Energy Vampires. After ascension. Sinus problems. When life falls apart.

April 18, 2008 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes,
I have a question of energy vampires. I didn't really believe in when I first started becoming spiritual, but I definitely do. I've been drained a couple of times, and it's hard to describe how it feels other than 'I just feel drained.' Anyway, today I felt totally drained, and I couldn't figure out why. I had no conflicts with anyone I know. Then I checked my email and I found someone who responded to a comment I made on a youtube video. This guy made a lot of comments I won't repeat and he wasn't happy. But he made it around the time I started feeling drained. So I was wondering, can people drain energy over long distances without ever meeting you? And if so how would you be able to protect yourself from that? Thanks for your help.

Hi S!
Yes they can drain you from long distances. Through email, over the phone. Any method of connection will work. As you grow spiritually you become more sensitive to the lower energies of other people when they direct it toward you. They pull your energy down to their level and you feel drained and lifeless and tired. Once you are able to secure your energy connection back, you start to feel good. You can't become a hermit in today's day and age but you can be watchful with how you put yourself out there for others to see and interact with. Keep distance between those things that try to pull you down. In the case of that comments. He or she is just upset with their own life and using you as a focal point. When you feel something like this happen and can find the source, send an energyball of love and light to that person. Wish him or her well and peace in the energyball. Then spend a few moments to reconnect with your inner divine spark to replace what was lost. The sooner you do this from the onset of the event the less of a long term impact this will have on you. Wearing a small clear quartz crystal pendant is also very good for protecting you from these energies and keeping your own energy pure. If you do use a crystal then please be sure to clear it once a week in dry sea salt over night.

Light, Peace

Dear Hermes,
Hi and respect. I would like to ask, when a soul reaches the highest level and merges with the divine, does it stay there or it leaves the divine and repeats the cycle of spiritual evolution?

Hi SA!
Once a soul merges with the divine and connects back, it usually goes on to other more advanced learning systems, leaving the physical system behind. Some souls stay behind as teachers and teach others how to reach where they have. A long time ago in mythology you have stories of nonphysical gods or teachers manifesting and helping mankind in a more direct manner. For an ascended person this is dangerous because the lure of physical reality can pull you back into the system and into another repeating pattern of karma, and lifetimes. Some of these people did just that and have had to walk the same path again. Today this is not permitted. Once a soul merges with the divine and if they wish to teach, they are removed from the earth system for no less than 200 years to give them a chance to break the ties with the life they left behind. That way, when they do return to help, as an ascended being, the threat of them being pulled back into matter will not be so great.

Dear Hermes,
I have a sinus blockage that makes it difficult to do breathing exercises, and when you do the breathing exercises, my skin becomes itchy . I have went to many doctors to find out a treatment but none of the doctors seem to know how to treat the problem. These problems arose after seven years of spiritual attacks by people. If i continue with the middle pillar exercise will my health eventually get better? will I be able to breathe freely again? After doing the Middle pillar for the first time in a long time I've gotten out of body travels and feeling the throat and heart chakra pulsate; these are the only two I ever felt. Does emotional distress block the other chakras or should i just stick with the middle pillar exercise, and that's it? One more thing I am at a point of my life when nothing seems like it's going how it used to.Ii used to have many jobs, friends and know I am unemployed for four months and I can't get single job or positive message. Recently I have been dreaming every night that I am fighting with people. Can you enlighten me more about this? Do people usually go through times like these?

Hi A!
Try calling in the OLAP healers for fixing that sinus problem. I have had many healing sessions with them over the years. I have chronic sinus problems myself. Pollution, and such do not help. The OLAP put in a drain that makes the sinus drain out of my head and into my stomach. I suppose it was the best way to fix the problem. A healing meditation is one where you lie down and relax in a meditative state. Then call in the OLAP. Direct them to heal you where you want. Do not expect instant results, though you may get them. I am sure you will have to work with these healers over time to resolve all the problems.

Sometimes you progress to a point where you cannot grow anymore because the things around you are choking your growth. When this happens all the elements of your life that do not fit fall away from you. This allows you to change your reality and surround yourself with other elements that are more in line with your new reality beliefs and growth. Look at your life back then and now and see how it has changed, then look to the future and what you may want to create. Then pick one of those things and work on that. Try not to put something back that was already there, as that will just create the same blockages. Be observant of what you needed then, what you need now and what you may need in the future and try to create based on the present and future, not the past. Let the past go, it is gone and many times only serves as an anchor to hold you back. If you can do that your life will come out of the stall pattern it is in and move forward again. If you are afraid of change, ask Archangel Michael to help you overcome your fears. He can be found in HOD:

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