Getting to Know your Spirit Guide

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Spirit Guides: What are they? How do they help you? Spirit Guide Creations to uplift you.

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You Create your world! You are all here for that basic purpose. Even though you are exploring the unknown and known realities in various ways, you are still learning that basic lesson. By developing a connection with your angelic helpers, you are learning how to cooperatively create your world while making some good friends... well maybe I should say "creating some really good friends," instead.

You create friendships like you create your world. Whether or not those friendships are corporally based does not matter. But more than this, your angelic friends have a different perspective on your reality than you do. This wider perspective makes it easier, at times, for your non corporal friends to help. They can manipulate things from their end, while you manipulate things from your end. In the process, both of you learn how to create your world better.

Now, these nonphysical friendships that each of you are developing must be nurtured and tended to, just like a corporal friendship. While your angelic spirit guides may know you better than you know yourself, they are not used to operating with you on a conscious level. Much of what a spirit guide will do will be on the unconscious level of the personality or in the dream state. Believe it or not, your unconscious self is vastly different than your conscious self. In many ways, they are two separate individuals operating one vehicle: your consciousness. However, do not take that explanation to far, because you are one individual! It is just that your unconscious self -- the self you are unaware of -- operates differently than your conscious self.

You see! The unconscious self is freer to do things, for it is not restrained by the limitations of a physical environment. So, your unconscious self exhibits different personality traits and tendencies. If we were to let your conscious selves "out of the bottle", so to speak, and let each of you roam free in a nonphysical environment for a while, you would all be behaving like your fun, energetic, carefree, unconscious selves.

Now, when your angelic spirit guides begin to interact with you on a conscious level, they learn quite quickly that you are all, to coin another phrase, "party poopers!" -- at least from their perspective.

That last sentence does not mean that you should evict your conscious self and bring in the unconscious self; for that would be tragic. Your unconscious self is not aware of your physical volatileness and is liable to get you killed rather quickly. However, despite this factor of your volatileness, you can still become freer in your reality creating and your outlook. Again, we are not talking about operating on the level of anarchy. What we are saying is that you should play more often with your reality and not place such seriousness on it. That seriousness can, at times, stifle your creativity and your reality creating ...

That seriousness can, at times, stifle your creativity and your reality creating, and make it impossible for you to do what you do best, enjoy yourselves.

Play is a serious game; for true playing weaves creative threads that go unbounded. The artist that enjoys what he is doing will produce works of excellent quality and depth. The creative life-force is not stifled by worry or boredom. Your world and your outlook should reflect that same fun-like quality, and your world will possess this excellent quality and depth too.

So here is an assignment for each of you. I want each of you to play with your reality and with your new non corporal friends. In the playful process, your reality will lighten up and so will your relationship with your angelic spirit guides. This concludes tonight's lesson to you and the class.

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