assignment of an out-of-body guide will take place.

Now it is time for you to complete the preflight checks, yourself. Select a spot and set up an out-of-body schedule. Furthermore, sign the given contract or construct your own way to contact Sandalphon. You will need to have all this preflight stuff out of the way, so we can get into the actual out-of-body procedure -- which is what we will cover in the next chapter. 

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