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The ability of the adapt to cross the Abyss is a product of:

  • the adept's mass virtue
  • the adept's karma and its overall polarity
  • the attractive forces in Binah

A significant milestones in the life of a adapt is the crossing of the Great Outer Abyss. The Abyss is the 10th Aethyr and is called ZAX. Much has been said about the Abyss, some wise and some foolish. It is not a crossing to be taken lightly, especially if you have not been working to purify and prepare yourself along the way. The information and suggestions given here should aid in this initiation; however, you must supply the courage and determination from within yoursel to perform the actual crossing.

Because of the importance of this operation, it is suggested that you only attempt the journey when you are feeling your best. However when the time is right, you may just "find" yourself in ZAX during a lucid dream or in an out of body adventure, or even in a meditation. A good protective name of power to keep in mind is the Enochian word NIAKOD (pronounced NEE-KAY-OH-DEH --mp3 sound file). Call on this name of power when you are ready to make the attempt or if you just find yourself in ZAX.

As you enter ZAX, the tidal forces of Binah will naturally pull you across the Abyss toward the spiritual plane while the Archdemon KHORONZON (pronounced KA-RO-NA-ZON -- ra sound file) tries to thwart your progress. It's a tug of war of sorts, with you in the middle. The Archdemon KHORONZON is a full-scale version of the demon you met in the 28th Aethyr BAG. When confronting KHORONZON and his drama you should maintain silence. If you speak out using logic and compassion, you will be doomed. KHORONZON is terrified by silence, due to the chaotic nature of ZAX. It is by silence and quiet determination that you can control the drama and gain passage through the Abyss. In other words, when you enter ZAX hold fast to your purpose (the crossing of the Abyss) without losing concentration and let nothing detract you from your goal. Ultimately if you fail to cross the Abyss it is because you yourself turn away and return to the human side. Do not look at it as a defeat, because in this turning away you will have learned some valuable information about yourself.

You see! If you get hung up in the Abyss it will be because of some fear or imperfection or because you did not effectively leave your human self behind. Upon entering ZAX, carrying such imperfection or piece of the human self, you may see a whirling of forms just prior to some shape or drama unfolding. What that drama or form becomes will be a product of your own karma and whatever human condition that you mistakenly try to take with you. No two people are likely to see this drama in exactly the same way because of the intimate nature of ZAX. This drama will indicate to you what aspect of your human self you have not effectively removed or purified. For this reason ZAX is also advantageous to transverse even after you successfully complete the crossing; transversing ZAX will always uncover any aspect of yourself that needs work. We are not static creatures and are forever evolving, so keeping ourselves pure and holy is an on-going process. While the Archdemon's methods may be a bit extreme, they are effective in exposing any NEW areas (as well as old) that may develop in your continuing evolutionary process.

The key to successfully crossing the Abyss lies in eradicating any human failing prior to entering ZAX. The lower Aethyrs are designed to prepare you for this trip and to expose any imperfection you may have prior to your attempt to cross over. To cross the Abyss, you must be able to identify yourself totally with your spiritual personality rather than your human personality. If something does remain then KHORONZON will expose it for you. Now your next step is to go back over that lesson or failing exposed (perhaps even visiting the Aethyr that contains that lesson) and remove it from your being.

You see! No human being can cross the Abyss. However you are more than human at this point. You left the physical body behind to enter TEX and left your astral body behind to enter TOR. Now you must cast off the mental body and raise your consciousness to the spiritual body. ZAX is a ring-pass-not for your mental body. With consciousness firmly centered in your spiritual body, you can cross ZAX without incident and enter the higher Aethyrs easily and safely.

* additional source material: "Enochian Magick" by Gerald J. Schueler, "The Golden Dawn" by Israel Regardie