Aethyr VTA, Dark Mansion

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VTA [pronounced vee-tah] is a dark and vile place. It is filled with corruption and greed and self importance. It is not hell but can be a hell like place for those that are trapped by its glamour. Power and greed seep from the walls like black tar slowly flowing downward. This is the home of Satan.

Most of the people you meet here will be trapped or permanent residents of the mansion. If you follow the path of light and want to be one with spirit, this is not the place to achieve it. VTA Mansion is the place you go when you trade your humanity and your spirit for the fleeting glimpse of something that does not exist nor ever existed: earthly dominance.

Earthly dominance is an illusion and a very good one at that. It holds nothing real. It is the self corrupted by the absence of light. Oh you will find many temptations here, but these things are all false and a delusion of twisted energy that flows away from spirit and into darkness.

The people you meet here are all trapped by their own self. Each one freely stays here and refuses to leave. They want to be here because they cling to the pleasure of dominance over others at the expense of their soul. To them their soul is something left on the mansion porch before they enter, not needed, and not wanted. However it is their divine soul that is the only thing that can save them from this place and the darkness it holds.

When you enter VTA Mansion, only take with you the light of spirit, the love of all that is good, and perhaps a very big sword. But you will not need the sword if you carry enough light within you. Your weapon of choice, if you are attacked by the people in this place, is joy, laughter, love, and song. These are things the inhabitants have forgot and left behind, so they can live in this false and terrible world.

To the people living in VTA Mansion this is a paradise. But if you look closely into their eyes, you will see small pyramids of dust where their eyes once where. You cant live here and see what is around you. If you did see what is around you, you would run out of this place. So the inhabitants here remove their eyes, so they cannot see what is right in front of them. It enables them to do terrible things to others, and, at the same time, deny that they did anything wrong or unjust. They cant “see” so they don’t know. The people in here are the real dead of the world.

To pass the initiation presented to you in VTA Mansion, you must confront those people in your life that are trapped here and realize that you must leave them behind, for they cannot go where you are walking. You must also confront Satan, the master of the mansion, in his earthly form. And lastly, you have to leave this place.

About this Picture: A mansion sits ominously in a place where time does not exist. A black sun is overhead casting negative light. A pyramid of dust sits in the back of the mansion. This mansion is a place where few who decide to stay ever leave. They cast out their eyes and grind them to dust, adding it to the dust-pyramid in the back of the mansion.

Notes, Gifts, useful information

  • The sexual current is quite powerful at VTA Mansion. Do not underestimate its ability to keep you trapped here.
  • If part of you is left here, you will be unable to complete the challenge in LOA, the next higher Aethyr. If so, you will have to work out what you left behind in VTA Mansion.
  • If you leave this place in tears, count yourself as lucky, for you have retained your humanity and understanding of the supreme sadness of life without spirit.

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