Crystal Meditation: (Part 2) The Power is in the Stones)

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In the last chapter we learned about meditation and quartz crystals in general. In this chapter we're going to go into the crystal-meditation process, itself, more extensively. Understanding the use of quartz in meditation will save you much time and trouble in the long run, especially when you are a newcomer to crystal meditation.

Surrounding yourself with crystals is not a task that should be undertaken lightly or frivolously. These little guys are more than your average ordinary rock! These guys are power-storage devices. When you surround yourself with them, you will be immersing yourself within a field of energy that demands no less respect than the electrical current coming into your home. When you use this energy properly and safely, the energy becomes a great tool for your use and growth. Let's learn what goes on within your crystal circle, so that you can get the most out of these little gems and use them in a safe manner.

Above is a diagram of a very basic crystal pattern, the circle pattern. With this pattern there are four crystals placed down within an imaginary circle. These crystals, when laid out in a pattern, will begin to generate a kind-of electrical current between them. The energy stored within each crystal will begin to interact and flow from one to the other. An invisible energy bubble quickly forms, which will mirror the crystal pattern. This pattern is spherical, so the energy in this pattern will be round. (Note: Other patterns, like triangles and hexagons will generate their own respective patterns. As you become familiar with crystal meditation and the various patterns, you will find subtle differences when using one or another. Some of the patterns you will like, while others you will not.)

Now, this energy bubble, coming from the crystals, is not just two dimensional. This bubble extends in all directions, vertically and horizontally -- even through the floor! So, what you kind-of have is a sphere, or bubble, of energy surrounding the area where the crystals are. This bubble goes upward, downward, left and right, forward and back.

When you sit within the center of the crystals, you will be sitting within this energy bubble. Your body will bask in the contained and flowing energy, much like when you bask in the sun to get a tan. Your body, possessing a lower energy-potential than the energy-potential of the crystals, will begin to absorb this highly charged energy. Remember! Crystals exist in a state of perfection and vibrate at the frequency of the universe. You do not! Your lower vibrational energy will yield to this higher vibrational energy, and you will quickly begin to exist at a higher frequency. When you leave this crystal circle, your body will retain this high-energy; and, as you go about your day, you will be able to use this energy, as you see fit.

Now, meditation and sitting within a crystal pattern go hand in hand. In fact, we would recommend that you only sit within a circle of crystals when you intend to meditate. You see! A pattern of quartz crystals is more than just energy flowing around in a pattern. A quartz-crystal energy pattern is, also, like looking into a mirror. The crystals will mirror back, to you, whatever you project into them. If you carelessly sit in the center of a quartz-crystal pattern and let your mind wander, aimlessly, these crystals will construct the reality you are presently projecting. In short order, your reality will change to reflect whatever it was you were thinking about. If that thinking involved a fear of yours, you could quickly manifest that fear.

However, by going into a crystal pattern with the intention of meditating and bettering yourself, you will empty your mind of all careless thoughts and be filled with only the most positive of thoughts. Why? You may ask! Because, any thoughts you may have, while meditating, will come not from you, but from your spiritual guidance. Your spiritual guidance knows exactly what you need when you need it. Your guidance will program your thoughts and your crystals for the best and highest good. When you emerge from a crystal meditation, your reality will be guided toward that best and highest good and not in any haphazard direction. Now there are ways to program purposefully a quartz-crystal meditation, to cause any specific changes you may want, in your reality; and we're going to cover that in a later chapter. For now, though, let's move on to an actual meditation using quartz crystals.

Prior meditation experience is not necessary for a quartz-enhanced meditation. The meditation process will be the same. The addition of quartz in meditation will, actually, make it easier for first-time meditators to get the hang of meditating.

As you already know, meditating with crystals is powerful. So, for the beginner, we would recommend that you start with the triangle pattern (shown below). This pattern is very gentle and will facilitate your familiarity with quartz crystals. You will need four crystals for this pattern. Three of the crystals will be for the construction of the triangle, and one crystal will act as a generator. The generator crystal sits in your hands as you meditate and will direct the flow of energy into you, from the surrounding crystals. In front of you will be, what we call, the head crystal. In back of you, on either side, will be the support crystals. What you should have is three crystals, all with the points facing toward the center, forming the shape of a triangle. You should be sitting in the center of this triangle -- while you meditate -- and be facing your chosen head crystal.

To begin, you should place your generator crystal just under your head crystal but within your crystal pattern. Next, you will need to energize the crystals surrounding you. You can accomplish this energizing by imagining a stream of white-hot light, coming down from above your head, going down your spine, and out your solar plexus. As this energy goes out of your solar plexus, it should enter your generator crystal. Then the energy should leave your generator and enter into your head crystal. When the energy enters the head crystal, see the energy separate and go in two directions. One flow of energy goes in a clockwise direction and the other goes in a counterclockwise direction. The energy should go through each crystal in your pattern and return through the head crystal. Now, let go of that visualization, knowing that this energy is continuing to circulate about you.

At this point, pick up your generator crystal and hold it between your two hands. Begin to quiet your mind by taking slow, easy breaths. Close your eyes and clear away any random thoughts. If you become inundated with thoughts, as you will while you are trying to quiet your mind, you must put each thought into a sailboat and send it off on that quiet, inner lake. Eventually, your mind will cease generating thoughts. Now you should feel an inner peace coming over you. You may also feel the energy from the crystals, as that energy circulates about you. You may perceive this energy as a form of heat or pressure against you. As this energy circulates around the crystals and you, you should begin to feel increasingly refreshed and recharged.

Allow this feeling of peacefulness and energy to continue for as long as you can. Soon, your mind will begin to fill with images or thoughts, again. Except, these thoughts will have a different feel to them from your regular thoughts. These thoughts are from your spiritual guidance. Don't be too concerned with understanding what is happening, especially if you are a beginner meditator. You should just experience the images and feelings. Afterwards, when the meditation is complete, you can go back and review what you saw, heard, or felt, to decipher any conscious meanings. It is quite normal, in this phase, to jump from topic to topic or vision to vision very rapidly. The images themselves have a continuity of their own, which may or may not possess any apparent or quantifiable meaning. Your inner consciousness, although, will be aware of the meaning of these images, sounds, and feelings, and will have you act accordingly at the appropriate time.

Now, the meditation will be ending when you feel yourself getting colder or your body temperature dropping. This change in perceived temperature is normal to quartz crystal meditations. What is happening is that the crystals surrounding you are shutting down. You have taken all the energy out of the crystals that you can, for this particular session, and your angelic guidance is through. Complete the crystal meditation by sending off any excess energy, which still exists within your circle, to do some good purpose -- like helping a friend in need. Just state the purpose for this residual energy and mentally send the energy off. Now, put away your crystals, until their next use.

You can crystal meditate as much or as little as you like. In the beginning, three times a week for ten minuets at a sitting is fine. Later on, you may wish to increase the length as well as the frequency of your meditations. Things like how-often and how-long are really a personal matter and up to the individual. However, it is better to meditate more often and for shorter periods, than less often and for longer periods.

In the very first few crystal meditations you want to try to get a feel for the energy as it enters, as it passes through, and as it surrounds your body. In addition, don't be too concerned if you feel this process is all happening in your imagination. Part of the process begins in your imagination, and, as time goes on, the energy effects become increasingly physical and less imaginative.

If you are a beginner to crystal meditation, then stay with the triangle pattern for at least two months. After that, you may increase the size and number of crystals. In fact, as you grow accustomed to the energy, it is better to increase the number of crystals used, rather than the size of the crystals. When you feel you are ready to advance, try the pattern of five crystals, in a star, or the pattern of six crystals, in the shape of two triangles. (Note: The five and six crystal patterns as well as the more advanced patterns are on a separate page, at the end of this chapter. You can learn of other patterns by looking in books that strictly cover the use of crystals.)

After six months to one year, you can move on to the more advanced patterns. That's if you've been meditating with crystals for at least once a week and on a regular basis. Otherwise, you should wait until your meditations become regular, before stepping into these high-power patterns; they can be quite potent and disorient you, when your energy level is low, as it would be, if you were not meditating with crystals regularly.

The idea is to raise your energy level slowly -- starting, first, with the small, simple patterns. When your body becomes accustomed to the energy of one pattern, you may move to a more complex pattern. Each pattern builds your energy reserve increasingly larger in fine increments. Once you reach the advanced patterns, and have been using them for a while, you can begin to increase the size of your crystals. Increasing the size of your crystals will not raise the vibrational rate of the energy, but it will raise the intensity of that energy, during those meditations.

That's it! You're ready to go. Enjoy and have fun. You are about to embark on a wondrous and exciting adventure!

In the next chapter we will discuss the care and feeding of your crystals, so that they will stay potent, healthy, and happy.


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