opposing forces

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In the fourth Aethyr, PAZ, the purpose behind opposing forces becomes apparent. The atmosphere here in PAZ is one of opposition. For this reason, PAZ is not always a pleasant Aethyr to enter. However, when properly prepared, PAZ can be a wonderful place where you and what is not you can be pulled together in fun, ecstasy, and bliss. You see! It is all that is not you or opposite you that can complete you. It is only when you learn this lesson and embrace the opposition that you feel complete. Many times two people enter into an intimate relationship with each other and are totally opposite from one another. The two diverse people are pulled together so that each one can complete the other. Relationships like this can, at the right time, be very fulfilling.

In PAZ the lesson is to embrace what you find here like a long-lost lover. It is only through acceptance of ones self and others that you can truly be complete and feel complete. Any left-over opposing force within or without will be directly encountered here, and it is only after one has annihilated those opposing parts that you can move on. PAZ is a necessary preparation for the third Aethyr ZOM, where you and your reality become one. If you do not reconcile the conflict between you and your reality here in PAZ, you will not be able to enter ZOM without severe distortion. And, here, in the word distortion, we mean conflict.

* additional source material: "Enochian Magick" by Gerald J. Schueler, "The Golden Dawn" by Israel Regardie