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RC Radio: E-Space, additional comments

About Picture of the Day, Point of Origin & MathVerse: Beyond the Physical Universe, beyond the Nonphysical Universe, there is E-Space. Playground of the gods!

These two pictures, "Point of Origin" and "MathVerse" in the series and a third one called “Physical Reality Sphere Journey” are part of what I call my E-Space series. If you look at the picture “Point of Origin” you will see an out of body person tethered to the earth by an energy thread, showing where he comes from. Then in the second picture, “MathVerse,” you can see physical reality in the distance, the “MathVerse” up close, and the OBE traveler nearby. The space around these self contained universes I call E-Space.

E-Space is very proliferate reality creating space. It is space beyond the physical and the nonphysical planes of existence. It is empty space of pure-raw reality creating power, waiting to be molded by thought. It can be shaped and molded into anything, quickly and easily. Well easily if you know how. The beings that inhabit E-Space are gods, literally. They hold the power of creation in their grasp. They play at creating entire universes. E-Space is the kind of place one day humans may be partking in. But that day is way way way, way in the future.

I was very lucky to have my spirit guides take me on the journey out of my body and to E-Space where I got to experience the playground of the gods. I was given a glimpse of what lies ahead for consciousness with hard work, patience, and fun!

Note: Physical reality is full of e-space particles, not as much as actual e-space contains, but enough to give physically focused consciousness the ability to shape reality with its will. Physical reality is nonetheless a teaching reality and it would be no good at training young consciousness if it did not contain e-space particles to play with. I call these places thought-collecting energy vortexes, which are really just pinholes into e-space. (see link below for more information)

Light, Peace

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