white and gold in the aura; the ascension process; ascended masters; developing metaphysical skills; being less unconscious during sleep;
January 3, 2002 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Jan 03 16:35:34 2002
*** Now talking in #energyworks
*** Topic is 'A teacher affects eternity; He can never tell where his influence stops. '
<Hermes`> hello,
<Hermes`> happy new year!
<fooki> hi there
<fooki> u too
<fooki> what do you think, is it possible for a human to have white and golden colors in aura?
<Hermes`> sure
<Hermes`> that is what happens as a person ascends
<fooki> what does that mean?
<Hermes`> pure white by itself can be unbalancing. When the gold is added it means the individual is balancing the spiritual energy in the physical plane
<fooki> in earthly terms?
<fooki> =)
<Hermes`> it means you are able to relate to people and things that are physical.
<Hermes`> with only white in the aura you are unable to relate to anything physical.
<fooki> so what does it mean when a person ascends? what is ascension?
<Hermes`> ascension is when the physical body is replaced with a energy body of light. With this new body you can assemble or disassemble the physical body at will. When this occurs you have merged completely with your divine self (monadic self).
<fooki> so if that happens then what?
<Hermes`> then you are off the planet, and will live with the ascended masters in the city of lights (etheric plane cities).
<Hermes`> you can then, leave the earth system or stay and help others.
<fooki> whoa
<fooki> so like does it necessarily mean just that if somebody has white and golden in their aura?
<fooki> or can it mean something else too?
<fooki> hi Trinity2
<Hermes`> well you can have white and gold with other colors in the aura
<Trinity2> Hi :)
<Hermes`> that would just mean you are working on creating more white and gold in the aura
<Hermes`> the white and gold increases as you evolve spiritually and the other colors diminish
<Trinity2> I have been told that I have a 'green' aura what does that mean?
<Hermes`> green people are generally intellectual, they make good healers as well.
<Trinity2> Oh that's a relief thought is was bad or something. I can't see auras myself, hope to one day
<Hermes`> no color is bad, they all are just different ways you approach reality
<Hermes`> black or dark grey in the aura is a sign of illness
<Trinity2> I just think I am a looooong way off from white or gold sometimes
<Hermes`> well these white and gold colors can show up only a few years before you ascend
<Hermes`> you do not have to have them in your aura in your life at all.
<Trinity2> wouldn't life be much more fulfilling the more spiritually advanced and aware you are?
<Hermes`> sure
<Hermes`> which is exactly what happens
<Trinity2> So you'd want at least a little bit :)
<fooki> would someone cut + paste what i missed?
<Hermes`> lacking gold or white does not mean you are not spiritually evolving
<fooki> and like what was the last my line u guys got?
<Trinity2> (I asked if green was 'bad' while you were offline)
<fooki> and like what is the difference of aura and auric field? can one have gold&white in aura too or is it just an auric field thing?
<fooki> ok
<Hermes`> auric field and aura are really the same thing
<fooki> i see
<Hermes`> auric field refers to the scope or range of the aura, how far it it encompasses your body
<Hermes`> is it one, two, three or more feet around you.
<fooki> well there was someone who said that it's impossible for a human to have white and golden in aura and if one had white and golden in auric field, it would belong to his guides or something
<Trinity2> So more spiritually evolved people also have a larger auric field?
<Hermes`> well I do know that the ascended masters all had white and gold in their auras before they ascended.
<fooki> I see
<Hermes`> it really means the person is very close to ascension
<fooki> wild
<Hermes`> for the most part a human can not have white and gold in the aura
<Hermes`> when the white and gold starts to show up in large amounts, you are not human any more
<fooki> what then?
<Hermes`> like I said you ascend off the planet
<fooki> like in your lifetime in here?
<Hermes`> yea, if you evolve to that point that the white and gold start showing up in large amounts, then you ascend in that life
<fooki> so what happens in physical plane when that happens?
<fooki> does the physical body just die away?
<Hermes`> you just disappear
<Hermes`> the physical body is replaced with the light body
<Hermes`> the light body burns the physical body up
<Hermes`> you would see a bright light coming from the person
<fooki> that would look weird =D
<Hermes`> the person would then disappear for a few moments as the physical body is transmuted...
<Hermes`> then the person would reappear in the light body that would look physical but is not..
<fooki> ok
<Hermes`> often at this point they are very bright and give off large amounts of energy
<fooki> so like
<fooki> do that kind of people have some specific qualities?
<fooki> like how do they behave or something =D
<fooki> do they have a lot of spiritual gifts
<Trinity2> I thought your physical body stayed behind, if it is supposed to disappear then that means I don't know anyone who has ascended, do only certain people ascend (and where do the rest go then!?)
<Hermes`> well usually, you are not permitted to stay in the physical plane for very long, after this happens. You are taken to the etheric cities where your new body is stabilized
<Hermes`> later on these ascended people may return, but when they do it is usually in secret to assist others.
<fooki> but before they ascend
<fooki> what are they like?
<Hermes`> while many people have talked about ascension, there are very few accounts of actual ascension
<Hermes`> before they ascend they are like you and me, a physical person
<Hermes`> after ascension they are powerful energy beings that can come and go as they please
<fooki> but are they like wise like Jesus or stuff?
<Hermes`> I would assume that they would be, as they are nearing the end of their physical lives.
<Hermes`> usually just before a person ascends miracles start happening
<Hermes`> the thought energy gets very intense and matter on the earth plane becomes very pliable.
<Hermes`> so often you will hear that just before such a such person ascended many people were healed by this person
<Hermes`> or many lives were changed for the better.
<Hermes`> in reality the pure energy that the person is pulling in just before ascension spills over on to the physical people around that person
<Hermes`> it has very positive effects on that reality.
<Hermes`> then the person will ascend and leave the planet.
<Trinity2> I thought we all 'ascended' after we die here in the physical realm, sounds like only a very small percentage of special people 'ascend'. Where do the rest of us go?
<Hermes`> you have up to 30 minutes after your death to ascend with the physical body
<Hermes`> after this the body decays and then you would have to wait till another incarnation
<Hermes`> well that could be three hours
<Hermes`> I'd have to check my facts on the time frame.
<Hermes`> this kind of ascension can result in the body disappearing as well
<Trinity2> So you are literally saying you can take your body WITH you? I always thought it was left behind to decay
<Hermes`> no in an actual ascension the physical body is burnt up by the light body
<Hermes`> there is no physical body left
<Trinity2> Whoa!
<Trinity2> So like I said that must not happen very often, there are ALOT of cemetery plots out there
<Hermes`> it does not happen often
<Trinity2> Plus a disappearing body would make all the headlines!
<Hermes`> I am told that it may become more frequent in years to come.
<fooki> how frequent?
<Hermes`> well usually when a person ascends the family is aware of it
<Hermes`> so the body may disappear but nothing is said of it
<Hermes`> it is usually a quiet matter, not to be discussed
<Hermes`> and too, who would believe it
<Hermes`> so very often the family members will not reveal what happened
<Trinity2> Only example I can think of hearing about this is Jesus, and I always took the 'rising after 3 days' as a metaphor
<Hermes`> master Jesus ascended partially then rematerialized in his physical body 3 days later
<Hermes`> then walked the earth and then completed his ascension later in front of everyone...
<Hermes`> he did this to demonstrate that it was possible for everyone to do
<Trinity2> So his light body, or a light body can turn BACK into a physical one?
<Hermes`> yes, as an ascended person you can rematerialize your physical body at will
<Hermes`> and many ascended masters do this, but they do it in secret to help others.
<Hermes`> they will appear physical, do what they came to do and then leave, just as mysteriously as they came
<Trinity2> How many ascended masters are there?
<Hermes`> a assume many hundreds of thousands, people have been ascending a long time on the planet. However there are maybe several hundred that have made the earth a place to help.
<Hermes`> so these few ascended masters you hear more about.
<Trinity2> Can anyone contact and communicate with them? Are they the same as 'guardian spirits'?
<Hermes`> yep, you can direct your will or prayers to these beings and establish a communication with them
<Hermes`> you can also visit them in out of body states and in your dreams
<Trinity2> Do we all have the capacity for OBE's or just those born with special gifts? Do we all have spiritual gifts somewhere that we can tap into, with time and patience?
<Hermes`> I think everyone can OBE, but I also think you do not have to achieve this skill to ascend
<Hermes`> some people will develop OBE to help them with their own ascension process.
<Hermes`> but that is only because that skill helps them in some manner that they need.
<Trinity2> Yeah it seems that some gifts just come naturally to some people while others have to work on it I guess
<Hermes`> the skills that come easier to some people are often skills that they have mastered in a previous life.
<Trinity2> I'm not sure yet what/if I mastered anything in previous lives - I sure hope I did somewhere along the way :)
<Trinity2> Well afraid I have to run, this was a good chat!
<Trinity2> Will see everyone next week :)
<fooki> bye Trinity2 =)
<fooki> love and light =)
<fooki> hi gnosis =)
<Hermes`> hi gnosis
<gnosis> howdy
<gnosis> is this the crowd today?
<fooki> ok i guess
<Hermes`> yea pack them in
<gnosis> how were your holidays, hermes, fooki?
<fooki> just relaxing.. good I'd say
<gnosis> good :)
<Hermes`> they were great
<Hermes`> holidays are always fun
<Hermes`> though I could do without all the food tempting me
<gnosis> that's great
<gnosis> yea, luckily i don't really concern myself with what i eat.
<gnosis> I think as long as we don't over-eat, the effect of food is pretty subtle.
<Hermes`> yes i agree
<Hermes`> the trick is to not over eat when you are looking at all that rich good tasting food
<gnosis> It's kind of neat though how over-eating can really exhaust or fatigue the body.. a lot of work.
<Hermes`> yea when i gain a pound or two I feel it right away in my energy
<gnosis> I'd say i only really notice things like that when i am not breathing well or if i haven't meditated.
<gnosis> Hermes, do you see a time in your development when lapses in consciousness are minimal to nonexistent?
<gnosis> aka unconsciousness
<Hermes`> as time progresses my unconscious time gets less and less
<Hermes`> but it does fluctuate a bit
<gnosis> even during sleep?
<Hermes`> yea even during sleep
<gnosis> so you go to sleep and you are lucid until you return to physical consciousness?
<gnosis> you there, hermes?
<Hermes`> yes I can be
<Hermes`> but there are times when I will just sleep normally into unconsciousness
<Hermes`> it depends on the amount of energy I have, the amount of sleep I have had the day before, and what I did during the day
<gnosis> yea
<gnosis> :)
<Hermes`> if I am very diligent I can be conscious most of the night
<gnosis> ok
<Hermes`> and this process happened a little at a time
<Hermes`> each year improving
<Hermes`> over the last
<gnosis> yeah
<Hermes`> it is a natural part of the evolution process that you become more conscious and less unconscious
<Hermes`> as you evolve you bring into light more of your personality and being
<Hermes`> i have also found that a much needed ingredient in being conscious during sleep is getting enough of it
<Hermes`> if you do not get enough sleep on a daily basis, then it will be harder for you to remain conscious as you sleep.
<Hermes`> you force the body to go into a a deep sleep so it can heal and rejuvenate
<Hermes`> because of the lack of sleep
<Hermes`> also not getting enough sleep means that all the probabilities are not worked out in your reality
<Hermes`> so when you do finally go to sleep, you have to do catch up to the probabilities.
<Hermes`> and this part of sleep is the hardest part to be conscious in
<Hermes`> so if you spend most of your night working out probabilities, then you will not remember much of your sleep.
<Hermes`> you should have at least 8 hours of sleep if you want to be conscious during some of that sleep.
<Hermes`> two or three hours are spent on probabilities alone
<Hermes`> and like I said that is very hard to bring back conscious knowledge of.
<gnosis> well, night all
<Hermes`> okay take care
<fooki> bye gnosis =)
<gnosis> yeah, nice to see you guys :)
<Hermes`> well i guess I'll go as well
<Hermes`> see all of you later
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Jan 03 18:31:16 2002

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