The Creation Mechanism: (Part 2) The Creation Technique

Now that you know how the Creation Mechanism works, let's delve into a technique that will enable you to control the Creation Mechanism directly. Effective use of this device requires that you develop a feel for the amount of energy to pump into a mental-wave. However, developing a feel for pumping-up a mental-wave is not as simple as it may sound. Here's why!

The difficulty lies in the apparent delay between the formation of the mental-wave and actual manifestation of the object within physical reality. It's one thing to send out a mental-wave at a certain energy level, and waiting a little to see if it materializes. If nothing occurs, you adjust the intensity that you pumped into that mental-wave up or down a notch, until you get it right. What do you do, however, when you have to wait a certain amount of time before the thought physically manifests? How are you going to remember how much pumping-up you gave a particular thought that you had two days, two weeks, or even two months ago?

Believe it or not! Two days to two weeks is the average wait-time for an event to materialize into physical reality (This time shortens as you get better at reality creating). Do you remember the veto power which the system possesses? The delay and that veto power are part of the protection built into the system. You would find the creative process very difficult to learn if every thought you possessed instantly manifested. It would be like sitting in a crowded auditorium, where everyone is speaking at once, and you are trying to hear only one voice. You'd find the situation confusing, and you'd be lucky if you heard one complete sentence.

However, don't despair! Understanding how the system operates is half the battle. The other half of the battle is practice, persistence, and patience with learning to control the Creation Mechanism. Furthermore, to help you with that second half, we have the Creation Technique.

The Creation Technique will enable you to learn how to control the intensity of your thoughts.The Creation Technique will give you direct access to the Creation Mechanism's input device. The Creation Technique will take a thought and focus it, energize it, and send it directly into an energy-collecting vortex. The Creation Technique may possibly be the most important reality- creation tool you could ever possess. Now, let's learn this powerful technique. We'll use the five dollars, from the last chapter, as an example.

The technique begins with generating what is called an energy ball. Hold your hands in front of you, and pretend you are holding a balloon-like ball between them. See this ball clearly in your imagination and feel the imaginary ball as it rests between your hands.

If this was an actual balloon, it would contain a certain amount of air. It shouldn't be under inflated, nor should it be filled to the breaking-point. To fill this energy-ball, send two streams of energy out of your hands and into the imaginary ball. As the energy goes into the energy-ball, it should get larger, just as putting more air into a real balloon would make it larger. When you feel you have placed a sufficient amount of energy into that energy-ball, stop!

Continue to use your hands to contain the energy-ball while you make a mental note of the size of it. Enclosed in that ball of energy is raw mental current. Try to feel this current as it presses against the palms of your hands. Feel this current as it tries to force your hands apart, as the energy tries to escape.

Next, place the mental picture of the thing you wish to materialize, (the five dollars) into this energy ball. You can imagine a photograph of the object or the object itself sitting inside the ball. You have now endowed the energy-ball with a purpose.

Release the energy-ball, with its newly endowed directive, and give it a gentle push outward. If done correctly you should feel a slight power drain, as the energy-ball leaves. Continue to monitor the energy-ball in your imagination. Follow the ball as it enters an energy vortex. You can imagine the vortex as a swirling mass of energy surrounding a tiny hole in the center. This hole is where the ball of energy gets sucked into and disappears. After the energy-ball gets sucked into the vortex, you are done! This whole creation exercise should take no more than one minute.

The beauty part of this exercise is grasping how easily it can help you to develop a feel for creating mental-waves. For example, if the exercise fails to bring results, you must change the amount of inflation within the energy-ball. Next time, increase the inflation of the energy-ball a little more than you did previously. If several tries in the inflating direction does not work, try deflating the ball. It is possible that you have made your energy-ball too big.

It doesn't take much energy to properly endow a mental-wave. More often than not, a desire will fail to manifest because you have given it too much energy. When you really want something, you tend to over compensate the creative process, making it more difficult than it really is. Unconsciously, you feel that because this desire is important to you, the creative process should require that much more energy. However, because the energy-collecting vortex is range sensitive, too much energy is bad. Keep in mind that the amount of desire for a particular thing is often not a factor in properly inflating a mental-wave. God designed the Creation Mechanism to operate easily and in a fun-filled manner. Using the Creation Mechanism properly requires a bit of determination but not anything of an excessive nature. The Creation Technique and the Creation Mechanism operate on the premise that excessive effort spoils the fun!

Tips to help you with the Creation Technique:

  • In the beginning, you should restrict the use of the exercise to small and simple requests. Small, relatively insignificant items can materialize within a day or two -- like meetings with friends, telephone calls, getting to work on time, short check-out lines. Larger items will take longer -- like obtaining love, a new car, a raise, new employment, finding a house or apartment. In many cases, these larger items can take too long to develop a proper feel for the system. It is much easier to develop a feel for mental-waves on an item that can manifest in a day or two rather than on an item that can take two weeks or two months to manifest.
  • You should follow-up with the Creation Technique every day, once a day, until the desired item materializes. The idea is to do the technique regularly but not habitually. Remember, part of learning to get the feel for sending off these mental-waves is determining the right amount of energy to place into them. Too much energy is just as ineffective as too little energy. Doing the exercise too often (several times a day for the same item) will endow that energy ball with too much energy. The vortex receptor will reject it. Your mental-wave will never make it to the accelerator and through the rest of the creation process.
  • After the exercise is complete, forget the desire. Put it out of your mind. Thinking continually about the desire may endow the mental-wave with too much energy or generate an unconscious fear of not obtaining the object. This fear of not getting it could veto the manifestation of the object, once it becomes a highly concentrated energy-pulse.
  • Don't use the Creation Technique for more than one item at a time; but you can work on several energy-balls during the course of the day. Don't be afraid to try the routine on several things in your reality at once (doing the exercise once for each item). However, you should refrain from inflating your various energy-ball to different levels. This kind of action will make it impossible for you to develop the proper feel for a mental-wave. Make sure that you fill all of your energy-balls to the same amount! If that amount fails to work, then pick a new amount and fill all of those new balls to that new amount.
  • Keep a list of when you started, what you asked for, and what size your energy-balls were. See what materializes and what does not and how long it took. This list will aid you in developing that feel for the creation process, as well as give you concrete insight of when the process works and when it does not.
  • As you gain confidence using the Creation Technique and the Creation Mechanism, slowly expand it to larger and larger projects. Do not, instantly, jump from very small items to very large items. Make the transition gradual. That way you won't lose the feel for the process. When you finally do get to the really big stuff, you may need to do the Creation Technique twice a day, every day, until the item materializes. These big requests can take much energy and time (up to two months) to materialize. The Creation Mechanism operates on a waste- not want-not basis. In order for an item to materialize, there must be sufficient reason and desire behind it. On large items, large physical resources must be allocated to complete the materialization. Many properly pumped-up mental-waves must enter into the Creation Mechanism to keep fueling this materialization process. That's why knowing the correct intensity for a mental-wave is important on large items. Otherwise you would just be shooting blanks and wasting your time and energy trying to materialize an item that hasn't even begun manifesting.
  • Use the Creation Technique for situations as well as objects. You can use the Creation Technique for things like obtaining a job, friendship, or a romance. However, you must keep in mind that when your creating involves other people, they too have a hand in creating or not-creating the situation. Freewill will always operate, and it is very important not to force your will on another individual. Don't fall into the trap of wanting to create a certain situation with a particular person, place, or thing. Leave room for the Creation Mechanism to make some determinations for itself. For example, you may not be able to materialize that romance with your colleague, because your colleague does not wish it. However, that does not mean you can't materialize a romance with someone else, like a person from your biology class whom you haven't yet met. This other person may be looking for just such a romance. The Creation Mechanism can kill two birds with one stone in this way. That's efficient, and that's adhering to God's waste-not want-not law without stepping on another person's toes!
  • Finally, treat the Creation Mechanism and the Creation Technique as a game. Give the technique the fun it deserves. That game attitude is the way God designed the system to operate. Believe it or not, God is the biggest gamester going -- and if there is one thing God enjoys the most, it's having fun!

The next chapter will deal with another important part of God's Creation Mechanism, the "Now Point." It is from this "Now Point" that we are able to use the Creation Mechanism and its energy gathering vortexes.

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