Out of Body Travel: (Part 4) Your Nonphysical Bodies

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As you are learning with, the universe is a big place that is largely inaccessible with technology. However, as you are finding out, that universe is easily accessible when you use your onboard technological equipment. By using that equipment, you will begin to get an idea how big, complex, and weird that universe really is. But, to explore properly this universe, you will need to understand fully the most important piece of onboard equipment you possess: your body.

When we talk about you body as being the most important piece of out-of-body hardware you possess, we're not talking about your physical body. Here, we're talking about the nonphysical body that you find yourself in, when you out-of-body travel. Do you remember that Mach1-B22 astral-travel vehicle that we discussed (your nonphysical body)? Well, you are going to find out that there is also a Mach 2 and a Mach 3 version of it. Altogether, these three astral bodies compromise the bulk of your nonphysical abilities. Each nonphysical body behaves differently and the way time and space reacts will have much to do with which one of those astral bodies you presently occupy.

Now, when you leave your physical body, you will find yourself in one of these three astral images. For the most part, your spirit-guide will place you in the proper image at the proper time. However, you will still need to know what that particular image can and cannot do, to get the most out of that particular out-of-body adventure. But, before we get into the specifics of what each astral image can and cannot do, let's first talk about the overall differences between each nonphysical image and your physical body.

The box above shows the molecular density between your various nonphysical images and your physical body. As you can see, the farther you go from your familiar physical structure toward an increasingly unfamiliar nonphysical structure, the less compact your molecular structure becomes. The more free your molecular structure becomes, the more flexible your out-of-body vehicle will be. Note: When we talk about molecular structures we are not speaking about the physical unit you call an atom. Rather, we are speaking about the nonphysical counterparts that lie behind the physical composites that you are aware of.
However, while molecular freedom is a factor in determining what abilities you will possess, at any given time, molecular freedom is not the factor that separates your physical body from your various nonphysical images. There is a distinct difference to the three nonphysical images that you inhabit, when you out-of-body travel, and the physical body that you inhabit, when you are corporal. That distinguishing factor involves the type-of bonding going-on between the individual molecular units within your various physical and nonphysical images. You see! The molecules in your physical body are energy-bonded in two directions: bilaterally. On the other hand, the molecules in each of your nonphysical images are energy-bonded in only one direction: unilaterally.

These two different but related bonding techniques are the reason each nonphysical image possesses similarities to your physical body, but are able to do things not normally possible in a physical environment. When the molecules within your image drops one of its bonds and becomes unilaterally joined -- as it does when you out-of-body travel -- your image will free-up from physical reality's constraints and be able to slide between physical reality's gaps, so to speak. And, because the molecules within your nonphysical image still possess a single bond, you can still interact with the bilaterally-bonded physical environment and experience nonphysical travels that are somewhat familiar to you. On the other hand, if your nonphysical image lacked even a unilateral molecular bond, you would be unable to translate what you experienced, nonphysically, into physical terms, and your out-of-body travels would remain forever without your physical knowledge.
Now, the type of molecular bond and the amount of molecular density are important only in how they help you to understand the differences from one body to the next. Let's move away from the molecular end and investigate a more practicable end: the abilities inherent in each nonphysical image and what that particular body is capable of.

Your first out-of-body vehicle (the Mach 1) is the most near in molecular structure to your physical body. This image is equivalent to the structure you possess while dreaming. However, finding yourself in this body-form -- while out-of-body traveling -- does not mean you are dreaming. It merely means that these two bodies will behave similarly. If you are good at dream recall, you will notice that the capabilities you possess in the Dream Universe are the same as the capabilities you possess while in this astral body. What those capabilities are is our next topic.

In your Mach 1, you will find that you can levitate, but in a very limited way. Also, when you do float, you will be unable to move faster than a swift walk. This lack of mobility occurs because this dream body is very dense and is greatly affected by physical reality. In addition, because of this body's density, you will be unable to pass through objects while in it. Walls, doors, tables, ect will feel quite solid and real. If you want to pass through a door, you will have to open that door by opening the physical door's astral equivalent and using your astral hand to do that.

Another thing you will have to deal with, while occupying your first astral body, is dream images. Because your Mach 1's molecular structure is so close to your dream body's molecular structure, you will find dream images blurring through from the Dream Universe and into your out-of-body projection. If an object or thing seems to be out of place (like a car sitting in the living room), it is probably from the Dream Universe. Now, as bizarre as it may seem, a car sitting in your living has some kind-of significance to the projection you are on. However, the car is not native to the astral plane -- or your living room -- and therefore does not have to remain. Since this object is an aspect from your Dream Universe and a construction from your own mind, you could banish it, by simply wishing it to go.

There is a knack to this banishing of a dream image. To put it simply, you need to imagine the room or place without the object. If this trick doesn't work, you can try forcefully saying to the image, "You are a construction from my imagination. Be gone and hurt no one on your way." If, after trying both of these tricks, the phantom image persists, then the image most likely is an integral part of this particular projection. The image could have originated from your spirit-guide, who may be testing you, to see how you deal with phantom images that won't leave. The phantom could also be a powerful message from your guide to you, about a situation in your life, that needs attention. Either way, if the phantom image will not vanish then you will have to treat this image as real and deal with it as such. For example, if that phantom image was indeed a car sitting in your living room and you could not vanish the image, you may want to get in the car and take it for a drive, instead of ignoring it. The test drive could reveal something you were previously unaware of!

Now, let's step from phantom cars and from your Mach 1 and into your Mach 2 out-of-body vehicle. It will be, here, in this vehicle that you will spend most of your out-of-body time; and it is in this body that you will become the most comfortable.

Your Mach 2 is lighter and freer than the Mach 1. This astral form is partly a mental body, although it will still appear quite physical in nature. In this image, you can pass, quite easily, through objects. However, this body-form is variable in nature. You will find that if you desire to touch an object, wall, door, or table, you can do so with ease. The object will feel quite solid. Then, you can change your mind and pass your hand through that object. Also, dream images are virtually nonexistent in this astral body, so most of who or what you meet is real; although, an occasional dream image may make its way in. These occasional dream images, however, are usually high intensity objects, which may relate to a highly emotional event occurring in your life. So, if a dream image happens to chance by you, while in this body-form, you may want to examine the meaning behind this image. It probably is an important message.

Another neat feature that your second astral vehicle possesses is its ability to move at great speeds and cover vast distances quickly. However, your ability, to travel at great speeds and cover vast distances quickly, is more mental than physical in nature. In other words, to accelerate, from standing still, toward some high velocity, will require you to think flying rather than moving some part of your body. Out-of-body beginners try to jump into the air, as if that physical act will induce high-speed travel. Actually, all you have to do is to think about moving at a great speed and then let yourself go by gently, mentally, pushing yourself upward.

You will find very quickly that your Mach 2 can travel several times faster than the speed of light and travel anywhere in the solar system, sometimes, in a matter of seconds. For example, in this body, you can visit Jupiter, Saturn, or even the Sun. It is quite a feat to stand on the surface of the sun without even breaking a sweat! Try it if you like! Your second astral vehicle has the capability to get there and is virtually indestructible -- temperatures as high as a burning sun, to your Mach 2, feel like a hot breeze on a summer day.

Time travel is another handy gadget that your Mach 2 possesses. You can easily visit or see objects from as far back or forward in time as two hundred years. It is not uncommon to be standing on a busy expressway and see a "horse & buggy" go riding by. What is occurring is the merging of the physical-present and the physical-past into the present, nonphysical, moment. What you could do, if you wish, is to focus on either the horse or the car, to orient yourself into one or the other era. For example, by focusing on the horse, you may find the expressway changing into a quaint rural town and a small dirt road taking its place -- moving yourself backward in time, to the era of the "horse & buggy." If you want to return to the present moment, then just reverse the process -- focus on the expressway. You will return to your comparable present moment. Now, journeys further in time -- more than two hundred years and as far back as a thousand years -- are possible too. However, this level of travel-travel involves your Mach 3 to some extent and is not a capability of your second astral body.

When it comes to the Mach 3 (your third astral body), we are speaking of a true mental form. This vehicle is very distinctive and you will know immediately when you are in it. For one thing, when you step out of your physical body, everything will be dark, quiet, and indistinct. You will be able to tell what room you are in -- but not by your sight. You will have to rely on that other sense we spoke about in the last chapter -- the sight-feel sense of knowing which objects are surrounding you.

The reason your Mach 3's senses are so subdued is due to the molecular structure of this body-form. From a molecular perspective, this image is the least dense. The molecules move around very freely and have wide spaces between them. Furthermore, the unilateral molecular-bonds in this form are very weak, making this image indifferent to physical reality and its structures. This strange body's primary purpose is for travel outside the solar system, travel to the distant past and future, or travel to other dimensions.

Along with unlimited travel options, your Mach 3 is capable of viewing vast energies of enormous magnitudes. For example, you could, in your Mach 3, stand on the surface of the sun and perceive the emitted surface light as a dark red glow. On the other hand, if you viewed the core of the galaxy (which is a much more intense light source), while in your Mach 3, you would find that galaxy-core to be brilliant and filled with color and depth.

It is important to keep in mind that your Mach 3's perceptive capabilities are excellent for brilliant light sources and immense energies, but somewhat restrictive when it comes to the more physically mundane stuff, like a room or a small celestial body. Standing in a physical room, while occupying your Mach 3, will tend to be unnerving, because of the Mach 3's inability to translate physical and low-energy objects into any recognizable pattern. Frankly, your Mach 3 is not suited for the mundane. Your Mach 3's purpose lies elsewhere, in its ability to quickly and easily transverse time and space. So, when you find yourself in your Mach 3, without your direct intervention, then take the opportunity to use this vehicle for the area it is best suited for.

Your Mach 3 is best suited for traveling at speeds limited only by your own fears and perfect for visiting places humanly unimaginable. Generally, and especially in the beginning, you will find yourself using your third astral form for journeying between universes and dimensions. Later on, as you become more familiar with your Mach 3, your spirit-guide will setup out-of-body projections where you can interact with other high-energy entities who exclusively inhabit their third astral form and use that image to interact with realities beyond anything human.

Now, if you use your Mach 3 -- and you will -- as the ultimate in celestial and inter-dimensional travel, you will need to change your body-form from your Mach 3 to your Mach 2, so you can properly interact with whatever environment you find yourself. For example, you could accomplish a visit, to the moon, most effectively, by leaving your body and changing into your Mach 3. Then you would travel toward the moon as fast as you could manage and change back, after arriving, into your Mach 2 astral vehicle. This body changing, even though it may require extra steps, saves time. Your Mach 3 can travel the distance between the earth and the moon in just a few seconds -- as compared to your Mach 2, which could take as long as two minutes to arrive.

You may be thinking that we're nitpicking, when we say that two minutes of travel is too long to get to a place that you could not hope to reach, in your lifetime, by physical means. However, your out-of-body time is a commodity, and that commodity is precious! Several minutes traveling to a destination could mean that you will only have a few seconds of exploring time, before you exhaust your out-of-body resource. You can see that optimizing your travel time, by using your various astral bodies, is very important in securing the maximum from your out-of-body endeavor.


ability to perceive pain & pleasure
physical like sense perception
passing through objects
dream image bleeding
time travel
high speed travel
travel to the teaching levels
inter dimensional travel
travel to the distant past (beyond 200 years)
travel out of the solar system

In the next chapter we will show you how to change from one astral body to the next and back. Also, we're going to show you how you travel to other nonphysical dimensions. Finally, we will cover some places and things that are fantastic, wondrous, and available to any astral traveler.

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