Fake Fear and its Trap!

Hermes' Blog: November 29, 2010

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Today, I want to talk a bit about fear. As I look around at people and the world I see fear as a big problem. I have devoted articles and blogs to fear before but let's discuss it again, as I think it's real important to be clear on it.

First, there are two kinds of fear, real and fake. Real fear is a natural and healthy life sustaining process. You get into some situation that requires immediate mobilization of your life force. For example, a car cuts you off and you have to jump or swerve out of the way. A dog snarls at you or some creature comes along and threatens you and you need quick reflexes to escape unharmed. These situations and others like it are fear doing what it needs to do, help you survive some situation. The fear comes and energizes your body/mind/spirit, you react, and then the fear subsides: a very natural and healthy process. Real fear is not part of today's discussion, but I wanted to make sure you understood the two. It's the fake fear I want to address today.

Fake fear is far more prevalent today and destructive to the life sustaining process. Many wars are fought over fake fear. Many lives are disrupted because of fake fear. Fake fear is you being afraid of something that may happen -- that has not happened. Because you are a conscious thinking creature you can live in the past, present, or future, as far as the mind is concerned. You can relive a past fear or imagine some future fear. This kind of thing brings fear that does not exist into the present moment. The body does not know the difference and it will react to it just as if it was real. The problem is that it's not real. So what happens is the body never transitions out of fear. It stays in this mode. Tension mounts within the body building to critical levels and because the body only knows how to handle real fear, it can't sustain the chemistry needed and it begins attacking the body. Fake fear can break down the body real fast. It burns away vital nutrients and keeps you in a constant state of tension. That is one side effect of fake fear. Another more unpleasant side affect of fake fear is the creation of that very event you fear.

If you have learned nothing else from my Reality Creator articles, I hope it's that wherever your thoughts are that is what you will create. If you are always in a state of harmony and peace than that is what you will normally see in your reality. If, however, you are constantly focused on some fear that does not yet exist, well that fear can be created by your consciousness and usually it is at some point. To be honest the actual creation of the event is probably a better solution than living in the fear condition for days, weeks, months, or years. At least if it's created it gets processed and you can move on. But the real trap of fake fear is when it inhabits your consciousness every day but never gets created. This situation is real bad! Why? Well because it ties up the reality creating power you need to change your world.

If you are constantly focused on some fear, you cannot use that energy for your daily reality creating. So you not only have to live in this fearful state of being but also watch as your other areas of your physical life disintegrate. Your focus is on the fear and not on your daily reality creating and your whole reality starts to crash inward.

Now we finally come to the point of this article. Today the world is extra specially laced with fear. The economy is not so good, people are depressed, and many people are lost. This breeds a whole new kind of demon to contend with: the fear demon. I use the term "demon" here loosely; I am not really talking about a supernatural thing here. I am talking about other people like you who perhaps are stuck in this fake fear mode and want to share it. So what do they do? They share it on Facebook or in their blogs or tweets. What I find even more disturbing is these websites and articles that are carefully crafted to hook you into some dark conspiracy. These things are very bad. They not only create more fear, but they suck you into their fear based world and infect you with it. Fake fear can spread like the plague and these demons who want to create mass fear and hysteria are taking away your power to create your world. By sucking you into these fake fear worlds, they tie up your energy and thoughts. Again, your daily reality creating suffers. And to make it worse, the more you focus on this delusion of reality, the more your reality mirrors back at you the validity of this reality. That means you see more of it. The circle is now complete and you are stuck in a vicious cycle of creating constant fear in your life, a fear of something that does not exist.

What can you do about fake fear, conspiracy theorists and the like? Avoid them! When I tell you that you do not have the power to resist this kind of fear mechanism take my word for it. It requires a Reality Creator Master's level to effectively navigate through these fear-based realities and come out unscathed. My advice: find something nice to focus on in your reality. See the goodness in life and in other people and let these conspiracy theorists die a slow death in their own reality of fear. You need to avoid fake fear and those things that breed it. You need to take a healthy dose of seeing your reality for what it is and not for what you think it may become. You need to look in and pick out the positive aspects of your reality and make that your focus. You need to let go of these fake fears and but back balance and harmony into your daily life. If you can do that, you will free yourself from fake fear and your life will improve and get better.

You do not need fake fear! There is no need to plan for something that is not here. If and when some situation arises that needs action, your consciousness is quite capable of dealing with it and knowing what to do. Trust in yourself and your reality creating power. Remove the fake fear and bring in peace, harmony and positive thoughts of love and well being. Yea, for a time, you may have to put on those rose colored glasses so you can dig yourself out of the fear mode you've created. Don't worry, you will take those glasses off when the time is right and you are back in balance and harmony. The idea is to see your world in equilibrium and for what it really is. Look at your friends, family, and neighbors. What do you see? I can tell you what I see! I see a world where people help each other to be better people. I see a world where harmony rules. Oh yes I am fully aware of the news broadcasts of the horrible life that awaits me, should I want to buy into that fear-based reality. You know what? I prefer my simpler and more harmonious life. You can do the same. Just take back your reality creating power and let go of the fake fear. You can do it! You are the master of your reality.

Light, Peace

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