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RC Radio: About the WD Tree of Life Christmas Event!


"Tree of Life Christmas Meditaions" starting December 8 and Ending on December 21, with a bonus New Year's Eve Meditation on Dec 31.

Christmas Event: 15 to 30 minute meditation a day, preferably at one of the following times. See Current Events Page for Meditation time and countdown timers! NA time is the most common.

This is a self-guided event! We will have a new Picture of the Day for each day that goes along with the Tree of Life place we are aiming for, and a 15 to 30 min meditation for that day leading up to and finishing on December 21 (the solstice). The idea is to build our energy and connection to spirit over those days and tune into that energy of brotherly love that is very potent this time of year. Feel free to join in from your desk, workplace, or home to tune into the group energy and perhaps have yourself a Christmas journey with spirit. If you want a quick lesson in travel meditation see my Getting Started Playlist on YouTube.

We will travel the Tree of Life Lightening Path in reverse from Malkuth to Kether then finish up on December 20 back at Malkuth. Then on December 21, we will take all the energy we gathered and go through the Orion Gate in Kether Citadel to have a personal adventure in a far-off place. Each Sephira we visit will have its own unique spiritual gift that will come from one of the Tree of Life nonphysical Masters.

So join us for a wonderful adventure through time and space to unbelievable places and receive unique spiritual gifts that will only be available on that day.

Note: New RCRadio shows to be posted on the day of the event. Refresh browser if needed to see it.

Locations and Adventures
  1. December 8: HAS Pub! The kickoff starts at HAS Pub. Join us in the Pub for a round of drinks and tall stories, to get you primed for your trip up the Tree of Life. Anything can happen in this fun environment. Anyone can appear here as well. We have seen various people from history show up. [HAS] [Meditation Music] [RCRadio: Live from HAS Pub]
  2. December 9: Castle Sandalphon Fireplace @Malkuth: The first stop on our Tree of Life adventure takes us to a cozy fireplace at Castle Sandalphon. Located in Malkuth this place shows us the value of being human, of taking the time to reflect on our accomplishments. Sit by the fire and reflect on what you have accomplished. Then get a Christmas gift from Sandalphon and perhaps some sage advice as well. [Castle Sandalphon] [Sandalphon] [Meditation Music] [RCRadio: Live from Castle Sandalphon!]
  3. December 10: Mushroom Forest Hut @Yesod: Christmas is all about the fantastic! Just think about it, a guy in a red suit in a sleigh that flies because of magical reindeer! Have you ever thought of that image before! This place is a reminder that the fantastic is all around you. What can seem quite ordinary can in fact be fantastic. Learn about the fantastic and magical in the world and in your own life. [Mushroom Forest] [Meditation Music] [RCRadio: Mushroom Forest!]
  4. December 11: Tracy Island Pavilion of Protection @Hod: Archangel Michael Loves Christmas! He even dresses up for the occasion. Can you guess what character he plays in this picture? Today we visit Archangel Michael and gain his blessing, his protection, and his love. Everyone needs a sense of security and that everything is going to turn out okay. Nothing like having your own super hero at your side 24/7. Come here and get yours! [Tracy Island] [Meditation Music] [RCRadio: Live from Archangel Pavilion!]
  5. December 12: Cruise Ship Haniel Blue Orb Spa @Netzach: Time to love yourself. Yep, you been worrying about everyone else for Christmas, now it is time for you. Self love is very important part of you. Most people have a problem with self love and well some people perhaps love themselves too much.:) Here at the Blue Orb Spa you can get a dose of self-love that is in balance with spirit and Christmas. [Cruise Ship Haniel] [Meditation Music] [RCRadio: Live from the Island of Misfit Toys!]
  6. December 13: Tiphareth Slope @Tiphareth: Time to enjoy the music in your life and take a ride on the only slope that will ever get you anywhere: knowledge, wisdom, spirit. Christmas is full of spirit! The main purpose of Christmas is to refuel our often empty selves with more. We go here to touch spirit again and listen to its song and breathe in its fresh air. [Tiphareth Healing/Learning Center] [Meditation Music]
  7. December 14: Power Pyramid Spirit-Food Vendor @Geburah: Christmas and Food! Yep you can’t have one without the other. Food makes us feel good and powers up our bodies for the day. Food is a good thing, despite even the one too many Christmas Cookies that gives your waist a bit more volume around it than you wanted. Here we will stock up on food that I guarantee will not put any additional weight on your body and give you energy to spare for your Christmas plans! [Power Pyramid] [Meditation Music] [RCRadio: Live from the Geburah Food Court!]
  8. December 15: Chesed Beach @Chesed: It is always night at Chesed Beach. Jupiter does not shine a very bright light, but Jupiter is a gas giant filled with the raw matter that the Universe is created with. It is abundant and it showers this abundant energy onto Chesed Beach for you to bask and take in. Christmas is about getting your wishes fulfilled and there is no better place to acquire the energy of wish fulfillment than here. [Beach House] [Meditation Music]
  9. December 16: FirePit @Daath: The FirePit in Priestess Heights is the place to go to renew yourself in the fiery but cool refreshing “Pool of Renewal.” The pure energy of spirit is melted here and put into liquid form in a pool. Take a dip and immerse yourself in pure spirit. Christmas is a time of renewal for your spirit. The year is ending and a new one is about to begin. Get a new self for the new year to come. Take a dip into the water and be reborn anew! [Priestess Heights] [Meditation Music]
  10. December 17: Valhalla Tower @Binah: Experience the spirit of frivolity, joy and hope. Valhalla Tower is a place where you can socialize with the guardians of spirit. The "Knights of One" frequent here between their duties. Stop by and have a drink and a toast with them to the Christmas Spirit. It is especially strong here during Christmas time, as the Knights channel much of their spiritual magic to the earth to help raise humanity’s vibrations. Binah may not seem like a Christmas setting from its somber description, but it is the “Sephira of Hope”, as I like to call it, and we can always use lots of that. [Priestess Heights] [Meditation Music] [RCRadio: Live from the Vahalla Crown!]
  11. December 18: Ratziel's Christmas Party @Chokmah: Christmas Party at Ratziel Palace. Yep you are all invited to the shin-dig of the year at Ratziel’s Palace in Chokmah. It will be an electrifying event, I am sure. Ratziel himself will be there handing out presents and perhaps even dressed as Santa Claus! Shhh! Don’t tell him I let the surprise slip! [Chokmah Towers] [Meditation Music] [RCRadio: Live from Chokmah the Sleigh Ride!]
  12. December 19: Sleigh Ride @Kether Citadel: Time for a magical sleigh ride with Metatron as your driver. Santa is lending him his sleigh just for you. Make your way to the front of Kether Citadel and jump in for a Christmas tour of Kether and some of the wonderful places that would be perfect for you to visit. Don’t forget to grab your present from the sleigh before you leave. [Kether Citadel] [Meditation Music]
  13. December 20: North Pole @Malkuth: We started at the bottom of the Tree of Life and then got to the top. Now we go back to Malkuth to the “North Pole” to help Santa load up his sleigh and pass on some of that high-quality spirit energy to share with the world. Don’t worry! Santa is doing the hard part, he has to visit everyone on the planet in one evening. Lucky for him his sleigh has built in time-travel to help. [Christmas Village] [Meditation Music]
  14. December 21: Eye of Orion Christmas Adeventure : Yes, you have worked hard. We went from the bottom of the Tree of Life to the top then gave some of our energy away as presents, and it is all for a reason: to get your energy field just where it needs to be to travel to another Star System. Some call it the birthplace of Humanity as much of our DNA comes from there. Now you get to visit this system of mega-high spiritual energy contained here. It is a much older and more evolved planetary network. The Orion star system. We use the Orion Transfer Gate located at Kether Citadel to get there. It is near the Hall of Ascension. Merry Christmas to all of you that have gone with us on our Tree of Life journey of the Ages! [Kether Citadel] [Meditation Music]
  15. December 31: New Year's Meditation @ Resturant at the End of the Universe : REU is a place that sits on the edge of what can loosely be considered normal time and space. It is located in Malkuth. Come Join us for the last of our Holiday Meditations. Join us in meditation wherever you are. Check the event page for Schedule! [REU] [Meditation Music]