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The second Aethyr, ARN, is the plane where Babalon and the beast merge. The beast meaning your human nature and Babalon being your divine self. Back in ZID you glimpsed this divine self in the form of knowledge and conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel. Here, the two of you become one. Many things come together here in this Aethyr too. For one, the realization that your sexual opposite is none other than your own divine self come to you in the most alluring form possible. The seductress or seducer of your Aethyr journeys has been your higher self, luring you ever upward.

Your companion here will always be your sexual opposite, and the two of you will always be tied together emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Here, the two of you are literally one with each other. There are many advantages to this union, as you will soon see. First, information from the spiritual plane can flow easily downward through the plane of spirit, through your divine opposite and into your human self. This information can be used in your daily reality creating and in accomplishing your Great Work. Also, you will always feel complete because sexually you will no longer be without your opposite polarity. Furthermore, you will be able to command great energy and power because now there is a perfect power conduit established.

Before this union, the energy you commanded had to sift through either your polar- male or polar-female half (depending on your gender). This sifting stripped away half of your reality creating potential. Naturally, this stripping of your power was done for your own protection because, until this point, you would of been unable to control this energy, which ultimately could of led to the destruction of others and yourself. But now, with your divine self so closely linked to your human self, the misuse of this power is nonexistent. It is virtually impossible for you to use your power unwisely unless you decouple yourself from your divine counterpart, which, of course, would return you to where you were before, lacking your opposite self and polarity and lacking in the ability to channel this balanced energy.

In ARN you are learning how to channel pure, divine energy into the physical development system. By accomplishing this channeling you are doing two things. First, you are becoming aquatinted with energy that has no polarity of any kind. And second, you are acting as a pipeline from the divine consciousness, helping it to keep the torch of human development alive. Without this influx of energy, from individuals reaching this high-caliber, the lower planes would cease to be places of evolution and all souls in those spheres would be forever lost and trapped. This idea is the Sun-Savior aspect. It is none other than divinity maintaining an existence within time and space for the benefit of others.

If you do get this high in the Aethyr system, you are indeed divine in nature, though you will think otherwise, due to the lessons and humbling that was part of your training toward this step. Christ, Buddha and others referred to and believed themselves to be mere men. The first shall be last and the last shall be first is a well known axiom that applies here in this Aethyr. It refers to the knowing that you are no higher or lower than any other individual: knowing that the divine spark resides in everyone and that that spark makes everyone divine in nature.

Now, reaching ARN does not imply that you must take up a cross or go on some prophetic mission to save souls. You can save souls and not be any more or less known than you are now. By just being who you are and going about your day-to-day routine will effect those that you contact in ways that you can not imagine or understand. The energy that you command can transform another person's life with a single thought, providing that that thought is focused properly, which you learned how to do in the Aethyr ZOM. Your continual connection to your divine self is of course necessary, so that you can continue to serve as a divine messenger and helper, a connection that you learn how to keep here in ARN.

* additional source material: "Enochian Magick" by Gerald J. Schueler, "The Golden Dawn" by Israel Regardie