The shifting of Consciousness to Spirit. Reality Creating is it Spirit or me?

July 17, 2008 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes,
Question 1: When a person becomes 'enlightened' is a new unit of consciousness then formed to take over the position of ego, while the other units now move up in the chain? I distinctly was aware of 3 units of my own consciousness during my awakening. Red/pink, blue, & green. In that order. And there was the sound of construction going on in my head and I had to move each unit of consciousness around, like a musical chairs changing of the guards if you will. This happened 3 times. 12/15, 12/25, & 1/3. I could see the 3 different colored orbs in my physical reality, and the path I had to run them through was the TOL. Archangel Michael helped me. The 1st 2 times consciousness just went to the higher realms, but the 3rd time I had to send these orbs into other people, through their eyes. Is that considered a walk-in? I totally don't understand at all what went on except that I knew I was elevating consciousness to a higher level. And now even though I know my soul is still available to me any time I ask, I feel that this entity I have always known as Ellen was now left in charge of this operation within the physical body so the soul entity (who apparently succeeded in it's mission to evolve Ellen spiritually) was now granted ascension. Does this make sense?

Question 2: For a long time now, as I am able to manifest thoughts very quickly into my environment, but I haven't figured out yet how to manifest them in a specific manner. Thoughts are reflected back to me all day long, but I never know how, why, when or where they will appear, or who is responsible for manifesting them. For example. Saturday I'm reading Reality Creator 2, on pg 20 and it says 'Say you want to manifest a blue ball'. Most people continue reading and then have one of those 'aha' moments they talk about. Not me. I stop reading right after 'blue ball', and I'm laughing because I already know the blue ball will manifest itself somehow to me right NOW. Sure enough, I look at the TV and it cuts to a scene of a close up of a full blue moon. Then I glance over at my spiral wind chime to see the cobalt blue marble I had put in it just a couple hours before. For no reason at all I got this urge to go into my bead box earlier where I discovered the marble, then decided to put it in this wind chime. Hindsight here is 20/20. But here's where it's tricky. In this case I'm thinking spirit is at work here, having me set up the blue ball, knowing I'm about to read this line from your book, and what I'm supposed to take away from this, is not how to manifest a blue ball (which in the book turns out to be red when it manifests), but that I have reached a point where higher self is sending me info on future events. But I'm still confused about who is doing the actual reality creating. Ellen

Hi Ellen!
Question 1: There is the physical self, the ego and the spiritual self. Most people's consciousness resides in the ego. Some people still have their consciousness residing in the physical self. A physical self centered person is mainly preoccupied with survival and satisfying the physical needs of the body. You could say that the ancient caveman had his consciousness firmly rooted here. When consciousness is rooted in the ego the self becomes the central figure and the world revolves around it. You live to satisfy yourself and what you have created around you.

When consciousness shifts its focus to the spiritual self, the ego still exists but takes a back seat to the spirit, who then directs the ego. It may sound a bit complicated but it gets a bit less complicated once the shift from ego to spirit has occurred. When your consciousness is focused on spirit, you are no longer the central part of your world. Instead your world becomes a cooperative venture where the entire picture is taken into account, instead of just what is happening around the ego. Your needs are still important but not at the expense of the needs of what is happening around you. It is a milestone shift in the development of consciousness from the "me" centered world to a more "global" view. Here with global I do not mean around the world but it could. But global in the sense what revolves around you in your daily life. A ego centered consciousness would have a hard time in understanding what I just said, as their world only revolves around themselves. I am not talking about selfishness. Just where consciousness is focused for the most part.

When these shifts occur it is normal to experience a kind of duality from the old self and the new self. You talk about Ellen as being a different person and she is for the most part. Your consciousness has shifted from ego to spirit and this makes you feel like a whole new person. This feeling will fade over time as you integrate more fully to the spiritual self.

Question 2: You seem to have a good deal of synchronicity in your life. Some people do and others do not. The answer to why these things are popping into your life when you think of them, is twofold. You are creating your world with your thoughts and actions. Where your thoughts are is where you will find yourself. So yes you are creating these synchronous events in your life. Also your spiritual helpers are using your great ability to create to send you assistance and messages.

In an ego centered world you are the one creating the events. In a spiritual centered world, you are the one directing the events that are created by yourself and others. You will find that some things are created very easily and other things are not. When your creations are in harmony with the universe (your global group) things create much easier as everyone lends a hand in creating them. When you create against the harmony the creations are much harder. These are often clues as to what creations are good for your life and what creations are not. If you have to work too hard at a reality creation then it may be best to examine that creation.

Light, Peace

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