Out of body Experiences within the Aethyrs. Where is Limbo?. Is Pain and Suffering necessary?

September 22, 2008 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes:
I have been having obe's for around 20 years. Only after reading your site, I realized clearly that I have no idea how far did I go up the Tree of Life or the Aethyrs. This is in short what I achieved so far:

  1. I was several times in certain tunnels where I could not proceed further toward other spheres without trying very hard. Only after those big efforts, I preceded to other spheres, most often by 'jumping out of the window', which is usually standing at the end of those tunnels. Could it be that by doing that I was going through leaving my astral body behind?
  2. I saw a dark sphere where I entered a castle where I found a great angel in chains. He seemed to me that he was there in prison, but he was still smiling. I never saw such a nice and beautiful smile in my life. His skin was in gold. Who might this angel be and why is he in prison?
  3. I saw once a city with pyramids. My experience was not a very nice one, since I met some people telling me that only those who have a lot of money can enter inside. Strange. It was also strange that one very nice dressed lady walked with four legs in front of me. They told me this is the Yellow world or something like that.
  4. Often I have a visions of my passed lives - usually one from the 12th century.
  5. Angels showed me once a planet full of brilliant crystals, shining like the sun. I think that it should have been the point where I reached the highest level. Still don't know what it could be.
  6. I was in a playground where I saw 12 different shapes of one and the same person - my elder son. Which sphere could it be?

I have other questions. My Spiritual guides told me several times clearly that I was visiting LIMBO. Where is Limbo in the Aethyrs? I noticed that you are not writing much about the lower worlds. I was once said that the Hell consists of 11 continents. Could you please tell me, how far did I go up (astral/mental dimensions) or down, and what more do I need to achieve in order to reach Daath or Kether or one of those highest Tree of Life spheres or Aethyrs? I am having OBE's at least once a week and I am still totally confused.

Hi T.

  1. Sometimes your fears may hold you back from doing something in an OBE. By jumping through a window or door you can override these fears, or perhaps more important is show the universe this is what you want. There is almost always some kind of conflict going on within you when you cannot move nonphysically. There a change in the astral body that has to occur to move to certain areas of the nonphysical, so jumping through the window could have been your way of doing that so you could move forward. 18.php
  2. That angel is you. He is held prisoner by his own will so that your physical self can exist. If he was to let himself go free and lose focus on the lower self, your physical existence would come to an end. It is symbolic in that there is a part of us that knows the value of physical reality and has prevented itself from moving upward until these lessons are learned.
  3. The City of Pyramids is not an easy level. Yes the inhabitants will reject you at first because they want you to conform to what they have become, so that it will tie your spirit to that level and prevent you from moving forward. Your goal is to become the master of that level and rise above what they are. Then they have no hold on you and you can come and go as you please from that level. That woman you talked to may be the lord of the city, who may be helping you move beyond. Just a guess, as that is part of that experience as well.
  4. That 12 century life is probably important in some way to your current life, so you are able to tune into it. You probably learned some important lesson then that you can use now.
  5. Crystals can be seen in several parts of the Aethyrs. Malkuth in the north and later on in several others, but usually they are not the main theme of the experience. It is possible it was just a planet of crystals somewhere that your guides took you.
  6. The experience of the 12 shapes of your son also sounds like some kind of communication from your guides to you on some matter in your life. It does not sound like a specific Aethyr. Often when you see more of the same thing in a dream, two of this three of that, it is a time reference, two weeks, two days, two months, two years.

Limbo is not a place but more a state of being. You get stuck and stop moving forward or backward in spiritual growth. To move in the universe there must be growth of the self. When the self stops growing it stops creating new things and experiences and it becomes unfocused. Unfocused consciousness is like a reed in a storm, it can be blown anywhere by the nonphysical currents. Usually these individuals wind up in self created hells and spirit guides have to go into the creation and try to wake them from it.

There is a reality creator radio show on the website on heaven and hell and that should answer that one. Eventually those shows will be removed and put on a CD in the bookstore.

Your goal is to cross over the Abyss. It is symbolic of your consciousness shedding the ego and standing firmly within the spiritual self. Your higher spiritual self needs to direct your life, not the ego, which is usually centered on the self and the world. See August 2008 Letter of the Month for more on the three selves. Keep up the good work. You are doing Great!

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Dear Hermes,
There is something i don't quite understand. I seem to be able to manifest mundane things really FAST. However i am still having countless setbacks in my life, especially my career, despite the positive mindset I conjure. It just doesn't make sense. And i read on another website that people with Indigo aura have to endure setbacks to grow. Does that mean indigos have to go through setbacks as part of the lesson in order to learn and teach later? Now where is the free will to make life good? I feel like this whole indigo phenomenon is like a fantasy.

Hi M!
You create your world. Do not let anything you read or hear tell you differently. If you believe anything else you rob yourself of the power to change your life. Free will is the creator's greatest gift and it is yours to use to create whatever kind of life you want.

Now consciousness is like a large instruction manual for a new computer. The more you delve into it the better you understand it. As a novice you may be able to get by with the computer with a basic level of understanding but the deeper mysteries remain hidden until you get into the deeper parts of the manual. You must strive to delve deeper into your inner works to figure out why you are holding on to your poverty or duress. It may be that you think you need to cultivate perseverance and inner depth and that you believe that suffering is the best way to come to that understanding. If you believe this it will be so. However many lessons in life can be learned in other ways, with no suffering at all. You have to remove the part of you that clings to suffering as a tool for growth and replace that with something more pleasant and positive.

These beliefs go deep within the individual. Do not be discourage. You are not only battling your own bad inner programming, but also battling the bad programming by others, the media, and the general belief that suffering is good for the soul. Suffering is only good for suffering. That is the plain truth. You have to fight these beliefs and dismiss them even though others are up to their necks in these bad beliefs.

It may take time and patience to change these beliefs. I use mantras when I want to change deep seeded beliefs. I will say to myself over and over again, when my mind is not doing anything, things like:

  • I am wealthy.
  • I am secure.
  • I am healthy.
  • I am loved.

The fact that you are able to affect the small thing shows you that the system works. It is just that you have to work harder on the big things to understand why you are preventing yourself from manifesting them. Is there a conflict? For example, you want to create wealth but you are not willing to go out and look for a job. It is a basic example, but you can see that the two things send mixed signals to your reality creating mechanism. You say you want wealth but your actions say something else. Keep at it. You just have to know yourself better and why you are doing things.

Light, Peace

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