Aethyr TAN, The Game of Kings

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TAN [pronounced as “tan” or more formally as “ta-en”] is where you can examine and understand your karma. Earlier in the Aethyrs RII and TEX we examined relationship and situation karma. Here we examine the heavy karma that you carry not only in this life but over many of your incarnations.

Karma in RII and TEX is generally limited to your current lifetime. However the karma mechanism in TAN exposes the karma carried across your simultaneous incarnations. As you learned in ASP and KHR time is simultaneous. All your lives happen at the same time, so the karma here is shared across many times, places, and probabilities. This gives a heavy quality to the karmic adventures experienced in TAN. It may feel like a giant weight coming down upon you or that your decisions not only effect your own karma but the lives of others as well. I call this karma the “Game of Kings.”

When a King makes a decision he not only makes the decision for himself but for everyone in his kingdom. If he makes peace then everyone shares in that peace. If he makes war then everyone shares in the war. It is quite common to come back from encounters in TAN feeling like you just changed the fate of everyone around you. In many ways you have, changes made here can effect all your simultaneous lives. It can also effect others.

The energy in TAN amplifies any karma you carry many times, so you can see it clearly. It also makes it clear that your decisions can effect those around you as well. As your spiritual energy grows, you have to become aware how your spiritual energy and your decisions effect others. You are not an island and there are many people and things attached to you. Some of your decisions will effect them. In TAN you will explore how your decisions effect others and the greater world around you. This experience can be very empowering or frightening, depending on the overall polarity of your karma.

The quest here is to understand how far-reaching your decisions can be and to respect the ones you made. If any of those decisions hurt others, then you will have to accept what happened and move forward to balance that karma out, if it has not already been balanced.

In a later Aethyr MAZ, you will have the opportunity to completely nullify your karmic imprint. However, before you can do that, you have to do your best to balance out and understand the karma you already carry.

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About this Picture: Two Kings sit on a chessboard with the Earth in back of it. It is the Game of Kings. The Earth behind the game board hints that the stakes are much higher than a mere board game. Note: this Aethyr was a difficult picture to create. Adventures in TAN are very subjective, so I made the picture a symbolic reflection of the energies found in TAN instead of the kind of environment you will find.