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The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (REU) is a place that sits on the edge of what can loosely be considered normal time and space. It exists at the point where the physical universes stops and the nonphysical universe begins. It is located in Malkuth just above the Tarot Card Location the Crystal Palace. Malkuth exists in the Etheric Plane and once you transition to Yesod, Hod, or Netzach you have left the Etheric Plane and have moved into the Astral Plane.

Time and space, as you know it does not exist in the Astral Plane. Here though, at REU, it still holds very loosely to energy moving slower than the speed of light. So besides REU marking the end of the etheric level of reality and the beginning of the astral level of reality, it also is a good place to see just how a reality would behave that is not confined to the restraints of time space.

Time is very pliable here and even solvent. It can flow like the water in a river flows. One moment you can be fixed in the present moment and then the next find yourself backwards or even forwards in time, to some part of your past or future. Encounters here can border on insanity because reality does not have to conform to any kind of structure.

The nonphysical science lesson aside, REU is a fun wonderful place where you can explore the idea that your reality is mutable and changeable by your will and focus. REU takes the form of a restaurant that circles the galaxy at the far extremes of its gravitational effects and sits near a wormhole that leads outside the physical universe and into nonphysical realties.

REU is a place much like its namesake in Douglas Adams book “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.” You can expect the bizarre and the familiar in very unfamiliar ways. Besides sitting down and ordering a drink or snack on the restaurant observation deck, you can go to the movie theater on the space station and see your life as if it was a movie. Or visit with Marvin the wacky spirit guide that will surely make your head spin with his tales of dread and fantasy.

Marvin is a spirit guide molded after the character in Douglas Adams book. He is an extreme manic depressive personality. He is a being of vast knowledge, resource and power but is unable to use any of these gifts due to being trapped by his self imposed psychological condition. He waits tables at the restaurant when he is only moments away from greater experiences. He refuses to grow or move forward seeing only the doom and gloom of it all. Marvin is an **anti-spirit guide, a reminder that life should be taken lightly or you can become depressed and trapped like he is.

You may also meet Zaphod Beeblebrox, a two-headed (or split personality) anti-spirit guide as well. He is another character of extremes. He is the embodiment of what happens when you are unable to move, change, or make decisions because you are never truly in agreement with yourself.

There is much to explore here and learn. I have only touched the surface of this fun wacky place. Go here when you need a dose of the bizarre and weird to jettison you out of your self imposed reality of restraints and limitations.

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  • **An anti-spirit guide is a being that demonstrates truths about the universe but does so by presenting an example of it taken to its extreme disfunctional (but funny) form.
  • BBC version of REU on YouTube.
  • Marvin Exerpts from the movie Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.

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