Q&A 23: diminishing dream recall; dreaming of the future & prophecy; dream time and space; stock market manifestation; the fall and ascension & forces of dark and light; genetics, hair loss, & the death gene; getting rid of negative entities & nasties that have latched on to you; projected sexual energy, where does it go, and is it harmful to others?
Some Questions and Answers

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I used to have very visual dreams and could remember much of them, and many times they would come true later, but now I can't seem to remember having a dream. Any suggestions?

There is a rhythm to your dreams. I find that at times in your life they will be real active and then at other times they diminish.

There are some things that do, however, diminish dream recall. One is a very intense physical day. If your life is very physical and it seems most of your attention is going to physical manifestation, you may not have enough energy to remember your dreams. Also if you go to sleep after midnight then you will have diminished dreams.

To increase your dreams you could try a brief meditation just before you go to bed. I find that sometimes this helps. A late afternoon nap will boost your dream recall for that evening. Some Ginko tea a few hours before bed can help too.

I've noticed for a long time that I seem to Dream of the future. I don't always remember the Dreams, but when the event manifests, I remember it. There have been occasions when I have remembered the Dreams and considered them insignificant and a few months later the event has manifest. Could you please explain to me the cause of this phenomenon and how I can make better use of it in a directed fashion (and in my reality creation). Especially if the Dream is about something I don't want. Also could you please explain how prophecy and seeing the future works.

Okay here is a primer on simultaneous time: Then follow that up with this log file:

Prophecy and seeing the future are extensions of the nonphysical plane's simultaneous nature. Many events travel in packs or waves. Your nonphysical self (or in some cases your physical self) will tune into these wave patterns and then lock into that wave for a time. It is like your consciousness rides that wave. Prophecy is like riding that wave of probable future events. So instead of getting just one or two a person will get strings of information along that line. If these events come true (and I use the word IF) than the person making the prophecy is often looked at in awe. The next set of prophecy's however do not have to come true. In many respects these people that prophesize try to tune into similar wave patterns because they know in all likelihood the group he or she is part of will pull those events out of the bag and manifest them, and then validating the person doing the prophecy once more.

The danger here of course is the more this person is right the more his peer group gives up their reality control to an event that does not have to happen. Doom and gloom prophets are common because many people thrive on this negative reality creating and it just is easier to make a doom and gloom prophecy as the group consciousness is predisposed in that area.

I'm curious to know why does time in dreams seem to span many hours or days when I am sleeping and that the dream was from an hour's sleep? Are we just dreaming away running through the possibilities / predictions the future, playing it like a movie?

There is a good article on the website that can help you to understand this better:

However in brief what that article explains is that time and the usual sense of space (distance between things), does not exist in the dream universe.

When you step into a dream you are out of the physical dimension. Dreams exist in a non-time framework. A dream can last seconds, hours, or even years, and only a few moments can pass in physical time. It is like the entire physical plane is put on hold while you are away.

Imagine two cars driving on the same road. One car is moving at 60 mph and the other at 20 mph. Both cars have a driver and passenger. Both cars are going to the same destination. The passenger in each car is bouncing a ball at a rate of once per minute. When the first car (60 mph) arrives at the destination the passenger reports that they were able to bounce the ball 20 times. When the second car arrives (20 mph) the passenger reports they were able to bounce the ball 60 times. The person in car two was able to do more during the trip because time in that car was moving slower in that car.

Look at dreams like the cars moving on the road. The destination is when you wake up. Two dreams are moving along at different rates in time. In one dream you can do more than you can in another.

As far as the dream universe and physical reality, in physical reality time is constant (the car never changes its rate of speed). In the dream universe time is fluid (the car can change its speed at will, go faster or slower). This enables you to do more or less in a dream than in any physical moment, depending on how fast or slow you are moving in the dream.

I live in New York City. I wish the stock market would respond as fast as everything else.. Why am I having so much trouble with the stock market? I'm losing money. It's like as soon as I buy something it goes down in value. All the time! I feel myself sending out a feeling, an energy. I can't seem to change it. Everything else is going really well, so I guess something's up in this area.

How was your stock-sense before September 11? I ask this because if you are having trouble with picking the right stock since then, then most likely you are being affected by the negative energy and despondency that is prominent at this time in New York. This energy can infect you like a virus if you are not careful and lead you to focusing on the negative side of things instead of the positive. You draw into your reality what you send out. So if you are picking the wrong stocks then you must be thinking about losing money in the stock market, or you have lost confidence in your ability to pick the right stock, so you expect to pick the wrong stock. Fear is also a big draw in pulling in something to your reality. If you are playing into everyone's fear of loosing money in the stock market then this powerful emotion will work against you.

If your stock-sense was good before September 11 then spend about five minutes every night thinking back to how you felt at that point. Try to bring some of the magic you had in that past into your present by feeling it now in your present.

If you stock sense was never so good, then you need to really examine what thoughts are going through your head while you are picking out a stock. You also need to be watchful of what you say to other people. The more you talk to others about your unsuccessful stock the more you will create it. It is best to keep silent on things you are trying to manifest. Also when you talk to others about your stock you put your manifestation in question. Once people know about your plan they have an opinion of it and that energy that they send out can hinder the creation. This is especially true of people that have taken a loss in the stock market. There is a saying "miserly loves company". Your stock market peers unconsciously do not want to see you succeed because that means they are doing something wrong. So they send out energy to influence your reality creation. Try to keep silent about your stock purchases when you can. You will find much more control in the outcome.

According to the workshop log from January 3, 2002 you stated that after ascension beings are able to return to the physical plane at will to aid others. I have concerns as to whether the opposite is true. Are beings from another realm coming to our plane to harm and hinder people? Also, what would the opposite process of ascension be called?

The opposite of ascension is the fall, which is what all of us on this planet are trying to undo. The fall is when we turned away from God and those harmonizing forces of the universe and did whatever we wanted at any cost. As we did this we cut ourselves off from the energy and life force that kept us healthy and happy. So we started aging, getting sick, and generating much anger and hatred. This trapped us in an endless cycle of death and rebirth, till we are again able to reconnect with God and those harmonizing forces.

Generally speaking the forces of darkness and chaos only exist in and around the earth plane. They cannot rise upward toward ascension as that requires that they harmonize their energy with God, something they are unwilling to do.

The earth is already a lower energy plane. Even ascended masters that can visit the earth plane have to leave; otherwise they would be trapped here as well. The longer they are here the more their high-energy is drained away by everyone here. So they will stay for a short time do their work then return to the planes of higher energy and recharge. In other words the ascended masters do this to help the planet to evolve and grow, but they cannot live here.

If we have all 'fallen' to the physical plane, was this a conscious choice of every individual or does this fall under the doctrine of the Christian religions where we are imperfect due to the folly of Adam and Eve?

Everyone incarnating on this planet consciously decided to experience the physical plane. Back in the beginning of physical reality, it was a very distant, alluring place. I don't think anyone realized how easily they could be disconnected from God. Everyone got trapped and have been repeating a birth-death cycle ever since. No one is cursed, just lost. As you get close to ascension that lost feeling goes away and you once more start to feel the connectedness of everything. And then yes, you do realize just how far you did come from God.

If hair loss is genetic in nature, is there a way to change this? I know the mind is all powerful but is it that powerful to actually stop a GENETIC cycle from occurring

Your body will follow your genetic makeup if you do not override it with your will and your own consciousness. If this was not the case people would never escape genetics and our bodies would not evolve and adapt as they have over the centuries.

So, what you leave un-programmed, your body will fill in with its genetic memory. You can override your genetic programming to be bald by focusing on having hair and sending the message to your body that you want hair on your head.

There is also something called the death gene. This gene is responsible for advanced aging and death at early ages. This gene tries to become active around the age of 40, and if you do not override it, you will live the pattern that your genetics lays out for you in old age. It is important to stay focused on health and being young at this time in your life. Hold these thoughts for ten years and you can override the death gene and program your own old age and not your bodies genetic memory of how it should be.

I want to know how one knows if negative entities are around. What are the signs, feels, etc.? What can one do about them and are they just a nuisance or can they be harmful.


These dark entities or nasties are all around us. Most people walk around with several attached the them all the time and never know it. They feed off your negative energy and fear. People do not realize they are there because they do not know what it is like to be free of these guys.

To be free of these guys takes determination and some work. You have to clear your energy field on a regular basis and work on removing most negative thoughts and actions from your being. The MPE or WLE are two exercises that can help with your energy field. I also would encourage you to meditate a few times a week as well. On the magical side you can use the LBRP to help keep your living space free of these things. And of course prayer is an effective weapon against these guys. Anything that will raise your energy and cause these beings to leave will work. They do not like intense energy, though they are attracted to it at first. However if they cannot elicit lower energies from you, they will have to move on.

Once you are relatively free of these nasties, then you know when you have one. Your positive attitude starts to fade away as the nasty tries to pull out some fear. You may also get nightmares because this being will try to elicit an emotional response while you sleep. Social interaction can cause a nasty to jump from one person to you, especially once you clear out your energy field of these guys. So often you may feel drained or have some fears starting to bubble up after some social interaction. What may have happened here is that a nasty that was on someone else decided to latch on to you instead.

Getting rid of these guys may mean working on and removing that fear that they are pulling out. Or if you are good at dream manipulation or out of body travel, you can go on the nonphysical seek this being out and slay it. Those students that have started working on traveling the "Tree of Life" eventually meet Sandalphon. Sandalphon is an archangel that assists you in the Tree of Life. One of the first tools he gives you is a sword. This nonphysical sword comes in handy for slaying those nasties that attach themselves to you.

Either way the most effective weapon against these things is positive thoughts, high energy, and a clear energy field. I'm sure this is not as simple as an answer as you were looking for. But it is the only way you can win at this game of removing these guys once and for all.

What happens with sexual energy, and are the fantasies we have harmful to the ones we are thinking about? When you are attracted to somebody can a person sense it?"

Sexual thought energy directed at a particular individual will eventually find its way to that person. Depending on that person this energy could be welcomed or not. If it is not welcomed in a way you are generating a karmic wave that will come back to you. Most likely sexual energy will come to you from someone else when you do not want it or when it can be a distraction.

Sometimes (and this does happen often) your spirit guide can deflect this sexual energy from where it is focused too and transform it. It is a service they can provide if this energy is going someplace it really should not go. This does not mean that you should not try to refrain from sending out sexual energy to specific people. In a way, sexual energy coming from an unwanted source is an invasion of privacy.

Of course this happens all the time. Most people find it difficult to impossible to control their sexual energy and where it goes. Nor do they consider the ramifications of such thought energy. It does not make it right, but because of this we have come to dismiss sexual thought energy when it comes upon us as just our own psyche playing tricks on us. We rarely consider that it is coming from someone sending this energy out.

Depending on how sensitive a person is will depend whether or not they can sense this attractive or sexual energy being sent to them. I knew a woman who used to know all the time who was sending her sexual energy and where it was coming from. I'm sure if she was able to tell, then many other people are as well. Many more people could probable tell if they took the time to think about where this energy may be coming from. Every thought carries with it the unique signature of who sent it. Backtracking thoughts to the source is not hard once you start practicing it.

To help diminish the possibility of sending sexual energy someplace it should not go, ask your spirit guide to take these thoughts and feelings and put them to good positive use. When you sense your thoughts wandering or you are generating sexual energy in a certain external direction then say something like this silently to yourself: "Spirit guide please take this sexual energy and send it someplace where it can do some good. I do not nor do I wish to have this energy harm or intrude on anyone."