Aethyr KHR, the Probability Field

a pathworking quest location

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KHR [pronounced ka-har] is the place where you meet the roads not taken in your life. It is here that you must come to terms with the path you took in your life and get rid of the what-if energy of the past.

Physical reality is about choosing a course through a myriad of probable realities and then sticking with that course. This choosing often brings up the past and decisions that you have made which propelled you on your current journey. Here you can explore those alternate timelines to see what “could have been.”

The quest here is to come to terms with the roads you did not take, and understand that the path you are on is the one you chose. It does not mean that you cannot change your path or heal your timeline, but in order to be able to do any of those things, you must first accept the decisions that you made and even be comfortable with them. These choices brought you to where you are now and respecting those choices can help you free up trapped energy across your probability field.

While here you will experience alternate timelines from your current incarnation. While experiencing these alternate realities you may learn some things that you did not know.

Stare into or touch the blue flame of probabilities. It is like an Oracle. It will propel you on one of your probable paths and the road not taken. Rinse and repeat everytime you come to expore more paths or explore a particular path further.

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  • You will often have visions here of planets, stars, solar systems, black holes, and galaxies. These hevenly bodies are the reality creating engine in physical form. Physical reality is not what it always appears to be. Human science has a good deal to learn about it.

About this Picture: A blue flame rises from the waters of probabilities. The sky is filled with the squares of possibilities. The cracked ground shows a well traveled surface. Do you dare touch the flame and experience the unknown!

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