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ZOM [pronounced “zoom”] Broadcasting is a place within ZOM’s Mount Olympus where the personal side of your reality creating is explored. Here you learn how you create yourself and your image, who you are, and how you broadcast that image outward.

You may think that genetics created your physical image but that is not the case. Genetics was just a rough blueprint to be used. Most of who you are, down to the lines on your face, are created by your consciousness as it exerts its beliefs and wishes on reality. When you pass into the nonphysical, you will find that you look very similar to how you were when you were within the physical body. You carry your image not because the body contained it, but because your consciousness created it. This image continues in the nonphysical plane. Oh you can and will reshape it over time, but self image is important to consciousness.

The quest in ZOM Broadcasting is to learn about yourself and why you project your image and sense of self outward as you do. Are you serious or funny? Do you like to entertain or be entertained? Here in ZOM many of these questions can be answered. Then go out and create that person

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About this Picture: An anchor desk sits behind the backdrop of the galaxy. The dais waits for you. You are center of the show, and your reality!

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