The Tree of Life: (Part 1) Advanced Traveling and Learning

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.... And Adam tasted the apple from the "Tree of Life" and was forever changed!

Have you ever wondered about that mystical tree, from that biblical story? Would it please you to know that that tree was not a real tree at all but, instead, a system of learning and evolution, developed to help humanity evolve! Let's embark into the past and into a fairy-tale of sorts, to learn more.

.... A long, long, time ago, when humanity's consciousness began to awaken from its dreamlike state, he manifested into a new reality, a physical reality. At that beginning of self- awareness, humanity was only dimly aware of his presence. Physical reality, then, was like a dream and seemed to possess no real substance. Then, one day, in that place that lies between sleep and awake, humanity touched powers -- powers that could assist him with his evolution. That day, the human consciousness took its first big step and became aware that he was not alone in the universe.

The next great leap in humanity's consciousness came when someone ventured out into the place between sleep and awake -- to the place where the whispers came: the Tree of Life.

In this Tree of Life, he met with great beings. These beings showed him how he created his world and how he could use physical reality for his and the other's benefit. This man traveled up and down the Tree's structure sampling the fruit from each of its branches and learning more as time went by. Eventually, when the man was knowledgeable enough, these mentors of his urged him to communicate what he learned to others, so that they too could benefit and follow.

However, this knowledge was received unfavorably by his fellow man. The knowledge of self seemed to threaten man's dreamlike complacency and had the power to cast humanity from his dream and thrust him into a reality he did not care to know about. For this reason, humanity attached a curse to the Tree of Life, saying that it was evil; and, in a sense, it was. The Tree of Life took man from his safe and secure dream and placed him into an unsure and less safe reality. You could say that when humanity realized the reality of his physical nature, he knew just how naked he was and cast himself out of the "Garden of Eden," so to speak. The new garden, naturally, needed conquering, tending to, and learning about.

Sadly, only a few ventured into the Tree of Life. This system of learning was not for everyone, it seemed. So, the powers waited patiently for those few that were ready to take control of their world and learn. Those that were ready were welcomed and knowledge transferred at a rate that the inquirer could handle. Some people learned much, while others learned less. But despite how much knowledge passed, the Tree of Life was serving its purpose: the evolving of humanity one person at a time ....

If you haven't guessed by now, the Tree of Life is an inter-dimensional learning system set up to help those people who want to learn more about themselves and their reality. Many of the techniques in Hermes' Reality Cooker will prepare you for this advanced learning-endeavor; and, coming this far, shows that you already possess the mind-set to do so. However, what you may lack is the specific knowledge needed to get in on the ground floor so that you can properly use and access this nonphysical learning system. Let's begin our examination of the Tree with the mechanical end and then move on to the more abstract workings.

The Tree of Life is a combination of ten different spheres or dimensions. These spheres connect to each other, through a complex system of energy tunnels. Traversing the Tree of Life is like traveling a highway or road. To get to many of the places, you must go through other places. You must know when to turn, when to continue, and when to stop. A road map helps when traveling through any unknown area. The Tree of Life is no different. Below is the road map of the Tree.

Before we get any deeper into this topic, don't let the terms "spheres" and "tunnels" mislead you! When we speak of spheres, we are referring to reality planes. For instance, the sphere of Binah is a whole world in itself, just as the earth you inhabit is a world in itself. When we speak of tunnels, we are referring to a method of connecting one reality plane to another. These tunnels are not unlike the highways and roads that connect cities. Furthermore, a sphere does not need to be sphere-like, nor does a tunnel need to be tunnel-like. For instance, the sphere of Kether could easily look like a large white building and the tunnel that leads to Kether could look like a cement path. Just as easily, that sphere of Kether could appear as a planet and the connecting-tunnel could be a spaceship that you must take to get there.

You see! The Tree of Life, like all other nonphysical dimensions, is subject to individual interpretation and affinities. Keep this fact in mind as you traverse this learning system. Don't assume you are going to meet such-and-such a person at such-and-such surrounding, just because someone else did. Your own personal preferences will alter the way that you perceive certain elements within the Tree! However, as varied and different as the Tree of Life might appear -- from person to person -- the Tree will always reflect some similarities. These similarities help to identify locations within the Tree as well as standardize the learning system. Things like the placement of the spheres, the various tunnels that connect them, and the purposes behind each sphere are not likely to change. Things like the specifics of the environment -- the foliage, the structures, and people's appearance -- are nonstandard and can change.

Now, each one of the ten spheres serves a different purpose. For example, you can visit the sphere of Tiphareth when seeking things like friendship, health, harmony, or self acceptance. You can visit the sphere of Yesod to obtain psychic skills or to help you with dream recall and dream understanding. On the following pages is a complete list of all the spheres and what each sphere is responsible for as well as the color and archangel presiding over each sphere.

  • Kether: Greater creativity; any ending information; inner spiritual quest and its causes and attainment; union with God; inventions; electronics; the far future; ideas. (color = white / archangel = Metatron / feel = triumphant, rewarding, integrated)
  • Chokmah: Greater personal initiative; a source of energy which puts things in motion; father-type information; realization of one's abilities; realm of receiving energy and of seeing God. (color = gray / archangel = Ratziel / feel = light, electrical, busy)
  • Binah: Greater understanding of sorrows and burdens; mother-type information; understanding on its deepest level; for strength through silence; understanding anything secretive; studying. (color = black/archangel = Tzaphkiel / feel = heavy, powerful, silent)
  • Chesed: Greater sense of obedience to higher self; financial gains; opportunities; building the new; justice; abundance; prosperity; hearing the inner call; luck; law; career. (color = blue / archangel = Tzadkiel / feel = focused, physically secure, confident)
  • Geburah: Greater energy and courage; for tearing down of old forms; for change of any kind; critical judgment; information on enemies and discord; protection; athletics, soldiers, strength. (color = red /archangel = Khamael / feel = protected, strong, ability)
  • Tiphareth: Greater and higher sense of devotion; all matters of healing, life and success; for harmony on any level and on any matter; friendship; luck; awakening of Christ consciousness; glory and fame; realm of teaching, classrooms, and healing centers. (color = yellow / archangel = Raphael / feel = scholarly, busy, dedicated)
  • Netzach: Greater unselfishness; understanding and energy power in relationships; sexuality and elements of nature; creativity and the arts; love and idealism; realm of the fairy kingdoms. (color = green / archangel = Haniel / feel = loving, sexual, fairy-like, pretty)
  • Hod: Greater truthfulness; revealing of falsehood and deception around us; greater ability in communications, learnings, magic, wheelings and dealings, self improvement. (color = orange / archangel = Michael / feel = clear, penetrating, open)
  • Yesod: Greater sense of true independence and confidence; greater intuition and psychic ability; mental and emotional health; dream work; understanding and recognition of the tides of change; visions of the workings of the universe; realm containing the celestial records. (color = violet / archangel = Gabriel / feel = mystical, quick-changing, dream-like )
  • Malkuth: Greater ability to discriminate in your life; to overcome a sense of inertia in life; physical health problems of self and others; affairs of home; greater self discovery; elemental life; realm of the saints and spirit-guides. (color = olive / archangel = Sandalphon / feel = earth-like, physical, grounding)

The idea is to seek the appropriate sphere for the particular knowledge that you need. When you enter a sphere, someone will be waiting to assist you with your queries. Now, this assistance may not always come in the form of a face-to-face confrontation. Instead, you may find yourself on some kind of adventure or involved in some kind of drama, which may contain the knowledge or information that you need. These dramas are not unlike elaborate dreams that you might have while sleeping. Except, here, you are outside the Dream Universe and in an entirely different kind of development system.

Now, to reach the point where you are actually on an adventure, within the Tree of Life, you must first get to the Tree; and, to get to the Tree of Life, you must be in an altered state of consciousness. Any one of the nonphysical travel methods will work: conscious dream manipulation, mental travel during meditation, or out-of-body states. The method you choose is strictly up to you. The idea is to choose the most comfortable way for you to nonphysical travel and begin with that method. For example, let's say that you choose to travel into the Tree of Life, using the conscious dream recall method. In this case, you would program yourself -- before going to sleep -- to travel, from the Vast Sea and into the Tree of Life. If you were to use meditation or out-of-body travel, you would follow the appropriate procedure for each (refer to chapter 7, 11, or 17 of Book 2, if needed).

When you do leave your physical image, using your preferred form of nonphysical travel, you will find yourself in the sphere of Malkuth. (Your entrance into the Tree of Life may be preceded by a fine violet mist surrounding your consciousness. Not all people will perceive this mist, but it is common enough to mention.) Once here, you can explore the realm of Malkuth or you can choose to move on to another sphere. However, before we cover traveling to other spheres, let's spend a little time with the sphere of Malkuth. It is an important sphere for several reasons, which are not immediately apparent.

Malkuth encompasses what you know of as the nonphysical earth-plane and much of the astral plane. There are as many as ten subsections to Malkuth. For example, one subsection of Malkuth holds the entire nonphysical earth itself. Several other sections of Malkuth are the homes for many nonphysical people.

Newcomers to the Tree of Life often mistake these Malkuth subsections for the spheres themselves; that is in error! There is a distinctive difference and feeling to each Tree of Life sphere. In addition, as you go upward, in the Tree, your experiences tend to be less physical-like and more novel. Experiences and adventures in Malkuth will be very physical and not unlike a physical endeavor. This similarity is due to Malkuth's close association with the earth-plane.

Now, when you do choose to go on to another sphere, you will have to enter into one of three travel tunnels leading from Malkuth and going to the other spheres. Which tunnel you decide to use will depend on where in the Tree you are going. For example, let's say that your destination is Hod. Hod is the first sphere upward on the left. In this case, the left most tunnel is the most direct way and the way that you would probably choose. To travel to one of the upper spheres -- like Tiphareth -- you will have to transverse two or more tunnels, depending on how you wish to get there. Let's say that you decide to go to Tiphareth via the right Malkuth tunnel. First you enter into that rightmost tunnel. Then, after traveling through this tunnel, you arrive, briefly, at the sphere called Netzach. From Netzach you enter the uppermost left tunnel. This second tunnel connects directly to Tiphareth; and, when you get to the end, you will arrive at your destination.

You can enter the appropriate tunnel, easily, by thinking about that tunnel and going, or by looking for three doors and going through the appropriate door. Remember, though, these tunnel entrances could just as easily look like three windows or three openings. Again, individual interpretation will take precedence here. You may have to explore Malkuth to discover what your individual Tree of Life interpretation of a tunnel is. Also, there is no specific place in Malkuth to pick up these tunnels. It should suffice to say that entering a Tree of Life tunnel is a mental act and has little to do with your location.

Once you arrive at your destination, the tunnel will dissolve and you will find yourself in some kind of environment. Now you may go and seek what ever it is you are searching for. To return, you will, most likely, just awake within your physical image, at the end of your adventure. The return trip is instantaneous, and you do not have to return by entering a tunnel and traveling backward. The connecting tunnels are merely for getting there.

It may help you to think of the Tree of Life as an enormous school. Like many physical schools, it contains classrooms and hallways. The hallways represent the connecting tunnels and the classrooms represent the spheres. It is in these spheres that the specific learning takes place. Also, like a physical school, to learn a particular subject you must be in the proper classroom. It will do you no good to be in the English classroom when you want to learn Physics. In addition, getting to that physics lab involves taking the proper hallways that lead you to that place, so that you can learn. The Tree is no different. You must be in the proper sphere for the kind of knowledge that you seek, and you must take the proper tunnel to get you there. A look at the charts and maps that we've provided so far will help you with being in the proper place for the knowledge that you seek. However, we are not finished with our examination of the Tree of Life, and ....

In the next chapter, we're going to continue with our discussion, by going into the Keepers of the Tree. Also, were going to show you how you can tell where you are within the Tree, which can be confusing at times. We'll cover some Tree of Life travel-tips, and we're going to walk you through a hypothetical Tree of Life adventure.

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