Overcoming Fear

Hermes' Blog: May 14, 2009

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Overcoming Fear:
Fear is possibly the biggest adversary you may ever come across in your life. Fear can paralyze you and prevent you from acting. It can also tie up huge amounts of Reality Creating energy. And finally fear is a reality creator you do not need. Fear has lots of strong emotion tied to it and as such acts like a magnet drawing toward you the thing you fear. This does not happen every time but it does happen enough times. What can you do about fear? Well the thing you fear needs to be conquered to be truly rid of it. You can do this in physical reality or nonphysical reality. I like to take my fear battles to the nonphysical plane and slay them there (using dreams, travel meditation, or OBE). The nonphysical plane has a very rich environment for this sort of thing and of course you are indestructible in the nonphysical. Fear can take many forms in your life but whatever that thing is you are fearing will show itself in the nonphysical arena. It may not take the same form as it does in everyday waking life. For example, a fear of driving could take the nonphysical form of someone chasing you, or an attacker or any number of other things. Whatever form it takes, usually there is some connection to the form and the core fear.

Core fear? What is that? Well this is the "core" of the matter. Every fear has at its roots a core. Now let's take our fear of driving example. You do not actually have a fear of driving. There is another more deeper fear at work there. It is just manifesting in driving. This core fear for example could be a fear of traveling out of what you know into places you do not know. It could be a fear of changing, as your driving may become a symbol of you leaving behind things in your life you want to hold on to but need to let go of. The examples could go on and on, but I think you get the idea here. What you think you fear physically is just the tip or the part that is showing. You need to look deeper to find the core fear operating there and then slay that fear. This is where nonphysical work on fear really shines because in the nonphysical the pretense is gone. The actual core fear will show itself to you in some symbolic form other than what it looks like physically. This new form can be a great help in determining what is the core fear. Once you make this more conscious then you can rid yourself of this fear.

I like ridding myself of fear in dreams or OBE. I think this is a great forum. Usually I take my trusty nonphysical sword with me and then slay the fear; that is if it takes the form of something slayable. Either way usually once I uncover the core fear, the energy around it dissipates and then so does any physical manifestation of that fear. Before I take my sword with me into the dream world, however, I will meditate on the matter for a few days, to help bring clarity and to help uncover the core fear. Meditation also can help you see where this fear is affecting the other parts of your life, parts you were not aware of that a fear was holding you back. A core fear has tentacles that weave itself outward into your reality creating. Some of them are very fine and you can't notice them. Others, like our fear of driving example, stand out because there is much energy gathered around that particular thing. These larger manifestations of fears are treasures once you find them because they lead you to the core and from there you can unravel a host of many other small fears operating in your life, besides that big one you want to remove.

So let me know how you do with working on some of those fears of yours. Send me some feedback when you get the chance. I will listen and if I have anything helpful to say I will jot you off a quick note.

Light, Peace

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