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Hermes' Blog: January 1, 2018

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RC Radio: Possibility of Everything, additional comments

About image of the Day Everything is always possible! If I learn nothing else in my spiritual journey that would be the one important thing to come away with. The Universe is infinite and the human soul has so much potential. When I look into the future of humanity in general, I see great things.

I think the problem occurs when people forget that the Universe is there to help you create. It wants you to put your unique “things” into it. It grows from this cooperative effort. You are a great creator and anything is possible at any time.

This picture of the day was created for New Year’s day, but it is very applicable any day of the year. I think when the New Year rolls around people allow themselves to be more open to what is possible, and, for those that hold on to that credo, they can manifest a truly astonishing year of one joyful creation after another.

How about we let that be you!

Light, Peace

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