Aethyr LIT, Spirit World

a pathworking quest location

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LIT [pronounced “leet”] is a world full of spiritual energy. Spiritual energy is so prevalent here that it appears water like: thick and viscus. Water flows and so does spirit! That is the primary LIT lesson.

LIT is your first encounter with a full spiritual reality. The next Aethyr PAZ, Electric City, is also a full spiritual reality with the energy of spirit taking a different form. Spiritual energy is able to be shaped and is mutable. Let’s face it, it is the stuff that realities are made of. If this picture was a video, you would see the spirit mermaid’s thoughts shifting and changing around her as she swam. Her form as well would shift and change. This is a world of pure spiritual clay, waiting to be shaped by your consciousness.

The environment here has high a concentration of “e-space” particles. As such it is very responsive to your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Of course, if any of your thoughts, feelings, or actions are out of balance, then you will be ejected from this reality. When you can swim in the currents and visit the city here and not be ejected from its space, you have passed the LIT test.

LIT and PAZ are considered group spiritual realities. In a group reality, there are certain things that are agreed upon and will persist even if you try to change them to your own will. It is another lesson. You share many of these spiritual realities with others, and, at times, you may have to respect the group mind and what it is trying to create. Realities in the spiritual plane come in two types: singular and group. In a singular reality, you can shape it whatever way you want. A group reality will have constrictions upon it, as the people in this reality have chosen some basic foundations to build their reality on. The next Aethyr PAZ will help you with building your own realities.

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About this Picture: A spirit mermaid and sea-like creatures are swimming in the spiritual currents. In the distance a city of spirit sits beckoning to be visited.