leap of faith

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The 30th Aethyr, TEX, is your first stop up the Aethyr ladder. It is a necessary first step, as reaching TEX demonstrates that your spirit can leave your body consciously. The word consciously is stressed, because you already enter TEX (and RII) periodically but usually only on a subconscious level, during dreams, in daydreams and psychic visions, and after the death of the physical body. TEX occupies the region of Malkuth in the Tree of Life. For this reason the guide here, like in Malkuth, is a form of the Archangel Sandalphon. Sandalphon will eventually show himself to you and will help you to understand the new world that you are embarking on. He may give you a gift and sometimes he may ask you to do something for him, as a bit of a test, and to get your nonphyiscal feet wet.

TEX is divided into four sections:

  1. Karma and strong karmic forces in the North. --> TEX-North
  2. Desire and strong emotional forces in the East. --> TEX-East
  3. Limiting and restrictive forces in the West. --> TEX-West
  4. Letting go of what you do not need. Access to rest of the Aethrys --> TEX-South

When you first travel to TEX you will be in the center. Many people report seeing a vast garden or a big long beach. However whatever you see it will be personal to you. As you walk in any direction from the center you will begin to feel the force of that direction. For example, if you walk North (or what appears to be North) from the center point you will begin to feel the karmic forces building and soon you will engage in an adventure that will reveal to you some karmic force that you are currently working on. Walking to the East would show you a desire that you must conquer. Walking South would put you in touch with the things that keep you on a certain path and the things that prevent you from easily changing that path. And finally, walking West will show you those things that hold you back (fears, beliefs, prejudice, etc.).

Very valuable information about yourself can be learned in TEX, so don't discount its importance, just because it is a first stop of 30 others. Even seasoned Aethyr travelers will stop back at TEX (and RII) to examine a personal issue in more depth and gain insight into how to solve it. The beginning adept must become familiar with TEX, and retain full conscious control and memory of your activities here. The lessons that you will learn here (and in RII) will be needed when you enter any of the Aethyrs beyond.

Upon sucessful entry into TEX you graduate to the magical grade of Zelator.

* additional source material: "Enochian Magick" by Gerald J. Schueler, "The Golden Dawn" by Israel Regardie