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RC Radio: W8thcer Station

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W8tcher Station (pronounced “watcher station”) is a nonphysical resort in orbit. It was designed to be used for rest and relaxation for the Watchers. The Watchers are physical and nonphysical members of a group of advanced souls that watch over the earth and gently guide its evolution. They will intervene when something goes very wrong, but only when the “Creator’s” plan is in jeopardy.

W8S is more than just a place for new people to come for travel meditation and to relax and unwind, it is also for creating peace and wellbeing, by bringing people together in a neutral and fun setting to iron out their differences and learn to work together. Do not be surprised if you meet or are engaged in these peace talks as well. This also makes W8S a good place to visit when you need to reconcile differences with others in your life.

At HAS (Hermes Astral Shop), there is now a launch pad that houses a Space Shuttle like nonphysical ship. Get in it and enjoy the ride to the station as the earth gets smaller and W8tcher Station gets closer. Once you make the trip here in the shuttle, you can of course use the transporter in HAS Pub to get back here more quickly.

For now, any people other than yourself that you may meet here will be brought up in a special way that bypasses the normal travel route. Spirit guides will be involved in getting these people here. I get the impression that people interested in Tree of Life work will be brought here in their sleep or dreams as a pre-experience to see if they like it.

This place offers a great opportunity for Jedi to meet with the Watchers and even the Ashtar Command, and to meet others that may be thinking about embarking on the TOL/Spiritual experience.

Gifts and other info and things to do

  • Watchers: (See Hermes blog "The Watchers.") Note: It is rumored that the Watchers are humans from the future that have come back in time. Shhhh you did not hear that from me.
  • If you are new to Tree of Life and Travel meditation and want to visit here without going through the process to develop travel meditation, read this page and look at this picture before you go to sleep. Focus on the picture. When you wake up scan your mind for evidence that you visited here and record your experience quickly before it fades.
  • Intuitive and fun games to engage in as a group.

About the Picture

The station is made up of two parts, a very modern part provided by the Watcher advanced tech and old decommissioned earth tech. It is a symbolic place of the union of both old earth and the new earth that is to come.

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