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The 29th Aethyr, RII, sits just above TEX on the etheric plane. RII has been said to be the region where the heavens of the world's religions lie, but the idea of heaven is a constantly expanding idea, that grows as you grow. Despite this, RII may appear to you as being serene or divine but in a very earthly sense, as it is very near to the earth. RII, like TEX is divided into four sections:

  1. Your karmic burdens as well as your karmic necessities must be faced in the North. --> RII-North
  2. Your desires for rewards or punishments will be faced in the East. --> RII-East
  3. Your sense of helplessness and human frailty must be faced in the West. --> RII-West
  4. Your awareness of life without a physical body must be faced in the South. --> RII-South

Again, like TEX, you begin your Aethyr journey in RII at the center and move in one of the four cardinal directions. Sometimes you have a choice in direction and other times you will not. Moving North will show you the karmic energy that you must conquer or must carry. In the East you will see the various ways you punish and reward yourself for acts you deem as right or wrong. In the South you learn what it is like to be free of physical form and limitation. And in the West you face all the weaknesses that come along with being human. Like TEX there is much to explore in RII, and you should spend as much time as you need exploring every crevices of this Aethyr. The more you do the easier it will be to reach the other Aethyr above RII.

* additional source material: "Enochian Magick" by Gerald J. Schueler, "The Golden Dawn" by Israel Regardie