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ASP [pronounced as “as-pay”], the Time Gate, is where you and all your reincarnated selves meet. It is a place where you can come and go from one lifetime to the next easily. The reality here is very personal. It is you and your other selves spread across time and space.

The quest here is to understand the lives that makeup who you are today. You have past lives and future lives. The reality shown here through the Time Gate is that all your lives are lived simultaneously. When you pass through the Time Gate and you enter into a past or future life, that life is happening at that moment. You're tuning in to a moment in that life that is resonating with the current moment in your present life. You can do this with many of your past and future selves to understand the symphony of how your current life is created.

The big lesson at the Time Gate is that the past or future is not static. It can change. You can enter the Time Gate and go back to a past life and change what is happening there. And as you make changes, you will find that your present will change as well. The same can be said about your future lives.

The truth of reincarnation is that these past and future lives are like blueprints to who you are, and these blueprints can be changed. The Creator has given you freewill and with that freewill comes the ability to change your life. Why should your freewill stop at the present self. It does not. As you are learning in the Aethyr training system time and space is just a matter of perspective.

You are trying to accomplish several things in ASP. Identifying yourself with your larger spiritual self and gaining the ability to change your past or future.

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  • As always Aethyr training is much more reactive than the training in the Tree of Life. Therefore keep in mind that changes made in this place could have a swift impact in your physical life.

About this Picture: The Time Gate stands open and ready to receive you. Step through into your past or future.

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