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These Angelic Surgeons take their authority from the ARAGOTH (the Divine Justice Board). You may be wondering why the Divine Justice Board would have healers attached to it, but as you will see, the ARAGOTH deal with much larger issues, and the healers that come from there can heal just about anything.

Divine Justice in its most pure form is nothing more than Divinity putting right a wrong in accordance with divine law. On a very grand scale, this implementation could be some unjust act that someone committed and counterbalancing that act with its divine opposite. Humanity's present justice system is an attempt at this process. However, healing in its most basic form is a method for restoring energy or pathways that have been improperly applied. Here is where the ARAGOTH healers come into play. Understand this! The healings that the ARAGOTH Surgeons perform can seem miraculous, but the miraculous quality stems from Divinity intervening and righting a wrong, be it energy, people, places, things, or just simply the setting of a bone, as is in the case of healing work. You see! The bone has a divine right to be in its most proper place. The bone's fully healed state is its natural place. When it is broke, it is broke because something unnatural occurred and set it on an improper path. In this hypothetical case, the injustice that gets set right is the bone returning to its natural state, which, of course, is a healed condition.

Now, the ARAGOTH exist to put right these injustices. As such, they possess great power and authority. They can heal a star, for example; or they could heal an insect. Their power and scope is far-reaching and nothing is too big or too small for them. Christ was able to tune into this divine level of healing and direct its power on to the Earth Plane. There is much information about what they do, but in this chapter I cover the healing energy of the ARAGOTH and how to use it, because that is your main focus right now.

The key to utilizing the ARAGOTH Surgeons is to recognize the divine justice that rests in doing a particular healing. Clearing and healing the affected area is just a matter of setting things in motion back to a divine state. Also, you must take into account the karmic lessons that these illnesses represent. Christ was very aware of how karma was involved in many of his miraculous healings and none of those healings were accomplished unless karma had been repayed or redirected. In repayed I mean that the karmic debt was complete and all that needed to be restored was the physical body of the individual. In redirected I mean the cases where karma had not been repayed, but the area was healed and the reality of the individual became readjusted as to pay that karma back in a more constructive way - like, for example, instead of paying back a karmic injustice by experiencing some physical affliction, as is usually the case, but paying that karma back by doing community service. The latter is a more positive and pleasant way of paying back some injustice. It mobilizes the individual instead of freezing the individual. Karma or healing can be accomplished either way. Christ often just redirected that karma into these other avenues. Hence, with the energy properly redirected, it was a simple matter to call the ARAGOTH Surgeons in to repair the physical image.

Specifically knowing just where to redirect this karmic energy is not needed, in most cases. What you do need to do, however, is to be aware that the karma needs to be redirected. Then, at the time of the healing, pass that karma out of the inflicted area and move it to a more active part of the individual's energy field: the part of the field that deals with reality creation of the individual. There the karma will be automatically applied in a more constructive way. What often marks an adept individual from a general person is this natural ability to redirect one's karma away from the physical body and move it into the other more subtle areas. This moving of the karmic energy to the outer areas of the person, frees the physical image from any discomfort, and it gives the karma a more active and positive forum to play out. Karma that is moved outward, in this manner, will clear much more rapidly than karma that is cleared by physical pain or discomfort. Not only that, karma paid back in a more active way generates a feeling of well being and comfort and quite often is a lot of fun. This kind of karmic healing is true soul healing, and it is the preferred way to work out any and all karmic debts.

The ARAGOTH can be called in just like the other healing energies (the OLAP & ARN). You simply recite the mantra ARAGOTH (pronounced a-ra-goth) over and over. The ARAGOTH keyword roughly translates to "Restore the path to God through Divine Justice." This keyword opens up the energy of Divine Justice and allows it to flow through you, for use by your direction.

Now, this kind of healing has two parts. The first part is the removal of the karma, if it exists, to the outer regions of the person's aura. You do this by holding your hand over the area affected and focusing on more active and positive ways for the individual to pay it back. You can use your creative imagination here but keep in mind that the actual way that the karma may get paid back may be different from how you see it. The imagination part here is used to start the process and to act like a magnet sucking the karma out and placing it into the person's field. It is important, during this part of the healing, to see the person repaying the karma in your minds eye. Otherwise you could redirect the karma into someone else, which is undesirable, especially if that redirection is into your own field. Karma can be repaid in this way too, but that is a different topic for another chapter. Also do not judge what you see or imagine at this point.

The second part of this healing involves the actual physical healing. Now that the karma has been removed from the area, you can direct the ARAGOTH to come in and put the area back into its divine state of perfect health. There is no longer a need for that infliction to continue, and it actually becomes an injustice to leave it that way. Here you want to be an energy conduit for the ARAGOTH. In this part of the healing, your hands will have periods of activity and periods of inactivity, while the ARAGOTH use you as an energy tool. They may have you cutting and pasting, but more than likely, they will just remove, energetically, the area's etheric template and put in a new fully functioning etheric template. You may feel large globs of energy moving out of your hands, these are the etheric template energies as they pass from one dimension to another. When done, the person will be fully healed, though some physical habits from the infliction may persist, for a time, as the individual releases these outworn patterns.

While the ARAGOTH could heal any and all inflictions, they should only be called in for those inflictions that are the result of karma. In other words, if an area of the body is ill because the person is not moving energy properly through that area, you would call in the OLAP or the ARN or both but not the ARAGOTH. You would, however, call in the ARAGOTH if, say, the person was ill because of a past karmic debt that was being paid back. For example, a person having migraine headaches because they tormented another individual seven years ago by playing mental games on them. In this case, they may be having these headaches because of karmic residue from that time. Here the OLAP and the ARN may be able to temporarily relieve the condition, but it will return because of the karmic energy going on in the area. Here you would have to call in the ARAGOTH to remove the karma from the area and then to do the actual repair of the area. When healing is done in this manner, the person will experience a complete healing, without the chance of it returning. Shortly thereafter, something will change in that person's physical life and, in some way, they will begin to actively pay back that karmic debt. For example, using the above example, this person may start to help other people who are they themselves being tormented, by giving them strength and support. Here in the latter case, the individual learns firsthand about what mental cruelty can do to another person through direct association and gets to put right his/her past wrong by helping others to free themselves from these mental games.

In a roundabout way, all the ARAGOTH are doing is redirecting the way that the karma gets repayed and, hence, frees the individual from the physical pain. It is a matter of learning how to recognize karma and directing how to repay it. You can repay karma through grace or through pain. The choice is up to the individual. But often, the individual is unaware of these things on an energy level, so the karma gets set into being repayed physically. You, as a healer, present the patient with another alternative that they were unaware of and use your energy and talents to set that course into action. These can and are very rewarding kinds of healings, because you get to experience firsthand the karmic process of which, for so many lifetimes, has held you and others prisoner.

Now that completes today's talk on the ARAGOTH.

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