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Introduction and difference between the Tree of Life and the Aethyr

The ATS (Aethry Training System), like the ToL (Tree of Life), stands on its own as a unique experience. It’s primary purpose is to shape the body, mind, and spirit of the traveler from a mundane state into a divine state of being. If you have done Pathworking in the ToL and you are coming here for more of the same, I need to point out the difference between the two training systems.

In the ToL system when you enter a level, you must interact with the area in order to gain experience from it. If you see something there, you touch it or use it. In the ATS, it is the other way around. Your presence within the training system reacts and builds the experiences around you. That means that your experiences here are product of your current mindset, hopes, dreams, fears, expectations. The drama will just rise around you regardless of what you interact with. I call this Reactive Pathworking. The ToL could be considered Passive Pathworking.

With the ATS’s Reactive Pathworking, your experiences will be variable as compared to what other people experience on the same level, because it is the makeup of your current self that triggers what you experience. Your experiences will also be much more intimate, as they will be fine tuned to your current state of being. How those experiences come to manifest around you depends on the level in the ATS you are on and what you carry with you into the training system.

The other difference you will see in the ATS over the ToL is that the worlds in the ATS are more psychological than organic in nature. In the ToL, environments are often complete realities reflecting some specific framework. In the ATS, you are provided a with just a psychic framework and your mind and experience has to build in the rest. For this reason environments here will often seem incomplete or lacking in depth or dimension. In the ATS, you are in the reality of the self, your own self as it reacts with the energies present for your current level.

Keep in mind that what you meet in the Aethry training system is a product of your own energy, beliefs, aspirations, fears, hopes. The ATS does not predict the future or show you what is to come in your life. It only reveals what you need to know so that you can progress forward spiritually.

The ATS system is accessed from the bottom up (see map or use Library Page). Unlike the ToL, which is fairly open all the way through, in this place you cannot get into a higher ATS reality without unlocking the key in the lower one. TEX and RII are exceptions as both of these levels are open to anyone, as they are starter realties. If you are looking for the proper order just start at TEX and continue upward until you reach the top at LIL.

The Aethyrs contain both positive and negative energies. Unlike the ToL where most of the experiences you have will be positive. Here in the Aethyrs negative experiences can occur, as it is a more realistic representation of physical reality where you can create either experience and also learn from either experience.

You can get to the various ATS locations by the first going to HAS (Hermes Astral Shop) via the subway system. If you are unfamiliar with how to get to HAS see the HAS page. Explanation and a guided meditation is provided there as well. When you get to the HAS station, get off the Train and walk across the platform to the Aether Train that is waiting there. Keep in mind that I am using rich visual imagery to get you to these nonphysical location. This imagery has a pattern in it that helps you to hone your mind to a very specific place. Since mental or OBE travel, does not involve moving anywhere with your physical body. We have to use symbols and familiar constructs to help you reach where I want you to go. In time you will learn how to go to where you want to go using only your will. But for now at these beginning steps use the symbolism given here. Get in the train headed to the Aethyrs and see it leave the station with you on it. After traveling for awhile in the tunnel you should see your destination. If you are at a different station, wait until you reach the one you want. Then walk out the door and then walk up the stairway. Once you get to the top of the stairs your adventure begins.

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