Starting Guide

Congratulations! You've stepped into a new universe! Here are some tips to starting out in this strange new world.

Start with the Reality Creator I material to get the basics down of creating your reality. It is important to know how your thoughts create your reality. It is the foundations upon which your world is built and can be changed. RC1 deals with the physical side of reality creating. It is a good place to start.

Next move to the Reality Creator II material. RC2 deals with how reality is put together on the nonphysical side. This includes dreams, meditations, and out of body travel, but is also much more. RC2 shows you how you build your world from the unseen and then it becomes manifest. Changing events on this level before they manifest is really expert reality creating.

Next you can choose what to study or specialize in. If you are interested in dreams, then go to dreams section. Here you will explore how dreams work and how you can use your dreams to help change your world. If you are the more adventurous you may want to try out of body travel. OBE is the ultimate tool to investigate the nonphysical reality you are creating and to see things in new and different ways. OBE is not for everyone but if you are drawn to it then go to the OBE section.

Whatever path you choose through the RC Library I always recommend you start a regular meditation program. Several times a week for 10 to 30 minutes each session. Meditation will clear your mind and make it ready to learn new things. It will also make it easier to understand a topic after you covered it. I have a section on Meditation to help you get started.

There is much more material in the Library. There is enough material to keep you growing for years. Don't rush things, just take them one topic at a time and let your intuition guide you in the right directions.

Light, Peace

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