Aethyr PAZ, Electric City

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A “Builder”: A being who creates structures inside realities.

PAZ [pronounced “pa-zod”] is a builder reality. The inhabitants of Electric City are Builders. To put it simply, they make the stuff that gets put into realities. I suppose in physical terms they would be engineers, architects, and carpenters. However instead of working with matter, they work directly with energy.

There is a whole other set of rules when working with energy. In physical reality you use tools to manipulate matter into shape and form. Here in the spiritual plane you use your consciousness to reshape and form energy into patterns. The Builders here in this city will help you to understand the new reality creating rules that wait for you in the higher levels of reality.

The spiritual plane is about creating something from nothing and sharing with each other in not only the creation of such a framework but also in enjoying the company of friends. Like LIT, this is a shared reality. Here however instead of the energy of spirit taking the form of a water-like substance, it takes the form of girders, concrete, and steel. It is a wire-frame reality made from pure spiritual energy. Here in PAZ for a form to exist you have to make it part of the current reality framework. So while you are here, you will be engaged in building things with your spiritual energy.

The quest in this reality is to learn how to create structure and form using spiritual energy. Once you are able to do that, you could say you have become a “Builder” yourself.

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About this Picture: A wire-frame city stands in the distance. It is held together with the energy of spirit. Even the ground is a construct from spiritual energy.

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