Aethyr ZOM, Mount Olympus!

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The Aethyr ZOM [pronounced “zoom”] is where you go to learn about reality creating. In the previous Aethyr, PAZ, you learned how to manipulate the energy of spirit and turn it into form and substance. Here you learn how to hone your spirit, thoughts, and emotions into a fine reality creating tool.

To walk with the gods, you must be able to create with the gods. Here in ZOM, you will learn the lessons needed to use your consciousness to shape any reality you find yourself in. Of course, lucky for you, the lessons here come in handy for the earth plane as well.

ZOM is not an easy level to master. While you may be able to enter ZOM, you will probably take years to understand the intricate nature of how you create your reality. Wisdomsdoor and the Reality Creator books come from this level of reality. The masters here in ZOM are unparalleled and are quite capable of creating entire universes. One day you may as well.

When you master this level of reality you take the title of the “Magus!” However, the title is not required to move onward and upward in the Aethyr system. Not everyone who walks the path of the Aethyrs will become or need to become a Magus. The Magus is a path open to you if you wish it, just like becoming a Dragon in DEO is a path open to you if you wish it. However, regardless, the lessons in ZOM are valuable because you do have to obtain at least a rudimentary level of reality creating to effectively control realities in the Spiritual Plane and beyond.

Notes and useful information

  • In “ZOM Broadcasting,” the second part of our examination of ZOM, we take a look at the more personal side of reality creating: how you create yourself and your image, who you are, and how you broadcast that image outward. Your image is your creation as well.

About this Picture: Mount Olympus, a huge sphere set in the landscape of ZOM, sits in the distance. Replicas of the "Pyramids at Giza" sit in the foreground. A spaceship passes overhead. Future and past merge together here to form the reality of the gods.

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