Time & Space, a Dream Universe inconstant!

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Time and Space within a dream and within the Dream Universe are vastly different than what they appear to be on the physical plane. On the physical plane time and space seem constant and stable. However in the Dream Universe time and space are flexible -- bending and twisting to various conditions and energies. I've already hinted at this flexibility of time and space in the last chapter, when I talked about psychic bridges: how one dream connects to another by way of a psychic bridge. And, with this bridge, it is possible to walk out a dream-door in dream "A" that leads right into dream "B," with dream "A" and dream "B" existing in two different places. Obviously to accomplish this crossing something must be vastly different with the concept of space in the Dream Universe, not to mention time as well.

Physical space -- the distance between two places -- does not exist in the Dream Universe. Rather, all dreams and dream places within the Dream Universe can be said to exist simultaneously within the same domain. What separates two dream places is not space but energy. The energy of place "A" will vibrate at one frequency and the energy of place "B" will vibrate at another. The distance from each of these places is how far apart the frequency of the energy is.

Another way to look at places in the Dream Universe is to look at them like notes on a piano. Notes are separated by different sound frequencies. An "A" note is different than a "B" note and a "C" note is different than either of those because the different strings vibrate at different rates, thereby giving off a different sound.

Dreams operate in the same manner. Two dreams, which are similar in energy, will occupy a relatively close connection in the Dream Universe. While two dreams that are very different in energy will occupy connections that are relatively distant. If you wanted to put this separation of dream-energy in a more working perspective, then let's say that it would be very easy for you to leave a dream involving a loved one, for example, and enter into a dream involving a cherished pet, because these two dreams are close in energy. On the other hand, leaving that dream involving that loved one and jumping to a dream involving your career could be more difficult, especially if these two dreams' energy-patterns puts them in different parts of the dream plane.

So, keeping in mind what we've covered thus far, it could be quite normal for you, for example, to be involved in a dream in your home and be looking at the TV. And, then, for no apparent reason, you could find yourself within a TV program that you watch often. What has occurred is the movement of your dream body from one part of the dream to another, but that movement had nothing to do with anything physical in nature. The movement was psychological. The space you traveled in no way involved a physical-like movement of your dream body.

Suffice it to say that space within a dream and in the Dream Universe involves psychological shifts or shifts in energy patterns and has nothing to do with inches, feet, or miles. Like in our example, in a dream it is quite normal to be standing perfectly still and have the dream's exterior environment shift, as if you actually went some place else. Think about an airplane journey from one city to the next. You get on the plane in New York, where it is cold and snowy. After a two hour flight, you step off the plane and you are in Florida, where it is hot and sunny. There was no great movement that you could detect, in your physical body! Yet it moved from a cold environment to a hot one. In a sense, you just magically shifted from one place to the next. Something has changed! Right?

Of course, in the airplane scenario above, what has occurred is the technology moving your body, for you, from one place to another. Well, the Dream Universe incorporates its own kind of technology and that technology can and will magically transport you across vast distances in, literally, a blink of an eye. Physical space and distance does not exist in the Dream Universe and the act of moving from dream place to another dream place is as simple as changing your thoughts.

Now, time, like space, is vastly different in the Dream Universe. For example, you can be in a dream that lasts for days and then awake and find that only an hour or two of physical time has elapsed. The reverse case is true too. You can be in a dream where it seems that only a few seconds have gone by and, upon awakening, you can find that eight hours have passed. Time, obviously, is not the same in the Dream Universe as it is on the Physical Plane. Let's find out what time in the Dream Universe is!

On the Physical Plane time orders events in a first to last sequence. You are born. Then years later you become and adult. And years later you are elderly. Throughout this progression, you have various experiences and these too are put together in a first to last sequence. Time outside of the Physical Plane, like space, does not exist in the Dream Universe or in the core Universe, for that matter. You see! The first to last rendering of events in your physical life is artificially created by your consciousness impressing itself in the physical body and that body's chemically based memory processes. Linear time is meant as a teaching tool, so that you can study clearly the results of your actions and your reality creating. You create action "A," which takes you to action "B." Without action "A," action "B" would not of been created. When these two actions follow each other in sequence, it is very easy to see the cause and effect of your actions. However, there is no such continuity in the Dream Universe. Rather, the continuity in sequential dream events lies in the connection between each dream or dream place. For example, you can be engaged a dream that involves you as a child and getting your first kiss. Then, the next dream image could be of you kissing your newly-wed spouse. These two events on the Physical Plane could be separated by years of physical time, but, in the Dream Universe, the two events can come one right after the other.

You see! The structure and order, of dream events, in the Dream Universe depends on what reality plane you are occupying. For instance, on the Astral Plane events will be ordered by emotional content, with the greatest emotional event coming first and the lesser emotional ones following. However, on the Mental Plane events are ordered by a kind of mental intensity. Those ideas or concepts that you find the most passionate will come first, with those lesser passionate ideas following.

Now, don't be too concerned with exactly how events are ordered in each of the reality planes, as I'm going to discuss the ordering of events, in these planes, in later chapters devoted to each plane individually. What I am trying to get across here is the fact that time does not exist in a dream or from dream to dream. Order in a dream is linked to the kind of experience you are having. It is quiet normal to be playing with marbles as a child, one moment, and then, in the next, be sitting at the boardroom table where you work. In the Dream Universe both events could follow one another in a natural fashion, and they're is just no strangeness about it.

As I have mentioned before, time does not exist in the core Universe. It is a local phenomena created by the conditions of physical mortality. When you step into the Dream Universe, you are out of time's context and out of the physical loop, so to speak. You can spend what may seem like years in the Dream Universe (and you do this on occasion, especially when you are in need of an extended rest) and only one night will pass. Remember! Events in the Dream Universe are ordered by intensity -- not by time! What you ascribe as time, you are ascribing to events that exist in a medium that does not possess a clock. You are, in essence, trying to impress your physical clock on events that don't have one. Not to worry, however, this kind of thing is normal for you to do, because you are sifting your dream events through your physical brain, and that brain does not understand a non-time environment. Your mind needs to anchor these out-of-time events to something, otherwise your mind will just consider the information garbage and discard it; that something is time. Your mind will attempt to reconstruct these out-f-time events into some kind of time-based sequence. This method, while effective, works but it does tend to distort the actual dream events a bit and can sometimes lead you to incorrect dream deciphering.

You can minimize this incorrect dream deciphering by learning to put out-of-time events, which are coded into a time-based medium, back into an out-of-time context. Part of that deciphering deals with knowing on what reality plane the dream occurred and how that plane orders dream events. You must approach dream deciphering in this manner because it is far easier to let your mind process the dream information as it knows best and, then, later on, after you've fully awakened, you can put that computer of yours to work, to reconstruct the dream into its proper perspective. It will be like remembering an event where, first, event "A" occurred, then event "B," followed by event "C." And then saying, okay, event "B" should be first, with event "C" next and, finally, event "A."

Now, let me just recap the important points covered in this chapter, before ending it.

  • All dreams, dream rooms, and dream events exist simultaneously in the same domain and are separated only by each dreams' unique energy pattern. Dream "A" merges with Dream "B," but what keeps Dream "A" from mixing with Dream "B" is its different base energy. It's like putting oil and vinegar in the same glass. The two substances will exist in the same glass; however, the oil remains separate from the vinegar because the two substances are slightly incompatible with each other.
  • Physical space does not exist in the Dream Universe! Dream events, rather, are grouped on a basis of content. This kind of grouping will vary and depends greatly on what reality plane that dream is occurring on. For example, it is normal to be shifted to another dream or location in a blink of an eye, without having to move a limb of your dream body! Any kind of psychological shift within you is apt to cause your dream location to shift because movement from place to place in a dream has more to do with your changing thoughts, feelings, and emotions, than anything to do with space.
  • Time does not exist in the Dream Universe! Events in a dream are ordered and grouped by content. Sequential dream events could be separated by years or even life times. The sequence of dream events is dependent on the experience from one dream to another or even the experiences contained within the same dream. An event in the 1920's can come right after or before an event occurring in the 1990's.
  • Your remembered sequence of dream events is not always correct! Your physical brain will reorder dream events to make some kind of sense out of them. This reordering can at times put dream events in the wrong order and mix up the meaning a bit. To properly decipher a dream, you may have to shuffle the dream events into their proper order.

Time and space are two inconstants in the Dream Universe, and that is as it should be. Without the constrictions of time and space, the Dream Universe becomes a rich fertile ground where experiences can be put together in ways that would not otherwise be possible. This uninhibited and unique ordering of dreams and dream events can and does unlock potentials and abilities within you, abilities and potentials that you can use to make your life that much richer. Furthermore, experiences are put into their proper perspectives, where, say, love bonds to love, and excitement bonds to excitement. And, like a video store, you can walk in, go to your desired section, and take out whatever you are in the mood for, immersing yourself in those experiences, without having to go any further than where you sleep.

In the next chapter I'm going to introduce you to another Dream Universe inconstant: probabilities. It is from probabilities, within the Dream Universe, that you test physical events before actually experiencing them. The Dream Universe is not only your entertainment companion and place to go for information, it is also the place where your physical survival rests and where you get to pick and choose exactly what you want and don't want in your life.