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The order of the universe becomes apparent in the 5th Aethyr, LIT. It is here that you learn that there is a structure and hierarchy to everything that exists. The understanding of that hierarchy is necessary to properly control your world, which you are learning how to do, as you approach the 3rd Aethyr, ZOM.

It will do you no good, if you do not realize that there is a divine structure. You must be aware of that structure to gain information, help, and power from other divine beings. Angels, Archangels, Gods (various God-forms), and God all have a purpose and a place. You must learn where each one sits and who to go to for what help. Going to an electrician will not help stop your leaky faucet. The divine network is no different

The other lesson that is obtained here is that of the "Right Path." By "Right Path," we mean the path that is yours to tread. Every individual has a path that is their own. Staying on that path, as life tends-to often demonstrate, is not so easy. Physical reality can be hypnotic in its ways and blind you from the order of things as well as the order to your own path. Here, in LIT, you learn how to stay on that path and to take one step at a time in the obtainment of that evolution.

In physical reality, all paths have a structure, or hierarchy, that follows in a linear fashion -- one after the other. It is very important to be able to follow this course faithfully. This learning is a first-look at a concept that gets vastly more difficult. In the Aethyrs above LIT, this path becomes multifaceted. In other words, in the higher Aethyrs, you will be required to learn how to stay on the right paths (plural). Existence from PAZ to LIL and beyond is multidimensional. Your true existence roots itself in several dimensions at once and will becomes apparent as you ascend. If you do not learn how to stay on the right track for your singular self, then you can not go on to learn how to tread the paths of your multidimensional self.

* additional source material: "Enochian Magick" by Gerald J. Schueler, "The Golden Dawn" by Israel Regardie