The Solar Creative Forces

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Theorem #6: "Your reality-creating must adhere to the laws of the Universe."

The Universal LAWS

  • Solar Current always flows in a constructive direction.
  • Consciousness is free to oppose or support Solar Current.
  • Every action is a creative action.
  • Creativity flowing in the same direction as Solar Current will be enhanced.
  • Creativity flowing against Solar Current will be degraded.
  • Every action must -- in some way, shape, or form -- lead to some constructive outcome.
  • Every Consciousness is free to follow its own unique path as long as that path does not stop another from doing the same.
  • Consciousness blocking another's unique path is subject to negative karmic reaction.
  • The Universe at any given time exists in a state of perfection.

Throughout Hermes' Reality Creator IV, we've made periodic references to Universal Laws and the Solar Creative Forces. Let's discuss exactly what these forces are and how they effect your reality creating. It is important to understand the Solar Creative Forces so that your reality creating can benefit. Much of the Hermes' Reality Creator series is designed to accomplish this goal. However, here, in this chapter, we examine these forces directly and expose you to the core essence of these laws.

Now, the Universe exists within certain boundaries, and these boundaries govern the way that consciousness can interact at any given moment. Furthermore, each reality, plane, and dimension has its own set of sub-laws and rules that consciousness must adhere-to. However, those sub-laws are all subject to a set of absolute boundaries, of which the Universe is constructed and based upon. No matter what plane or reality you may be on, Universal Law will always apply!

In addition, there are forces who's function is to maintain and control consciousness, so that it remains in the boundaries of Universal Law. These forces are known as the Solar Creative Forces. In one respect, these laws and those forces are one. The collective energies of these absolute laws possess a consciousness of their own. These forces act as sub-systems to all dimensions and planes, setting up a sub-energy matrix, if you will, which govern all action. Any action that is counter to the energy of the Solar Creative Forces becomes either nullified or transformed, depending on the form of the offending energy. This master-program insures that every action, in some way, shape, or form, conforms to Universal Law.

The term Solar Creative Force implies the nature of this sub-energy matrix. Solar refers to the utilizing of energy derived by means of the Sun (Divine). Creative refers to the creative nature of this energy. And Force refers to the Solar Creative energy being forcibly applied. It is this directive force that ensures consciousness's creative and productive nature and makes sure that that creativity remains in harmony with all other consciousness and each of those consciousness's individual and collective creativity.

Without these sub-forces, consciousness would lack purpose and direction, and the Universe would be little more than random elements; order would not exist on any level, microscopically or macroscopically. For that matter, consciousness would not exist, either, because there would be no agreed upon subroutines of which consciousness depends and is based upon.

Now, these forces control the slant of consciousness and will always predispose it in a positive and creative way. However, freewill is an important Universal Law, and it ensures that consciousness can choose, if it wishes, to oppose Solar Current. Consciousness opposing Solar Current, however, will not inhibit its reality-creating; it merely degrades it. When a creative force is in opposition to the Solar Current, that opposing creative force becomes gradually reduced. Eventually, that opposing creative current will not exist because the Solar Current will absorb it.

Now, even the most seemingly negative act must in some way have a positive outcome, otherwise that act would not be permitted. For example, a person hurting another out of selfishness is certainly an act which goes against the Solar Current. However, acts of this kind do occur in your reality regardless. Therefore the positive nature of this act must lie somewhere else, if not in the act itself, otherwise the act would not be permitted. For example, perhaps the family involved will be pulled closer together by the tragedy, or perhaps the offender will realize his/her destructive ways and change, or, even, it may be that entity's time to move on to other kind of existence.

Now, on the other hand, when consciousness acts in harmony with the Solar Current, that action becomes more than the original action. The Solar Current running in the same direction as that creative force pulls it along, adding momentum to that force. This momentum explains why proper reality creating leads quickly to the manifestation of some creative act. Continued reality creating in that same direction quickly adds stamina to that reality creating giving it a kind of semi- permanence.

Taking advantage of Solar Current is important in your reality creating; however, many times the direction of Solar Current can be elusive. You see! Situations and circumstances are rarely black and white. Any one situation can have several ways to be resolved, but many times, only one or two of those ways may lie within the Solar Current. Those ways lying within the Solar Current contain the best way to resolve the issue. The remaining ways of resolution may still lead to an end, but it may require a good deal more effort. Only the method that flows within the current will assist the creative energy that you put into it. That assisting can make your reality-creating effort much more fun and easy. Furthermore, when creativity flows along with the Solar Current, the Solar Current will help to spawn offshoots of that act that can take you deeper and deeper into that situation. For example, taking a job offer that lies within the Solar Current could lead to a faster increase in pay or advancement. The Universe rewards you for observing Solar Currents and applying your reality creating accordingly.

The ancient yogis possessed great wisdom and knowledge because their very being nested within Solar Current. They could easily see the actions that were in harmony with the Universe and, thus, were able to make great decisions and strides. You, too, must try to root yourself within Solar Current, so that your actions, whatever they may be, will remain within the Solar Flow. Many obstacles will fade and your thoughts will almost become magical in what they can accomplish. In time, it will be impossible for you to stray from the Solar Current and your every thought and action will mirror this perfect, creative energy. Meditation is a good start to help you to tune into this current. Time, experience, and practice are several other methods that, also, will lead you toward knowing the Solar Flow. As we said earlier, much of the Hermes' Reality Creator series is geared to help you to know and act within the boundaries of Solar Current. Practicing many of the techniques given in our series will lead you to this magical state of awareness, wisdom, and ability.

Now, let's briefly cover each of those Universal Laws, which were listed at the beginning of this chapter, so that you can understand, fundamentally, what they imply.

  1. Solar Current always flows in a constructive direction.
    Solar Current will always flow constructively. That is, the Universe is forever evolving toward a more creative structure, searching for a better way to do things. The Universe will only undo some aspect if that undoing will take it to a better, more creative way, otherwise the existing structure will remain. Furthermore every creative, constructive act must not violate any of the other Universal Laws.
  2. Consciousness is free to oppose or support Solar Current.
    As we stated earlier, consciousness is free to stay within the boundaries of Solar Current and Universal Law or exceed it. However, in exceeding the boundaries of Solar Current, consciousness risks that its energy will diminish, not increase.
  3. Every action is a creative action.
    Every action made by you or some other object or thing is a creative act. Moving a book is a creative act, as is writing a book. Thinking is a creative act, as is the destruction of a building. Any change is always in some way, shape, or form creative. Any action in some way, shape, or form must adhere to the first Universal Law.
  4. Creativity flowing in the same direction as Solar Current will be enhanced.
    By making sure that every action you take is in harmony with Solar Current, you guarantee that your actions will be constructive, positive, and in harmony with ALL and Universe.
  5. Creativity flowing against Solar Current will be degraded.
    Any action that goes against Solar Current will be less than it was to start with. Actions that are counterproductive to the Universe's creative way will have energy removed from it, thereby causing that action to eventually become nullified. This creative law ensures that the first law remains in tact.
  6. Every action must -- in some way, shape, or form -- lead to some constructive outcome.
    Every action, even a seemingly negative one, must some how lead to a more creative Universe (Law 1). Without this law irreparable damage could be caused by consciousness opposing Solar Current. Therefor, no action is permitted unless some constructive, creative result can come from it. For example, when a star explodes it destroys a great deal in its path; however that destruction becomes the seeds to form new, more creative structures. The energy released, in such an explosion, gets absorbed by the rest of the Universe and acts like food for the various stellar bodies. The debris that is scattered also goes on to form new star material and new stellar bodies.
  7. The Universe at any given time exists in a state of perfection.
    This law may be a bit hard to understand from your perspective, but it is a true axiom nonetheless. The Universe is always perfect, yet it continually strives toward an increasing state of perfection. The perfection we speak of here sits in a system of checks and balances that continually keep the Universe in a perfect creative state. When the Universe discovers a more creative way to accomplish its self-perfecting, those checks and balances are adjusted accordingly. For example, the human form, when free of disease, exists in a state of perfection. It is perfect in every respect and can never be out of harmony. However, when some new development occurs, like the emergence of a new organ, the whole perfected-state of the body is readjusted. The new body with the new organ is just as perfect as the previous body but now has some more creative abilities.
  8. Every Consciousness is free to follow its own unique path as long as that path does not stop another from doing the same.
    You have your own unique path to follow in the Universe, and you are free to follow that path as long as you don't stop another person from doing the same. In other words, as long as your reality-creating does not stop or inhibit another person from his reality-creating, you are not in danger of violating that person's right to exist. When your reality-creating violates another's reality creating, especially if that person's reality-creating is in harmony with Solar Current, you risk a negative karmic-reaction. This Universal Law is really only a local one (to the development system you are a part of now). Because as you move out of your local development system, all action remains within the Solar Current. Action that is always within the flow of Solar Current will NEVER violate another's unique path.
  9. Consciousness blocking another's unique path is subject to karmic reaction.
    This Law too is only a local one and is connected to the previous law. When you stop another from fulfilling his unique path, you take on the extra burden of having to nullify your action. This nullifying is often difficult and unpleasant and will be somewhat connected to what you did, as a reminder of your transgression. In other words, by inhibiting another person from his unique path, you yourself will be blocked from your unique path. Your path will be that much longer and harder until such time as you nullify the original transgression.