Castle Sandalphon

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RC Radio: Welcome to Castle Sandalphon.



Tarot Card

Castle Sandalphon is a wonderful alchemical place. It is full of mystery and depth and contains all sorts of special energies that you would expect to find from a magical mythic castle in the hills. It is unique as the castle captures Sandalphon’s wonderful energy and radiates it back to visitors. It is his gift to the seeker of spiritual knowledge and wisdom. Castle Sandalphon is typically one of the first places a new person to the Tree of Life learning system winds up going to. To have access to the rest of the Tree of Life, you need to meet with Sandalphon and get his blessing.

Sandalphon is the personality that presides over Malkuth. He himself was once human and has ascended to its highest form. As such he knows how to be human very well. He can be your greatest guide on your human journey. He is very down to earth in his communication, has infinite love and respect for everyone. Sandalphon is always gentle even when he is helping you to accept some truth that is hard for you to swallow.

Your spiritual journey is about change and rebirth. To achieve this transformation from human to divine, there are many beliefs about yourself and the universe that must be transformed and changed. It is the limiting beliefs that keep you from walking into your Ascended body today. Sandalphon can help you with that journey as he himself has walked this path. It is said Sandalphon was Enoch, Elijah, John the Baptist, and perhaps even Merlin. On his desk within Castle Sandalphon, he has nameplates of all the people he has been in human history. To say that he is the ultimate source of being human, would be an understatement.

Sandalphon is typically a male figure, but often appears as a princess for children. He also has some other forms and what form you find him in, often tells you something about your adventure there at that moment. In the castle he usually dons his king or pope form, but be on the look out for his shorts and sandals form wearing bearskin or even Bermuda shorts. He also has a more conventional form of wearing a suit and tie, which he may appear in if he is helping you with business or mundane matters.

Sandalphon Castle is located just north of the Center of Malkuth. In the distance you can see the mountains where the Crystal Cave/Palace is located. Sandalphon Castle, like HAS, is easy to get to, as they both exist near the earth plane. (You can also meet Sandalphon at HAS and get your blessing to go to the rest of the Tree of Life there, as well).

Visit Castle Sandalphon when you need help with human matters or just want some sage advice from the wisest human that every lived.

Gifts and other info and things to do

  • Gift: Sword, used to break up dark energy or entities that attack or become attached to your energy field.
  • Sandalphon is an expressionist. Many times he does not need to speak. The expression on his face can convey great information to you.
  • Visit the shrine in the basement and help the lost souls or people who need help that are there.
  • Gift: Sword of Lost Souls, given to you for helping lost souls at Castle Sandalphon. It lights the way to spirit, dispels darkness and evil.
  • Eye of the Needle