MerKaBah of Protection

[Ancient Egyptian M(e)r = place of ascending; Ka = Spirit; Ba = Soul] | To place an impenetrable aura of protection around you so that discordant influences cannot enter your energy field. Also, very good to use as a vehicle from which to out of body travel from.

  1. Imagine or visualize a upright three-dimensional Triangle (tetrahedron) above your head or above the object you want to protect.
  2. Imagine or visualize a down-pointed three-dimensional Triangle (tetrahedron) above the one you just visualized.
  3. Imagine these two three-dimensional shapes spinning in opposite directions.
  4. Imagine these two spinning objects coming together so one interpenetrates the other.
  5. Imagine these two combined and spinning objects (the Merkabah) descending upon whatever you want to protect. If that is yourself, imagine it coming down on you self.
  6. Hold this image for a few seconds. You are done.

Press here for animation
animation by Jason


  • The more you use this protective symbol the stronger it will become and the longer it will last.
  • If you need to, it is okay to create the Merkabah again. It is strengthened by periodic use.

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