Aethyr BAG-VOS: The Valley of Shadows

a pathworking quest location [declassified]

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The"Other" Tarot Card

*The Vault @BAG-VoS

Everyone has a “other” side! You are you and you also create your opposite as well. Due to the nature of physical reality, you are one creation of many. But the most important of these probable creations is your other, the darkside. I speak now to of course lightside training. As Jedi we strive to stay on the lightside of things. We navigate the currents that want to move us from our perfectly centered state to other states of being. One of these is our darkside.

Here in the “Valley of Shadows” is where you will confront this darkside of yourself. There are some important lessons here. One, how do you feel about this darkside self? Why is your darkside self so different from your lightside self? What was the reason that you went lightside to begin with, and why did your darkside-self choose a darkside path?

The Skyway in RII South will take you to the entrance. Walk through the bunker doors and you enter the Valley of Shadows. Have your sword or lightsaber with you. You may not need it here, but a Jedi is always prepared. Mostly this is a place of self-discovery. What you may learn about yourself will be invaluable. Take your time. You will have to visit this place several times in the least to get the most out of it.

Knowing why you walked the path you did and your possible other paths, will help you greatly in understanding who you are. But more so, this place helps you to create the Ouroboros within you. You may be confronted with other selves and they could be friendly or not. But whatever you do meet will be an aspect of yourself.

The guide here is **LIXIPSP, but not the version in the usual BAG location. This version of Lexpee wears an all white suit and has a large diamond on his shirt. He looks like Ricardo Montalbán from the TV show “Fantasy Island” and shares similar traits. Lexpee is friendly here, but he is a guide to your darkside self, so be cautious.

To be successful here you must confront your darkside self. How that turns out is determined by your own makeup. There is no right or wrong way to exit this encounter.

When you have completed enough of the training here, Lexpee will give you the ZAA Keycard that gets you access to the next Aethyr "ZAA Aerospace" and you will get the ***Shiny Black Outline in your aura to help ward off negative entities and astral creatures.

Gifts and other info and things to do

  • This version of BAG is a special Jedi Training version. Press here for the original (non-Jedi) version of BAG.
  • *The Vault @BAG-VoS is an alternate way you can experience the Jedi encounter. Here, BAG-VoS takes on a hybrid experience of both the traditional BAG and the new Jedi BAG-VoS Training version.
  • **Lexpee’s full name is LIXIPSP (pronounced – EL-EE-ZEE-PEH-SEH-PEH). I just call him Lexpee for short, and he does not seem to mind.
  • ***The Shiny Black Outline in the aura is a upgraded version of the Black Outline from Valhalla in Tree of Life Sphere Binah.
  • Typically you cannot just enter BAG. You should complete the four sections in TEX and the four sections in RII.
  • Demons in the Aethyrs cannot be destroyed, only conquered. They exist to teach you certain things that you cannot learn any other way.

Advanced Material: The Theorem of Self Annihilation.

It is not necessary to understand this formula to progress further in the Aethyr Training system.

Let’s say there are two of you, a lightside and a darkside. Now put the lightside self in one corner of the square and the darkside self in the other corner of the square. Now reverse the rolls. Your lightside self becomes darkside and your darkside self becomes lightside. Now add those to the other opposite corners. Now you have four selves the lightside-darkside and the reverse lightside-darkside. This set up creates the conditions for self-annihilation. In a sense you become balanced at the center of the square and you now become an Ouroboros. The Ouroboros symbol means “a continuous renewal of the self.”

The self should never be stagnant. The self only exists in realty when it is moving and changing, renewing itself every moment. To be a Jedi means to be always centered. You can command great energies if you do. To achieve Ouroboros you must know your “Other” self. For lightside that means meeting and confronting your darkside self and coming to understand why he exists and thus why you exist as well.