Basic Dream Construction

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Dreams are like the rooms in a house. They connect to each other and lead you from point "A" to point "B".

Contrary to popular belief a dream is not merely some haphazard psychological event that occurs. A dream is a real event, just like any of your day-to-day tasks that you engage in. A dream, in fact, is even more!

Any particular dream in the Dream Universe, no matter what dream plane it occurs on, can be likened to a physical room. That is, a dream is just like a room. You can enter and exit a room. You can enter and exit a dream. And just like a room, where you can leave it for a day, two, or even a year or more, and return to that room, a dream too exhibits this same quality. You can leave a dream on one night and return to that same dream the next night, or even years later. You see! A dream does not cease to exist merely because you leave it. A dream has an existence of its own, independent of whether you are there or not. You participate in a dream and become an active ingredient of that dream, adding to its quality and life, each time you visit it.

This independent existence of a dream, in relation to the dreamer, brings up a question or two. Questions like, what occurs when you leave a dream? And, what happens when you reenter a dream you left several days ago? Let's explore these questions.

Well, upon leaving a dream that dream will continue its existence, on whatever plane it was created upon, independent of whether or not you did the initial creating. Now, while you are away, other dreamers could enter that same dream, if they should happen upon it. It would be no different than a person walking by a store and deciding to go inside to see what is in there. Dreams will present themselves to perspective dreamers, and it is up to that dreamer to decide to visit or not.

Now, if you decided to reenter a previously experienced dream, as you can and do -- as the shopper can certainly visit the same store time and time again -- you will find that one of two things can possibly occur. First, when you come back to that dream, there could be some kind of gap in events, just like leaving a party and coming back an hour later. The party does not stop just because you left it! And, like being at that party, you could question someone, in the dream, to catch up on what you missed, while you were gone. This kind of dream is an uninterruptable dream. These dreams usually involve other people, other than yourself, and thus will continue without your presence.

The second thing that can happen, upon returning to a dream, is that it picks up at the exact moment that you left it. These dreams are of an interruptable kind. An interruptable dream is, generally, of a more personable nature and was most likely created by you and you alone. These dreams tend to be outlines of your present physical life, laying out that life in a different fashion, so that you can experience a different perspective on that life. Often -- but not always -- these interruptable dreams are personal dreams, where you and only you have the key to unlock them and get in.

The mentioning of personal and nonpersonal dreams, naturally, brings up some new questions. Let's explore these questions now.

You see! Dreams -- your dreams -- can and will fall into two categories: personal and nonpersonal. Personal dreams are dreams that you've created for yourself and these usually reflect very intimate motifs. These dreams are locked, so to speak, so that you, and only those that you allow to enter, can come into and participate in that dream. Nonpersonal dreams, on the other hand, are dreams that anyone can enter and take a part in. These dream rooms often deal with more general topics of a social nature and can be a part of a great many peoples' nightly repertoire.

Whether or not a dream is personal does not change the fact that it exists as part of the Dream Universe and the fact that it gets accessed through the same dream conduit that you and all others use. What restricts access to your personal dreams is a kind of psychic lock that you set up automatically when you create the dream. You can only lock dreams that you yourself create and deem personal. Any dreams that you deem as nonpersonal and set up for others to use as well as yourself can never be locked. Of course, here we're talking about dream abilities that are fundamental to that part of yourself. It is just that your conscious you is unaware of these things, and you may find some of this quite shocking.

However, the important point to note in this chapter is that a dream exists independent of you or anyone else. The fact that you can leave a dream and return to it, experiencing an interruption or not, in dream contents, proves to some degree this independence. Furthermore, a dream, like a person, has an age. Some dreams have been running for as long as man walked on the planet and others are merely days old. Once a dream is created it will exist forever, continuing on its own, just as the offspring of any two parents will continue on its own. Once life is given, it is never taken away. Your dreaming is similar. You create new dreams all the time and, when you do, you give birth to that dream, launching it forever, regardless of whether you ever visit that dream again or not.

Now, another fact to know and keep in mind about a dream is that a dream, like a physical room, connects to other dream rooms in various ways. You can, for example, leave one dream and move right into another, leaving dream "A" and then entering dream "B." You can duplicate this action on a later date, thereby confirming that certain dreams link inexplicably to other dreams, just like certain rooms in a house link to other rooms in the house.

This connecting of dreams, however, differs from our room analogy in that what connects two or more dreams is not space! Rather, what connects two dream rooms is some kind of psychic connection. For instance, a dream involving your childhood could be connected to a dream involving the place where you work. With this connection existing, you could easily walk right out of the dream involving your childhood and into the dream involving work. Furthermore, these two dreams could be located on opposite ends of the Dream Universe, with the childhood dream existing on the Astral Plane and the work dream existing on the Mental Plane.

The connection here, obviously, is not anything to do with physical space, as these two physical locations (your childhood room and work) as well as their actual dream locations are separated by great distance. What most likely connects these two dream rooms could be the fact that these two places are places that you enjoy or, maybe, these two places were places that you grew in knowledge. Upon further examination, by continuing this jumping from dream room to dream room, you may find that many of the places that you enjoy or grew in knowledge all seem to connect to one another. The more dream rooms that you discover connecting, the more clear the reason for the psychic connection will be between all these dreams. This knowledge, however, will only be discovered through time and with first-hand experimentation in the Dream Universe.

Now, let's recap, briefly, before we continue with new dream room material.

The Dream Universe is made up of many many dreams that continue on with their own existence, independent of you. Some of these dreams are very old, while others are very young. Also, various dreams connect to each other forming psychic dream structures, which can be likened to the collection of rooms that make up a house. Moving from dream to dream has nothing to do with distance. The movement of your consciousness from dream to dream is by psychic bridges that exist as part of the Dream Universe or that you yourself have built.

Now, let's explore these psychic bridges a bit. Their understanding is important to comprehending dream room structures as well as your own psychic makeup and your own evolution.

You see! These psychic bridges serve as a quick means of getting you from one end of the Dream Universe to the other. For example, you can only jump from a dream in the Etheric Plane to a dream in the Astral Plane, if there exists some kind of psychic-energy bridge. You can, however, cross easily from one dream in the Etheric Plane to another dream in the Etheric plane without any such bridge, as dreams, in any one dream domain, share psychological bonds that naturally enable them to connect one to another, through the appropriate dream conduit.

Now, some of these psychic energy links were formed at the very beginnings of time, while others you are only constructing now. You require these bridges to evolve and grow, as each of the dream planes present to you different challenges and lessons that are vital toward your growth within the celestial community. As you evolve, you construct your own psychic energy bridges and the greater number of bridges that exist, the easier it will be for you to move around in the Dream Universe; and, consequently, the more knowledge in the Universe you can touch.

But, self constructed psychic bridges are not the only bridges that exist! These psychic bridges come in two flavors: the ones you form yourself, and the ones formed by others. The psychic energy bridges constructed by others are existing patterns that were set down by the Masters, eons ago, for all to use. These powerful pathways enable the dedicated to move quickly and easily through the various dream planes, thereby accelerating their own evolution. As you become more dream conscious, you will inevitably fall upon these age-old energy bridges and, if you are willing, you can ride that bridge to its destination and begin your own accelerated evolutionary growth.

I bet you never thought that your evolution depended on your dreams? Well, in a sense, it does. A dream is a spark of creative divinity that can lead you to knowledge, understanding, love, and wisdom. A dream is one step up the ladder of evolution, and, place enough of these steps together, and in the right order, and you will have an escalator to the heavens and the ultimate pathway to God.

In the next chapter, we're going to take a look at Time and Space within a dream and the Dream Universe. As you are going to find out, Time and Space are vastly different in the Dream Universe as compared to the Physical Plane. Understanding how these two concepts fit into a dream will enable you to untangle the sometimes seemingly confusing things that can go on in a typical dream.