Q&A 14: The Hermetic view on casting love spells; Getting your future self to visit you in the present and help you; Positive outcomes from events you could not foresee a positive outcome in; Archangels visiting in dreams; OBE, those that are ready for it and those that are not; The seven Hermetic principles of the ancient Kybalion and how they apply today; The Mayan civilization and Atlantis
Some Questions and Answers

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I am becoming interested in Wiccan (magick), I would like to know your opinion about love spells, is it correct to cast one? the spell awakes the love in the person or makes the person love? (Or depends of the spell?)

Well from an Hermetic point of view it is never a good thing to use energy to make a person do something they would not normally do. So if you cast a love spell on someone and bind that person to you, and that person would not normally have loved you, you got a karmic problem on your hands now. Because you have bounded someone to you without their consent, you yourself will become bound in some way.

Now the work around for this is to cast a love spell on yourself to make yourself more desirable. That way, if a person is attracted to you, they will naturally be pulled into your affections. With this other method there would be no karma attached to it, as the person has choose to be with you on their own free will. All you did was eliminate the things within you that make you undesirable and boosted those things within you to make you more desirable.

Why doesn't my future self come to help me, tell me some things? Can I somehow call her to come? Because I do know I'll be doing this time traveling and all in the future, so why doesn't she want to help me, especially now when I need that?

In order for you future self to come visit you and help you, you have to first start visiting your past self and helping it (see Simultaneous Time). You see! The future and past are interlinked by your present self. It is from the present moment that your future and past is created. Despite what your physical memory may tell you, the past changes just as the future does. But to get your future self to visit you in the present you have to visit your past self and help it. In this way you propel your present self into a probability stream where your future self comes to help you.

You begin the process of helping your past self with simple meditation. You can also use your dreams if you have some degree of control over them. In meditation see yourself going back in time to a moment when you know your past self needed some guidance and assistance. Talk to that self and help it though what it is going through. Do not worry if you think this event is happening in your imagination. Imagination opens up the doorway to make these things happen. Do this exercise every time you find yourself thinking back to a time to when things were tough and you wished you had a look into the future. If you do this faithfully over the next month or so, your future self will begin to visit you in meditation, dreams, or even out of body events.

What happens when you're completely sure a thing won't end up right/good, and it's not logical that it does, so you don't even hope it will, because it *can't*. But it ends up ok -- so why, who made that end up like that? I guess I didn't help that create because there was no such version in my mind!

While you do have control over your own reality, there are times when others can control your reality creating. This happens when you feel a reality creation slipping out of control or you are overwhelmed by the prospect of what is happening. It is at this moment that other people's hopes and desires start to take control of your reality creating, bringing it to a conclusion that you did not consider. Surrounding yourself with people that think in a positive manner can help greatly when this sort of thing happens, as your reality will be flooded with positive thoughts and outcomes and will cancel the dismal one you are creating.
However in most of these cases where a positive outcome comes from an event that you could not see a positive outcome, it is your spirit guide or nonphysical teachers that step in and assist you to create something harmonious. They do this out of love and also because the reality you are headed toward takes you away from the parameters you have set fourth for this life time. They can only do this if you have at some point given your permission for them to do so -- which in most cases you have before you incarnated in this life. Also, don't forget to send off some thanks for their assistance in getting you through this mishap, that way you make it easier for them to help next time you get into the thick of it.

Do Archangels come to us in dreams? And if so, how do we know if that's really them, or if our mind just made that *Archangel* up for the dream?

Archangels can come to you in dreams to assist and help you. In most cases however you have gone to them or they have sent for you and you don't remember the traveling to get to them or your desire to make contact. Sometimes it is hard to tell if you have "made up" the encounter. Usually when an archangel visits you in a dream it is very powerful, very real, and very moving. Also just like our future self visiting you, the more you visit archangels in dreams or meditations, the more they will visit you.

Would it be good if, like, 100 million people, or less, would OBE, what would the world look like? Or is that the goal?

Everybody already OBE's when they sleep, they just do not remember it. On an average 10% of a person's sleep is spent out of the body. They either do not remember it or they think it is a dream. Now what you are really asking is what would it be like if everybody consciously remembered their out of body travels. That is not such an easy question to answer. If most people were ready for the knowledge that they can and do nonphysically travel, it could help them immensely to build a better world. It would take the fear out of what happens after death and remove that blotch from the human psyche. All these things sound good if we lived in an idealic world. The truth being is we do not, and many people would use these encounters to further their own selfish goals and ends and use and abuse people in more ways than they do now. Do not get me wrong, I think conscious OBE travel is a great tool when the personality has put all those petty issues behind them and are ready to evolve into the next form beyond being human. However for the rest of humanity, it is a good thing they do not realize or learn how to use this tool. And for this reason, conscious OBE travel is very difficult and only spiritually supported by the spiritual hierarchy when a person demonstrates the highest of intentions and goals.

I would like to know the 7 hermetic principles of the Kybalion.

The seven Hermetic principles (or axioms) from the original Kybalion follow below. As you will read I have updated them to current society (of course I can only briefly discuss all of these in this communication):

"The All is Mind; The Universe is mental."
This axiom is only partially true. Other cultures experimented and learned various other methods of reality creation. This kind of reality creating is called Solar creation as it involves the human mind on a more direct level (see You Create your World). Prior to this humanity explored Lunar consciousness which was reality creation on a more subliminal level.

"As above, so below; as below, so above."
This axiom still holds true, but is not completely understood today. Everything that is within is also without. The Universe is micro and macro in its design. You are a universe through which other forms of consciousness live. On a more practical note, this principle also says that what you create within yourself you will find outside yourself as well. (see Looking into the Reality Mirror.) Your inner thoughts and actions create the world you see about you in a mirror effect. If you do not like what you see around you, then you must change that inner part of you that is creating it.

"Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates."
This also holds true for today. Change is the only constant in the Universe. Nothing remains the same. You either evolve or devolve but you never remain where you are for very long. A universe at rest has no consciousness, no purpose, and no reality. When God had a thought the Universe was created. Prior that, there was no creation because God did not change. On a more personal note, if you want to maximize your reality creating power you will use this changing ability of consciousness to continually propel you forward in your own evolution and in your reality creating, and not let stagnation take hold too long or fight change when it is thrust upon you. (see Your Changing Reality)

"Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites"
This axiom is only partially true. Duality exists below a certain point in the Cosmological chain (below the Monadic Plane of manifestation). Duality is a slowed down reality creating process. It allows you to see quite clearly what your powers of manifestation can do. Go to one side of a reality creation and you will have one effect, go to the other and you will have another. For example ambition taken too far leads to greed and destructive creations. Ambition not taken far enough leads to stagnation or the inability to change. Above the teaching planes (in nonduality) this principal is no longer necessary because everyone there is quite aware of the consequences of each thought and action.

"Everything flows out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall, the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates."
This axiom means there is a time and place for everything: that your reality creating must be in sync with the Universe otherwise your creation will not be multiplied but degraded instead. Learning how to tune into this rhythm is half the battle of reality creating. The other half is applying your reality creating power in the same current that is present. (see Solar Creative Forces)

"Every Cause has it's Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law."
This none other than the Law of Karma. And it is a local phenomena below the Monadic plane of existence. It shows us quite clearly that for every action there are other reactions that occur and that we are responsible for these other actions because we created the first action. In more personal terms, if you help another person to be a better person, that person could go on to help other people to be better persons. And as a result other people will help you to be a better person.

"Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes"
This axiom is not really understood correctly. It is a sub principal of the duality axiom and at times is not entirely true. Some animals reproduce without the need of gender. Gender too is a local thing that only exists below the Monadic Plane. It originally was intended to demonstrate the two very powerful currents working within the human psyche. And if you were paying attention earlier, it is none other than Solar and Lunar consciousness. These two forms of consciousness must be controlled if you will become a master reality creator. Of course having both masculine and feminine qualities augmented in male and female persons demonstrate the way Lunar and Solar consciousness works quite nicely.

The Mayans: what were they?

The Mayans were one of several ancient civilizations that were bombarded with the influx of refugees from Atlantis when it blew up and sunk. They integrated into the Mayan culture and brought many of their technologies and spiritual beliefs with them. While most of these technologies and beliefs have vanished from sight, many of the buildings and art do reflect some of these abilities. Now it is important to note that the Mayans were a very strange and barbaric culture and when the Atlanteans integrated into their society, this barbarism was put on hold; the Mayan civilization became quite peaceful. But as time went on and the Atlantean technology was lost, the Mayans returned to this kind of barbaric lifestyle. So, while much of the Mayan culture was very advanced in the form of technology and spirit, it was also full of much barbarism.