Hod (Tree of Life / Sephira)

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SEPHIRA HOD (Splendor)
GOD FORCE EL-OH-HEEM TZ' VAH-OHT (God of hosts ruling the universe in wisdom and harmony)
ARCHANGEL MICHAEL (Protector of God)

Hod is the sphere of the solar level of consciousness. It is the realm of ideas and communication, of magic, contracts, and travel. The idea of reality creating has its basis in this sphere and of the skill to manifest and unmanifest things at will.

Modern science stems from the energy in this level, as it is the solar level of consciousness that tries to quantify the universe and everything around it.

Hod is a good place to meet with the Archangel Michael. Michael is a being to call upon when you need protection or are in some kind of danger. As such Hod is a place to go for protection from the things that are unseen and things that are beyond your own ability to defend against.

The energy of this sphere is well suited for acquiring knowledge and wisdom of any scientific or of a concrete physical-like nature. But more so, this sphere is the place to go to find or touch God within these physical constructs. The Beney Eloheem's primary responsibility is the transmission of knowledge to unite man with God. So here, for example, you not only acquire knowledge but also about how that knowledge touches the universe.

Because the energy of Hod is skewed toward the application of knowledge through divine means, Hod is a great place to uncover deception and to find the truth of things. The light of God here is powerful enough to illuminate all falsehoods. Visit here when you feel someone is being untruthful and you want to discover the true nature of these things. Then use this knowledge to help you but not as a weapon to be used against another.

The pitfall here in Hod is the use of truth and of knowledge as a weapon against others or in some kind of game to gain superiority over another. You do not always have to be correct. And the real truth is that the more knowledge you acquire the more humble you must become. So if you find yourself falling into the trap of using knowledge against others, visit the sphere of Yesod where knowledge is secondary to the powerful unknown forces that shape existence through mysterious ways.

If used correctly Hod can be a great place to acquire the energy of discovery. Knowledge will seek out knowledge and open more and more doorways for you, if you just give it the time. This action will also keep you safe and protected from the often double-edge nature of knowledge that is acquired by force or too quickly.