The Tree of Life (Part 2): Advanced Traveling and Learning

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There is no greater gift than knowledge!

Let's begin this chapter by learning a bit about the Keepers of the Tree. What would a discussion of the Tree be without covering the entities that create and maintain this vast learning system?

The Tree of Life is maintained and guarded by archangels. These high-level beings oversee all the activities that go on within the Tree. As you know, archangels mainly concern themselves with the growth of the individual; and, because of this concern, meetings with these beings, within the Tree of Life, are apt to be inspiring, deeply personal, and unforgettable.

One, of the most encountered archangels, is Sandalphon. Sandalphon is the archangel who watches over the sphere Malkuth. Sandalphon likes to greet, personally, newcomers to the Tree of Life. Sandalphon can appear in many body-forms: an old wise man, a young man, a pontiff, Elijah, John the Baptist, or even a beautiful princess. Again, here, individual interpretation, as well as the form that the archangel wishes to greet you in, will take precedence. However, in whatever body-form Sandalphon wishes to greet you in, greet this archangel kindly. Sandalphon has a great influence over the Tree and can be a powerful friend and mentor to those people that the archangel takes a personal liking to. Sandalphon is one of the most human-like and the easiest of archangels to get along with because he deals most directly with the Earth-plane. Look for Sandalphon on your first few visits to the Tree of Life. Very few travelers make it on to the other spheres, without first meeting this archangel and gaining his favor.

Now, as you can tell from the map of the Tree, there is more than one way to get to many of the spheres. On some trips you will choose your route and destination and on other trips you will not. On the trips that you do not choose your route and destination, the route and destination will be preset by the guardians of the Tree. If you find yourself on such a trip, you will have no choice as to which tunnel or sphere you can enter or go to; you will just be whisked away. Sometimes, the way to a particular sphere can be as important as your experience within that sphere -- especially if you are on a preset trip. The Guardians of the Tree leave nothing to chance. For instance, traveling through Netzach, to get to Chesed, may be a message that -- to achieve the financial gains you seek -- you must learn how to be unselfish. (Chesed: sphere for financial gains / Netzach: sphere for greater unselfishness -- see chart on page 116, chapter 23.)

An integral part of a preset trip is knowing where you've been and how you got there. This determining, of your taken route and destination, at times, can be confusing, especially when there is so much going on. However, there are subtle clues you can use to figure out where you may be or passing through. Let's examine these signposts before going any farther.

The first signpost involves color. Each sphere and tunnel has a color associated with it. Taking note of the color(s) that may surround you, while on your journey, can help you in determining your route. For example, remembering that you saw the colors, dark-blue, then violet, and finally dark-blue, before arriving at your destination, tells you that you most likely visited the sphere Tiphareth. You can follow this logic easily by taking a look at the Tree's color- map, below. Keep in mind that all of your journeys begin at Malkuth.

The second signpost involves ambiance. Each sphere has a unique ambiance to it. You can identify which sphere you are in by that ambiance. For instance, after traveling several tunnels, you find yourself in an environment that feels light, electrical, and busy. By this description, you are most likely in the sphere of Chokmah. Developing a familiarity for the ambiance of the spheres will take time. You will have to get to know all the spheres and then visit each sphere regularly, before you will be able to use this method effectively. Below is list of each sphere and the ambiance surrounding that sphere.

The "Tree of Life" Ambiance Chart

Kether triumphant, rewarding, integrated
Chokmah light, electrical, busy.
Binah  heavy, powerful, silent.
Chesed  focused, physically secure, confident
Geburah  protected, strong, ability.
Tiphareth  scholarly, busy, dedicated.
Netzach  loving, sexual, fairy-like, pretty or handsome
Hod  clear, penetrating, open, staying on your toes.
Yesod  mystical, quick-changing, fluid, dream-like.
Malkuth  earth-like, physical, grounded.

A third signpost, which will identify what sphere you are in, is the guise of the archangel. Each archangel possesses a different appearance; and, many times, you will meet these beings on your trip. Archangels -- like colors -- are unique, and identifying an archangel is a solid indication of where you are. For example, meeting a powerful man dressed in leather armor is a good sign that you have met the archangel Michael. Michael is the archangel who watches over the sphere of Hod. Below is a list of the spheres, the archangel associated with that sphere, and the archangel's most likely appearance.

The "Tree of Life" Archangel Chart

Kether Metatron a young boy about 13 with a non-human likeness.
Chokmah Ratziel no data
Binah Tzaphkiel a large hand, helmet, or face, you rarely will see his entire image
Chesed Tzadkiel no data
Geburah Khamael a knight in armor
Tiphareth Raphael and angel with wings
Netzach Haniel a beautiful woman or handsome man
Hod Michael a muscular man wearing leather, bronze looking
Yesod Gabriel a tall think man, silver like, intelligent
Malkuth Sandalphon an old wise man, young man in his 20's, a pontiff, a princess, or a crystal princess

Okay! Now that you possess a good knowledge-base of the Tree of Life, let's embark on a hypothetical trip, to help exemplify all the elements we've covered in these two chapters. Let's assume, for this hypothetical trip, that this trip is preset by a guardian, so you have no idea where you are going.

Your Tree of Life adventure begins with a fine violet mist surrounding your consciousness. Then, as this mist clears, you find yourself in an olive-green field. An old, kindly man stands near by with a cane. He smiles at you. A moment or two later, you feel yourself being swept off your feet. You seem to enter into a bright red tunnel. When the red tunnel clears, you find yourself in a large orange room. The room has five openings in it: north, northeast, east, southeast, and south. You are only here for a moment and you are swept through the north opening. You now enter a dark-blue colored tunnel. This is a short tunnel and you seem to feel yourself slowing down. As you slow down, the dark-blue tunnel seems to dissolve, and you find yourself in an open field. The field is full of every kind-of imaginable red flower that there is. A knight on a horse comes up to you. He gets off his horse and stands in front of you. He seems strong, powerful, and confident. His armor gives off a bright-white glow. The knight is silent but points behind you. You turn around and see a large brick wall. When you turn back, the knight is no longer standing. He is on his horse. The knight draws his sword and points it at you. You are hit with some kind of energy beam. Power begins to swell-up inside you. You feel confident and strong. You turn and run -- forgetting that there is a wall behind you. You smash into the wall; however, the wall shatters into pieces as you crash into it. As the pieces of the wall fall down around you, you realize that wall is not really a wall but is, instead, some part of your life. When the last brick falls to the ground you abruptly awake and find yourself back within your physical image. The adventure is over.

This example may seem a bit complex; however, Tree of Life adventures are usually intense and far more complex than regular dreams, out-of-body travels, or visions. This complexity has much to do with the level of learning that goes on within the Tree. Now, we're going to pull this hypothetical adventure apart -- bit by bit -- much as you would if this was a real adventure.

Let's start with the beginning of the adventure, the olive-green field and the old man. The olive-green field is a clear indication that you are in Malkuth (where all of your adventures should begin). Dark green fields are very common in Malkuth. The old man was the archangel Sandalphon. His smile was a kind-of blessing on your trip. Next you entered a red tunnel. The red colored tunnel clearly shows that you are going up the left side of the Tree toward Hod. When you left the red tunnel, you found yourself in an orange room with various doors. This orange room will landmark you in the sphere of Hod. You may notice that there are only five openings from this room, at specific points in the room. These openings, naturally, lead to other spheres. The odd thing, however, is that there is no door leading to the sphere of Hod itself. This detail indicates that Hod is merely a resting place and not your final objective. Had Hod been your final destination, an extra door leading into Hod would have been present or no tunnels at all would have been visible and you would have merely found yourself within the native Hod environment. Next, you go through the north door and enter a dark-blue tunnel. After a short trip, the tunnel dissolves and you find yourself in a field filled with red flowers. Red is the color of the sphere Geburah. Geburah is, also, the sphere that connects from Hod through a dark-blue tunnel. Your end destination is obviously Geburah.

Now the meat & potato part of your trip begins. You are greeted by a knight. This knight is most likely an archangel: Khamael, in fact. If you look at the archangel chart (page 122) you will note that Khamael likes to appear as a knight. This fact further indicates that you are in the sphere of Geburah because Khamael is the archangel who watches this sphere.

Khamael points behind you. When you turn around, you see a wall. Then Khamael points his sword at you and sends some kind of energy into you. This energy is a gift from Khamael to you -- though you may not realize it at this point. You then take this energy and yourself and run through the wall behind you, shattering the wall as you pass through it.

The message here is that, with the archangel's help, you possess the strength necessary to break down some obstacle in your life. Khamael has given you the resource and his help. The wall represents some blockage in your life. Most likely, if this was a real adventure, something else in the drama would reveal what that wall represents, or you would know about the wall's meaning because events in your physical life would indicate it.

Now, this example is just one of an infinite number of things that can happen in the Tree of Life. However, it does show you how you can follow, breakdown, and use adventures within the Tree. The Tree and the beings within the Tree are all there to help you to learn and grow and to take that knowledge and apply it to your daily reality creating. With a little deductive reasoning you can figure out most of your adventures and gain much insight and knowledge into yourself, your universe, and your reality.

Now, when you actually do begin to explore the Tree of Life, it is a good idea to start at the bottom of the Tree and travel upward. You should visit as many of the spheres as you can before using the Tree to solve specific challenges. This orientation will acclimate you and introduce you to the various energies within the Tree. Also, when you program yourself for deliberate Tree travel, you should not program yourself to go to more than one sphere, in any one sitting. In addition, it may take you several attempts to reach the sphere you are seeking. So, don't get discouraged. Perseverance is the key when dealing with the Tree of Life.

It's important to keep in mind that the Tree of Life is nonphysical in nature. This fact is useful, when examining remembered events from the Tree, because you must interpret what you see and do from a nonphysical perspective. Operating from a nonphysical perspective means that things like time and space, beginnings and endings, and physical properties do not apply. Time in the Tree of Life is simultaneous. You can meet with other people or other selves from various eras of humanity, just as you can on other nonphysical planes.

The Tree of Life is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable nonphysical tools that exist. It is a whole level devoted to one purpose: helping people to evolve and grow. The amount of knowledge, wisdom, and change that can come, after just one visit to this learning system, is remarkable. Naturally, the most difficult part of using the Tree is motivating yourself to go there. Nothing will happen if you don't take charge of your life and be the initiator of events. The Tree of Life works on this principle too. You must seek the Tree to use the Tree. After that, you just have to sit back and enjoy!

In the next and last chapter of Reality Creator II, we're going to introduce you to a new idea in spiritual hierarchy: the Entity. The Entity is a powerful form of self that can be an invaluable aid in your reality creation and your evolution. 

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