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Let's devote the next several chapters to some alternative healing energies that you can tune into and use in your own healings and in the healing of others as well. The first of these energies is the OLAP surgeons.

The OLAP Surgeons (pronounced oh-el-aa-pay), come from a galaxy far older and further away than humanity's. These beings were present at the very beginnings of the physical universe and, for a time, have remained dormant, until certain eras and individuals were ready to use them again. The OLAP were responsible for the original body-design and the subsequent changes in the human form. They will be responsible for the changes in the human form to come, over the next 200 years or so. The OLAP Surgeons are the implementers of the divine process on an etheric, astral, and a mental level. They do not specifically design the form, but they are responsible for the creating of that form. In other words, the blueprints are handed to the OLAP from the Divine Technicians (the ARN surgeons) and then the OLAP go about making those blueprints a physical reality. As such, the OLAP Surgeons know a great deal about the human body and of course their expertise and precision is unprecedented.

The OLAP order of healers are a very strange breed, indeed, and, as such, they are very particular with who they work through. They choose their associates very carefully, because energy compatibility is very important for successful execution of their work. It takes a bit of time for them to establish a good strong connection with those that wish to work with them. Often, they will poke and prod you with their needles of light and love and make adjustments to your body many months before they even begin working through you. They are preparing your body to handle their increased energy vibration because the galaxy that they come from is very different, energetically, from humanity's. When they have your body where they need it to be, they will then begin to work directly with you, first in healing yourself, and then in the healing of others, if you so wish and choose this path.

To activate the OLAP Surgeons, you vibrate, for a couple of minutes, the keyword OLAP (pronounced oh-el-aa-pay [wav file]). The word OLAP comes from the Enochian phrase OL-AP LAMA A-MAD PADO, which roughly translates to "Restore the path to God whose name is BEING." The call opens up energy that is specifically designed to return the individual to a divine state. You see! A perfect divine state is one that is free from all imperfections, free from disease, negativity, etc. The OLAP phrase unlocks energies that allow the individual to return to that perfect state of being. It also opens up a channel to these surgeons who then can connect to you and your healing work.

This vibrating (saying over and over in your head or aloud) of the OLAP keyword phrase sets up a magnetic resonance that locks you into this healing current, and it is on this current that the OLAP Surgeons will ride in. They follow this energy pathway to you, and, at which time, you can then direct them. It may take a minute or two to call in these surgeons, so a bit of patience may be needed. However, more than likely, you will find that they know when they are going to be needed before you do, and you can usually feel their presence in the room even before you begin. In either case, use the keyword anyway, just to signal to them that you are ready to begin and to link yourself with this divine healing current.

The OLAP, unlike the ARN (pronounced ar-ra-na) like to be directed. (I'll be devoting a chapter to the ARN, the Divine Technicians, in the future.) So, you must mentally show the OLAP Surgeons where it is you would like them to begin. This showing of them where to begin does not mean that they will only work in this area, for you may find that you start at a knee and wind up at the nose, but it does mean that you must begin the process for them. For this reason, a gentle poking and prodding, of the area, of where you want to work, will get them going and start the healing process. They also desire for you to feel the energy disruptions, before beginning the healing, to kind of give you a glimpse of what to look for in the future and to develop more intuitive healing gifts.

Once the OLAP begin, you will feel an odd energy descending upon you. These healers are quite physical in that you can and will feel them. The energy that they use rests just above the physical level, so it is very easy to know and feel them. The energy can be either cold or hot depending on the kind of healing that is taking place. A cold energy is a signal of deep bodywork and restructuring. These kinds of healings usually deal with the installing of etheric-metal plates, sowing, cutting, pasting, and the removal of bad tissue. A hot energy is a signal of a healing of a more energetic kind. Here a Chakra may be revamped or reordered or reenergized, or energy may be put into various body parts to facilitate healing. Also, a hot healing is often used to remove an unwanted astral entity, like an energy slyph, that occasionally gets attached to a damaged area of the body. Generally, a hot energy healing is a gentler healing, because no actual physical body parts get affected. However, while you may sense one or the other kind of healing, most likely, you will have both a hot energy and a cold energy coming through in most OLAP healings. The surgeons like to do removal of any foreign entities first, then body restructuring, and then follow up with energy rejuvenation. So, typically, you could feel hot energy, then cold, then hot.

During a typical OLAP healing, your hands will be quite active. Just allow the OLAP to move your hands at will, and they will take care of the rest. The surgeons will talk to you, mentally, while the healing is taking place, as they like to let you know exactly what is going on at all times. They also may invoke various energy states within you, by having you speak certain angelic calls. You can say these silently or very quietly, as not to disturb the patient. What is happening, here, is that the surgeons require your energy to be in a certain state. The angelic calls will invoke that state within you and enable you to better maintain the energy connection between you, them, and the patient. Just let yourself flow with what seems to come to your mind, and you will do fine.

The OLAP are team surgeons. They work in groups. Quite often, while the master surgeon is working through you, several other OLAP surgeons are working on other areas of the body too. The whole OLAP team works together as one mind with many hands. This brings about a most remarkable kind of healing within the body, because, for example, while the master surgeon is sowing in a metal plate, a sub surgeon is adjusting the energy of the patient so that the plate can be put in with minimal shock to the system. At this time, too, another support surgeon may be doing acupuncture work to bring the whole body into better balance. There can be as much as 6 or 7 surgeons working on one patient in a given OLAP healing session.

A full blown healing of this kind is not without some discomfort afterward. The body of the patient may be sore for several days, and it would be best to advise the patient of this. Some cuts, incisions, puncture marks, or even redness may show up, but this too is part of the surgical and healing process. Fortunately, though, despite some physical discomfort or markings, an OLAP healing is most complete in that full body use can be immediately taken advantage of afterward. In other words, while the body may be sore, the healing is usually thorough. So if the person wants to go play tennis afterward, there is no reason why they can not. However, keep in mind that some healings do require rest afterward, and the OLAP Surgeons will usually tell you, before they leave, if there is something that the patient should or should not do. Some healings, especially the more intense ones, may not show full positive results for a couple of days or even a couple of weeks. This delay in healing results occurs because the actual healing takes place on an etheric level and, sometimes, it takes a bit of time for the healing to transpose itself to the physical level. Minor surgery will almost always show actual physical results. In either case, the patient will feel better and even begin to look better afterward. For example, they may not limp any longer, or they may not slump. Or they may have more mobility. These are all signs that the healing was complete and that in time and with a bit of rest, the physical body will follow the healed etheric counterpart.

The typical tools of the OLAP Surgeons are light needles, for energy and acupuncture work; energy scalpels, for cutting and resealing the worked on areas; metal plates made of etheric titanium; etheric titanium thread for binding areas together; micro heat or energy modules placed into an effected area to facilitate the healing process (these come in two designs, a self dissolving kind that goes away when the power source is exhausted and a permanent one that must be removed later on when the area has fully recovered).

The OLAP Surgeons are a most advanced kind of healer for the planet, and they enjoy their work and the people that they work with. They are very dedicated and will do the work without thanks or require any kind of compensation. Just the same, a good-hearted thank you can go far with them, and you are encouraged to always give due gratitude to these beings when they are done.

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