Manifestation: Needs verses Wants

This article is from the Hermes Reality Creator Series Books and or upcoming books. © copyright 1995 - 2017 by Tom DeLiso / Hermes Trismegistus

Necessity in the Mother of all inventions

Deliberately manifesting what you want can be tricky business, even with all these gimmicks that we've given you so far. Many factors seem to enter into the creative process. So many factors, in fact, that you may be wondering how you manage to create anything at all. Well, many of these factors operate independently of each. For example, extreme fear can override the Creation Mechanism's intensity safeguards and cause that fear, or some protective factor, to materialize instantly. All factors, however, must meet the Creation Mechanism's waste- not want-not requirement, before any materialization will occur. This factor can not be gone around, and, if you want to become a master are reality creating, you are going to have to learn how satisfy the waste-not want-not requirement. Let's learn why, as well as how to master this aspect of the Creation Mechanism.

One of God's most important creative rules is the waste-not want-not law. The waste-not want-not law states that nothing can manifest unless there is a need for it! This needing factor can sometimes stop you from manifesting a desired object. For example, you want a new car and wish to materialize the income to pay for this car. However, after some time, nothing seems to be happening to assist you in materializing the extra funds. One of the problems may be that you have not demonstrated a need for a new car. The car you are presently using may be fine and is getting you around without problems. In this instance, the creative process chokes because there is no real need for that replacement car. The key which unlocks you from this creative dilemma is to manifest a need, first, for that desired object, then the desired object can materialize. Now, there are several ways you can generate a need for something you want. However, BEWARE! Many of those ways may not be an advantageous way to create such a need.

For instance, in the car example above, one unfavorable way of creating a need for that new car is to have something happen to your existing car, like getting into a car accident or, perhaps, the development of some unrepairable mechanical problem. While these solutions may be effective at creating a need for a new car, they are undesirable ways of getting what you want. An accident could place someone in grave risk; and -- as far as a mechanical failure -- wouldn't it be better to sell that old car, rather than scrapping it? Someone else may need your old car. By materializing the end of the life of the car, you may have prevented someone else from materializing what they need. This somewhat negative need-creating is careless and selfish. However, do not despair! With some creative scrutiny, you will find that there are other, more harmonious, ways of creating a need for a desired object -- ways which are positive rather than negative in nature.

Now, a real need for something is nothing more than you, mentally, recognizing a purpose for your desire. Mere desire for the item is not enough. For example, you may desire $100.00. However, unless you have some kind of need for that money, you are not going to get it. On the other hand, if you want to pay bills with that money and those bills need to get paid, there is a good chance you will materialize the desired money.

The problem begins when you wish to manifest something you, as of yet, do not possess a need for. It is here that you must play a mental game with yourself, if you are going to increase the chances of manifesting that desire. This mental game is nothing you haven't already used, in the past, to manifest other wants in your life. It's only that you've been unaware of the process -- unaware, that is, until now!

Now, here's how the game works. Mentally, you must create a need for that object. Using the example of a new car, you should imagine the things you would do with your new car that you could not or would not do with your old car. For instance, the pleasure of driving in a car that is more quiet or, perhaps, has increased handling ability. If your desire was materializing $100.00, you could imagine what you would do if you had that money. For instance, you could take your spouse out to a fine restaurant, or, perhaps, you could buy yourself a new set of clothes.

The idea is to fill up that mental check-list with enough good reasons that will off-set the Creation Mechanism's waste-not want-not factor. In this way, you will create a new need for the desired object and not create a need by materializing a lack of something already existing in your life. Now, keep in mind that it may take more than one or two reasons, on that check list, to warrant the manifestation of your desired object. So, if you really want this object, you should make sure you have a heap of reasons on that list! It may even help to construct a list, like the one below, and hang it up where you can see it everyday, as a mental reminder.

  • my need list for a car
  • Be able to take the kids to school.
  • Go out with friends on Saturday night.
  • Go away on the week end to get some rest and peace.
  • Be able to go to the store without having someone taking me.
  • Have a car in case of an emergency.
  • Be able to drive myself to work.
  • The fun of driving.
  • Parking at the beach.
  • Picking up girls.

On the other hand, if you can't come up with enough good reasons, for the manifestation of that particular object, you should not waste your time trying to manifest it. This energy could go toward manifesting something else you really desire and need. The act of mental check- listing can help to reveal the true intent and need behind your desires. Remember! If the time is ripe for the manifestation of an object, you will be able to materialize enough needs for that object -- at least mentally. Then, it only becomes a matter of time and persistence till the object physically appears.

Now, once the object manifests itself on the physical plane, it is up to you to implement and use the object. Failure to do so could result in the loss of the object. You may be puzzled by what I have just stated, thinking, "How can something unmanifest from physical reality, once it has manifested itself?" Here, you are thinking only in tangible terms. Not all things that materialize on the physical plane consist of solids, liquids, or gases. Friendship and love are two physically manifested things which are no less real than objects or things. Whether these less solid things, like friendship or love, remain in your reality is a different story. To keep these guys in your reality, you will have to maintain a need for them. If you do not maintain a need for that love in your life or that new friend, they will eventually disappear.

Maintaining this need may mean keeping that mental check-list active for a time. Eventually, the object will take hold in your life -- gain momentum -- and you will integrate it into your reality. Once this integration occurs, the object, friendship, or thing will not be as volatile as it was. Then you can dispense with the mental check-listing, because the benefits of having that particular object will be well cemented into your conscious and unconscious mind. Also, it is not necessary to do the mental check-listing on a continual basis. Once a day will be fine. In about a week or two, as long as you are supplementing that check-listing with the Creation Technique, your reality will begin to show signs of changing. However, remember, it could take several weeks or months to materialize an item, once you establish a need and a desire for that item.

Establishing a need and a desire for a particular item is the beginning steps in the creation process. Many other factors have a hand in determining how long a particular object takes to physically materialize, once the need and the want is properly set. The amount of counter momentum going against that desire is one factor. Another factor is the size of the request (and the word "size" is figurative as well, here -- a friendship can be just as big as a car). Also, the degree of urgency for the item, within your reality, will play an important role. Finally, how good are you at the reality-creation game? This last one can be the most important other factor in determining how long it can take to materialize an item. However, despite how long it may take for you to materialize your desired object, if you are on the right track and have established the proper mental environment, for the manifestation, you should see small changes in your reality, in about a week or two. These small changes are indications that things are changing and you are proceeding in the right direction. In other words, some of your mental- waves are now energy-pulses and are beginning the manifestation process.

You must look closely for these subtle changes. They are not always easy to spot. For example, let's say you wish to materialize money for an expensive stereo. Most likely, you will not wake up one day and find a thousand dollars lying on the table. What you might find, instead, is that by the end of the week, you have a few extra dollars left from your paycheck. This extra cash is a sign that your reality is changing and your request is coming closer to materialization.

Now, you may not have thought about this one, but it is possible to need something and not want it. Like needing a new roof on the house but not desiring to materialize it. Here you can apply the reverse of what we have already stated. In this instance, you should create a desire for the object, instead of creating the need. Try to think of the benefits and pleasures of possessing that item in your life -- you already know you need it! In a short time, you will find yourself desiring that item and even looking forward to materializing it.

Needs and wants are vital tools for reality creating. Now that you understand their place in the reality-creation game, you will be one step closer to becoming a master craftsman at controlling your world. Now, go out and create some needs for the things you want or some wants for the things you need, but remember! The only thing that truly stands in your way from materializing your needs and wants is yourself. Ultimately, if you are having a problem, you must look inward for the solution -- it is there where the problems and answers rest, not anywhere or with anyone else.

In the next chapter, we're going to revisit our old friend, the Creation Mechanism, and learn about an important, and sometimes, confusing aspect of reality creating. Then we're going to beef-up the Creation Technique, adding to the procedure two powerful sub-processes. The one sub-process will have those mental-waves going straight into an energy vortex, as quick as they can. The other sub-process will cut, in half, the time it take