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Hermes' Blog: October 26, 2007

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The online travel meditations are going great with a great bunch of people participating. If you have not read the last few weeks of workshop log files featuring the travel meditations, please do. They are full of much insight and help on using the Tree of Life. It really has been an eye opener for me how much the Tree of Life is detached from the general spiritual public. What I mean by that is, you can find many articles on the Tree of Life and its technical nature but very little practical knowledge on how to go there and use it in your daily lives. Many people believe that the TOL is just some intellectual exercise and not an actual place that is easily reachable by anyone with desire and patience. These online travel meditations, whether you participate or not, are a way to show you the real value of going to these nonphysical places and get some practical experience in something that is NOT supposed to be purely intellectual. The TOL is an easy to reach nonphysical training system that ANYONE can enter. If you meditate frequently then you probably are already traveling there but you do not know it. The workshops clearly show you how to pull these experiences out of the unknown an into the known.

Also the last couple RC-Radio shows are dedicated to the Tree of Life and Malkuth and offer other great practical advice on using this medium. So please if you have not listened to those shows do so. For those of you reading this log file after those shows are removed, they will appear on the CD-2 in the bookstore, once that product is ready.

Light, Peace

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