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The 6th Aethyr, MAZ, pronounced MA-ZOD, is where you confront your karmic residue. It is here that you can lighten your karma and remove any remaining scares from your past. MAZ is the Aethyr of forgiveness; however the forgiveness we speak of here is not forgiveness for or from others but forgiveness of self. You must forgive yourself and shed your human indebtedness from your being. This indebtedness has little to do with finances or favors. This indebtedness is any regret over past actions. You have to learn how to forgive yourself and let go of past actions, chalking them up as a learning experience. MAZ is the perfect place to do this. Here you learn the value of forgiveness of self as well as see the reason behind your karma.

The lessen here, however, is not the elimination of karma -- because eliminating your karma is impossible below LIL. Rather, the lesson here is in the lightening of it. The ancient Egyptians believed that when you died, your soul was placed on a balance. On one side of the balance was a feather, the other your soul. To successfully pass into the after-life, your karma had to be as light as a feather. This analogy suggests the optimum conditions for your karma. Here in MAZ you can learn just how light your karma is, and, if that karma is not as light as it could be, you can shed it here.

The Cup of MAZ is just for this karmic purpose, and you may see this cup in time. The cup usually appears as fixed mercury in the shape of a goblet. When you chance upon this cup, shed as much of your karma into it as you can. You can do this shedding literally, for example, by taking off your clothes and throwing them into the goblet or, figuratively, by seeing the excess karma being pulled from your aura and going into the cup. If you are successful, you should see the cup ignite and your karma burn away.

Karma is ongoing; so don't think that you can't come back to MAZ, once your karma has been lightened. Whenever you feel that your karma is getting too heavy, you should visit MAZ and shed that excess into the cup. Excess karma can prevent you from going any higher in the Aethyrs. From LIT to LIL your subtle body must be extremely light and rarefied to perceive these realms correctly. In fact, it's not a bad idea to stop by MAZ on your way up and check and shed your karma before going higher. This will insure that every time you enter a realm above MAZ that you perceive it correctly and bring back the most accurate information that you can.

* additional source material: "Enochian Magick" by Gerald J. Schueler, "The Golden Dawn" by Israel Regardie