Crystal Meditation: (Part 3) The Care and Feeding of Crystals

A meditation per day helps keep unhappiness away!

Now, let's talk about the care and feeding of your quartz crystals, so they will stay healthy and happy. As you meditate with crystals, in each session, the crystals will absorb your negative energy. Eventually, the crystals will become clogged with this energy and will be unable to do their job. So, to keep your crystals clear and operating at peak performance, you will have to clear them, regularly, of this built-up negativity.

There are as many ways to clear crystals as there are days in the week. We're only going to cover the most effective methods here, and any one of these methods will function adequately for clearing your crystals. However, an even better way to clear your crystals involves using all of these methods. By rotating through these various clearing techniques, you will give your crystals a little edge and improve their performance in meditation. As you will soon see, each of these clearing methods will leave your crystals with a different feel and handling ability. Let's take these methods, one at a time.

The first, and most reliable, method of clearing your crystals is with dry sea-salt. Take your crystals and place them in a jar or glass (do not use plastic or metal). If your crystals are large you may need to place them in separate glasses. Now, pour sea-salt into the glass until the dry salt surrounds the crystals; leave them like this over night. The sea-salt will pull the negativity out of the quartz crystals. In the morning, remove your crystals and discard the salt down the drain. Do not reuse the salt or use it for any kind of consumption. The salt is toxic, due to the negativity and because of its contact with quartz. The dry sea-salt method, for clearing crystals, is very effective in balancing and leaving your crystals virtually free from all negativity. This method is, probably, the single-most, general-purpose method for clearing quartz.

The next method is similar to the method above but involves placing your crystals in a pail and filling that pail with saltwater. You should fill the crystal-filled pail with regular tap water and then dissolve as much sea-salt into the water as you can. This method will require that you leave the crystals in the saltwater solution, for a couple of days, to remove all the negativity from your crystals. (The salt concentration is not as high as it is with the dry method, so the process takes longer.) As always, you should discard the water when the process is complete. The advantage to this method is that it uses the element water to assist in the clearing of the crystals. Clearing your crystals with a saltwater solution may take additional time but will leave your crystals in better shape to handle emotional energy. The salt-solution method is very good for when your emotions are running away with you, and you need meditations containing extra emotional-calming.

Burying your crystals, in the ground, overnight, is another way you can keep your crystals clear. This method is simple and straight forward. Dig a small hole, large enough to fit your crystals, place the crystals in the hole, and refill the hole. In the morning, you should, carefully, unearth the stones and wash them off with water. Your crystals are now ready. The ground method will enable your crystals to absorb large amounts of negativity from you, more rapidly. This rapid absorption of negative energy can be an advantage when you find yourself surrounded with an excess of negatively focused people, ideas, or you are the type of person that is frequent to depression.

Another method for clearing your crystals involves the celestial bodies of the sun and the moon. On a clear day and evening -- preferably back to back -- put your crystals on some kind of table where they can bask in direct sunlight and moonlight. Leave them out all day and out all night. The moonlight part requires that the moon be almost full or completely full to work effectively. The next morning you can bring your crystals in. The celestial method will enable your crystals to deliver large doses of energy into you, for quicker power-ups. If the demand on you is great -- many people relying on you -- this method can give you the extra energy boost you need to avoid becoming drained. Also, if you are an extremely creative person -- for example a person who writes or paints -- this crystal clearing method will give you the creative-energy you need to maintain your focus throughout your day.

The final crystal clearing method involves calling forth angelic forces to clear your stones. Except, to accomplish effectively this method you will need to establish a report with your Guardian Angel, beforehand. We're going to cover establishing a connection with your angelic guidance in a separate chapter, so we won't be going into that connection process here. However, we will present you, now, with this clearing method.

To clear your crystals with angelic forces requires that you place your crystals in a small circle, with your generator crystal in the center. You will also need a small quartz crystal, about 1 inch long by 1/4 inch wide. Tie a small string, about twelve inches long, to this crystal. You will be using this crystal as a pendulum. This small pendulum-crystal should not be one of your meditation crystals.

Now, take your hands, palms facing down, and hold them over your meditation crystals. Ask that your angelic guidance to come and clear your crystals. After a couple of minutes, you can remove your hands and take the crystal pendulum. Hold the pendulum by the string and allow the pendulum-crystal to rest just above your generator. In a minute or so, the crystal will begin to rotate in a circle. This will be a sign that your angelic guidance is forcing energy into your crystals, to clear them. When your guidance completes clearing your crystals, the pendulum will either stop moving in a circle, or it will change its direction and move side to side. That change in movement is a sign from your guidance that the clearing is complete. Remember to thank your guidance. The angelic method will enhance your crystals' capabilities to connect with your higher-self and the divine forces. This method will also allow the highest of possible energies to permeate into your stones -- raising your auric vibrations to their highest possible frequency. Furthermore, the angelic method is great if you desire to raise your awareness of the divine and the things unseen in physical reality.

Please note that clearing your crystals, using the angelic method, can take up to 20 minutes (10 minutes on an average) to complete, especially if your crystals contain much negativity; however the benefits are well-worth the time and effort. Once you establish a connection with your guidance, we urge you, strongly, to try this method of clearing your crystals. Now, while this method works well, you will still have to use one of the other clearing methods to keep your crystals clear. Clearing your crystals with angelic forces is very effective, but only as effective as your connection to the divine is. So, to ensure the continued clarity of your crystals, you will have to alternate between this method and one of the other more mundane methods.

So, you see! Each method has an advantage over the other. All the methods will remove negativity, but each method leaves your crystals in a little better state to handle that particular energy. Rotating through each clearing method will make sure that your crystals maintain the best of each method and remain clear. What you can do is to set up a schedule! First, you should clear your crystals with dry sea-salt. The next time they need clearing, put them in a pail of saltwater. The next time, bury the crystals in the ground ... ect.

What we suggest, along with rotating through all the methods, is to use the angelic method every time you clear your stones. For example, after you complete clearing your crystals, with either the sea-salt, pail, ground, or celestial method, you should place your crystals in a circle and follow-up the mundane clearing with an angelic clearing. This two-phase cleansing will ensure that your stones are clear, charged, and programmed properly -- because, if the mundane method was incomplete, your nonphysical guidance can complete it for you. Not only that, by following-up the mundane clearing, with an angelic clearing, you will give your guidance the opportunity to reprogram your crystals, for your best needs, at that time. Your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs can change rapidly. Giving your guidance this increased opportunity to fine-tune your crystals will allow you to handle better your current challenges.

How often you clear your crystals will depend on how much you use them and how stressful your life is. You should clear your crystals at least once a month and when it feels like the energy effects, of your meditation, decrease. If you are a frequent meditator (every day or every other day), you will need to clear them more often, perhaps every other week. However, there is another way to keep your crystals clearer, for longer periods of time. That lengthening requires that you set your crystals up in a relatively isolated space, in your home, leaving them in their current crystal pattern. If that pattern is a double triangle, then you would set up your crystals in that pattern and leave them that way. When you are ready to meditate, you should pick up your generator crystal, step into your pattern, sit down, and begin meditating. When you complete your meditation, you should get up, step out of your pattern, and place your generator crystal in the center.

When you leave your crystals in their respective pattern, the natural interaction between the stones will slowly clear small amounts of negativity out of them. This slow-draining of negativity will lengthen the amount of time that you can go without clearing your crystals. However, even leaving your crystals in their respective pattern will require that you clear them regularly, at least once every other month, to keep them in peak condition. The one requirement, for leaving your crystal pattern in place, is that your crystal-pattern be left in a place where other people will not cross over or touch them -- to do so would disrupt the energy contained within the pattern and, possibly, offset the energy in your next meditation.

In the next and final chapter on crystal meditation, we're going to cover the more advanced kinds of crystal-enhanced meditations and the things you can do while meditating. Finally, we're going to cover some of the ways you can interpret information, obtained in your meditations, so that you can apply the information physically.


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