Hermes' Blog: September 28, 2017

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RC Radio: Watchers, additional comments

About image of the Day, Watchers: The Watchers are made up of terrestrial and extraterrestrial, physical and nonphysical, beings. They watch and monitor humanity’s progress. They can and do at times intervene to help humanity out of difficulty situations, but this help is always in the background, made to be unnoticed, and in secret. They give humanity that gentle push it needs at times to transcend to a higher level of being. They carry great love for humanity, like a parent loves his or her children. In many ways you could say these Watchers are part of our extended family beyond the earth and the stars.

You can meet these people in out of body states, travel meditation, or dreams but only if they wish to be seen, otherwise you would never know they are there. They are especially drawn to spiritual seekers (seeing those people as the golden nuggets of humanity) but they also watch over important world people as well.

The Spiritual force of light is vast and includes many beings working to help humanity. We are never alone and we always have help when we most need it. Light Workers, like yourselves, may often feel alone and powerless, but you do have help and support, you just may be unaware of it. If you look close enough in your life, you may spot the helping hand of these unseen friends.

Note: You cannot ask or call on a Watcher for help. They do not respond for help from individuals. They instead act from some greater source of spiritual direction.

Light, Peace

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